Leonard Fournette’s ugly second season continues

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Jaguars running back Leonard Fournette has had a disappointing season, and Thursday night may have been his worst game yet.

Fournette finished with 14 carries for 36 yards, plus two catches for five yards, for a total of 41 yards from scrimmage, and an average of 2.6 yards per touch.

In a microcosm of what an awful night it was for the Jaguars, Fournette was stuffed at the 1-yard line on fourth-and-goal, and then Titans running back Derrick Henry proceeded to run 99 yards for a touchdown.

Fournette has missed six games because of hamstring injuries and missed a seventh game because of a suspension. In the six games he’s played, he’s failed to reach 100 yards and has totaled just 350 yards on 104 carries, an average of 3.4 yards per carry.

When Fournette is out, the Jaguars are no worse a team than when he’s in. So far in his two-year career, the Jaguars are 9-10 in games Fournette has played and 5-5 in games he has missed.

The Jaguars’ decision to draft Fournette fourth overall in 2017 looks even worse in hindsight when Patrick Mahomes went 10th overall and Deshaun Watson went 12th overall, and they look like two of the best young quarterbacks in the NFL. The Jaguars, meanwhile, have benched Blake Bortles for Cody Kessler and look like they’re in need of a total rebuild.

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  1. I think a trade for Tom Coughlin’s favorite son Eli Manning would be the cherry on top of their fall from grace.

  2. Called it coming out of college that this guy would be a bust. As for the Jags, they’re just a dumpster fire with a lot of work to do this offseason. Who the heck signed off on giving Marrone another HC gig anyway?

  3. .
    “Teflon Tom Coughlin” is the new Jeff Fisher. He’s immune from all criticism and scrutiny because he won a few games a decade ago. Coughlin assembled a mediocre squad consisting of the poorly drafted, overpriced free agents, and malcontents. His cap mismanagement will cause the Jags to jettison quality talent due to budget constraints.

  4. Trent Richardson, Leonard Fournette. When is the NFL going to stop falling in love with these one trick college power runners at the top of the draft.

  5. RB doesn’t matter if you don’t have a great OLine and at least an average QB. Can’t win consistantly if no one respects your passing game or you are getting blown up in the backfield. Or worst of all, if said RB is never on the field.

    Last year the Jags lost 5 man games on defense to injury all year. That is incredible and not sustainable.

    It was crazy how much praise Coughlin was getting last year when all they really added besides Fournette was more defense.

    This year their salary cap dedicated to defensive players is 105 mill. League average is 66 mill.

  6. On a semi unrelated note, Thursday night games for the most part are ugly to watch, especially the away team on 3 days rest. The league needs to put an end to this nonsense and just keep the thanksgiving games and season kickoff if they want.

  7. Before pulling out the bust label just yet, try comparing that to Todd Gurley’s second season.

    Gurley: 3.2 yds/Carry, 7.6 yds/Rec., total: 3.8yds/touch

    Fournette: 3.4 yds/Carry, 8.7 yds/Rec., total: 4.1/touch

    Conclusion: It’s difficult being a stud RB in an impotent offense!

  8. Fournette better up his production because his guarantees were voided by the dumb one game suspension he got earlier this year. 3.4 YPC is horrible.
    He’ll be back in 2019 at $3MM in the hopes he bounces back. But if he has another terrible year he will be cut as the Jags will save $4.4MM in 2020.

  9. When 3 Elite offensive lineman go down for the year, followed by their back-ups and you are starting Erik flowers and undrafted FA’s – you are not going to go anywhere.

    Fournette, when healthy is a generational talent – only Barkley has more pure talent than Fournette – he needs some help though

  10. Fournette is a great RB. Put him on a decent team with a good QB and he’s a HOFer. Who do you think defenses are keying on when they play Jax? Give the Chiefs Leonard Fournette and we’ll be calling him the best RB in the NFL. At least until Saquon Barkley gets a good QB. Also, the year Mahomes and Watson were drafted, we were calling that a bad year for QB’s. Actually we say that every year. How smart are we?

