Kyle Shanahan gives Robert Saleh vote of confidence

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49ers coach Kyle Shanahan is in the second year of a six-year deal. The team will give him time to turn it around, and Shanahan sounds as if he will give defensive coordinator Robert Saleh the same courtesy.

“Saleh is a very, very good coach,” Shanahan said, via Matt Maiocco of NBC Sports Bay Area. “He always has been. He still is, and he’s not a finished product, either, like we all aren’t. I think Saleh will continue to get better because he works at it. He’s very smart, and I think he’s good right now.”

The 49ers rank 12th in total defense but 29th in points allowed.

While Saleh got a vote of confidence, Shanahan admitted “tough decisions” await after a disappointing season.

“I know we’re going to have some tough decisions to make, just personnel-wise, possibly staff-wise, just the whole building,” Shanahan said. “But I try not to make any decisions until the time comes. I want to let this all play out.

“You never want to make decisions just to make decisions. When you do have a bad year like we have, just record-wise, I know that’s what people want. They want drastic change. They want quick answers. The key, though, is to get it right and to make sure you do the best thing possible to put our team in the best chance possible to win. That’s what we’re going to do hard after this year.”

19 responses to “Kyle Shanahan gives Robert Saleh vote of confidence

  1. Saleh is the worst DC in the league. He doesn’t teach fundamentals, which they obviously lack, his scheme is predictable, every offense picks them apart. Saleh needs to go!

  2. We’ve been watching this regime in S.F. for almost 2 years. They were horrible when Shanahan took over. They really didn’t have great personnel. They were learning a new offense and a new defense. During these last two years, they’ve gotten outstanding QB play in about a half dozen games, and they won every one of them. So you don’t have to be a genius to see the problem in S.F. When Garoppolo was playing last year, I didn’t hear any complaints about their defensive coordinator. Remember folks, it’s a QB league. What do you think the 49ers could get in a trade for Beathard? Mullens? C’mon people. Get serious. By the way, did Saleh draft Reuben Foster in the first round? Did he draft Solomon Thomas with the #3 overall pick in round one? Is Saleh responsible for the QB depth chart?

  3. 12th in total defense isn’t too bad really. The offense Turning the ball over on your side of the field will definitely hurt points against.

  4. Shanahan is going to let Saleh’s inexperience and faulty playcalling sink his job too. Never understood how coaches can cut ties with any player who isn’t producing without a second thought but give chance after chance to coaches who are obviously well in over their heads.

    What Shanahan needs is a veteran, experienced defensive coordinator that will let him focus on the offense. Instead Saleh will inevitably be fired, right along with Kyle.

  5. I do think saleh can be upgraded. With that said, our secondary has been a big disappointment! Tart has regressed, colbert was playing horrible before he was injured, witherspoon has been terrible and ward is a non factor.. foster wasn’t playing good and Thomas is unproductive. 2 first rounders!.. That’s a set back

  6. The dreaded “vote of confidence.” Usually followed shortly by, “we appreciate everything he has done for us, but we felt it was time for a change.”

  7. At first I didn’t understand Mike Singletary when he said he didn’t want to hire coordinators who had systems. It all makes sense now.

    You want Coordinators who can create offenses and defenses that are conducive to the strength of their personnel. You don’t want a Coordinator that’s is married to his system despite not having the personnel to run it.

  8. Why wouldn’t Clara DF fans be up in arms. This season has been a total let down. They were favored to win the Super Bowl but somehow….out of the blue….they are finishing where they always finish. I’d be asking for heads to roll!! Just not the color commentator turned GM’s or first time head coach’s job…..they get 6-10 years to turn this around.

  9. Turnovers have hurt the defense more than anything. 12th in total but 29th in points against says it all. You stop the opposing offense, and then come back in in less than 5 plays, you’re already gassed and they get the ball back at your 30 yard line. They offense has let the defense down. If we protected the football we’d likely have a better overall, a much better points against, and likely a few more wins to go with it. None of this is salehs fault. An injurry plagued season down the scrapper. At this point pray for For a and a health offense next year. Bosa, corner, offensive lineman, wide receiver, and linebacker in this year’s draft. Marks it.

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