  11. But ESPN tells me every 30 seconds that the SEC has the best talent on the planet.
    How could that be if Fournette is such an epic bust as a pro?

  12. whenwilliteverend says:
    December 7, 2018 at 7:30 am
    If Coughlin even entertains trading for Eli he should be fired.

    Why? With both legacies, he’d be untouchable.

  13. That 4th and 1…the defender tackled Leonard by his shoe strings…absolutely embarrassing if you ask me…he’s running over and carrying defenders in college…then in the NFL he’s getting tackled by shoe strings…? What happened to the physical runner we saw in college…?

  14. A bust? Really? With no real outside or inside receiving threat (Wide Receiver/Tight End), a banged up offensive line, and a close to incompetent Quarterback? It’s very difficult to run against eight man fronts all game. Ask Todd Gurley. For the Jags front office, no calls to Dallas about Amari Cooper? Teddy Bridgewater is sitting on the bench in New Orleans, Tyrod Taylor is on the bench in Cleveland, and of course, there’s a guy who took a knee a few years ago that has played in 2 NFC Championship games and a Super Bowl. Coughlin showed no interest in trying to get offensive help on this team and that is why the defense has fallen off and the Jags will be sitting at home this postseason.

  15. It’s almost like you shouldn’t use a top 5 pick on a running back if you don’t have a good quarterback and good offensive line but that can’t be it.

  16. The Player Personnel staff led by Caldwell has been awful. Caughlin needs to change the HC and overhaul personnel staff to turn this side show around.

  17. Injuries aside with some decent blocking this dude has been a monster. The issue last night wasn’t Fournette. It was an offensive line completely riddled with injuries getting bullied by the Tennessee front.

  18. The 2017 season showed that they don’t need a total rebuild. Only the offense needs a rebuild. The defense mainly needs to figure out how to get back to playing like 2017.

    All of their offseason championships means that they’re a good team on paper. The coach needs to put it together.

  19. Newsflash, no matter who the runner if you don’t have a threat of the pass then it really doesn’t matter how good the RB is. You can load the box and focus only on him. Go back and look at all Fornette’s good games and notice that the passing stats were good in those games. Tenn was not worried about the Jags passing game at all. He’s not a bust, he’s in a bad offense.

  20. “kayakattack says:
    December 7, 2018 at 9:44 am
    I can’t imagine how sad it must be to be a Titans fan – This was the Super Bowl for the Titans lol with all 400 titans fans watching”

    Jaguars got swept 2 years in a row by those Titans. I don’t think it’s the Titans fans that look sad.

  21. Fournette isn’t bad.. the Jags just are not good. They have ZERO playmakers outside of Fournette. who is their playmaking WR? Who is their playmaking TE and lord knows they don’t have a QB. Put Fournette on KC and all the sudden he is a world beater. Put him on the Rams and the same thing. Football is the ultimate team game without a lot of the pieces no one is good.

  22. Anyone who watches football and thinks Fournette is the problem, should stop watching football. He is playing with a mediocre QB and a talent less receiving core. Teams go into the game knowing if they stop Fournette, then they stop the Jags. Last year, in 2 games against my Steelers, this dude dominated us. This year, even in the first half, again he was having a good game, until Tomlin realized that Bortles was thrash and all the defense needed to do was stop Fournette. I don’t care how good a Running back is, without talented people around you, and a defense that is singularly focused on stopping you, it makes it hard to be successful.

  23. Said this at the time. Horrible draft pick just based on what he did in college. Any time LSU played a team like Alabama, he disappeared. If you take an RB that high, which I still wouldn’t do, he’d better be a difference maker against the closest thing to an NFL defense there is.

  24. I know every time he plays Pittsburgh he is unstoppable. He just needs to play them every week..then he would be off to Canton..

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