Sam Darnold off injury report, Jets won’t say if he’ll start

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Jets quarterback Sam Darnold was a full participant in practice for the third straight day on Friday, but the team’s not ready to say he’ll make his return to the lineup in Buffalo on Sunday.

Darnold returned to practice last week before missing his third game with a foot injury and he was working with the first team this week, so it appears he’s trending toward playing this weekend. Head coach Todd Bowles would only say that the team would decide between Darnold and Josh McCown on Sunday, however.

“Between him and Josh, they both had good weeks,” Bowles said at his press conference.

Bowles was also asked what Darnold needs to improve on as his rookie season nears its conclusion.

“Well everything,” Bowles said. “Obviously as a rookie quarterback you’re going to have improve on everything every week, and that’s any one of our rookies at any position. He’s got to get better with reads, and he will with playing time and everything else and progressions and getting in and out of the huddle, which he had been doing a good job at before he got hurt.”

Assuming Darnold starts this week, he’ll have four weeks to work on those things before embarking on an offseason that seems likely to bring a new head coach to the organization.

10 responses to “Sam Darnold off injury report, Jets won’t say if he’ll start

  1. Okay Todd. Way to play for the competitive advantage with a 3-9 team. I’m sure the Bills are terrified because they don’t know whether it’s McCown or Darnold.

  2. Bowles u are a complete fool. Name the kid the qb do you really think McCown gives you a better chance. Have you paid attention too these last 3 games he has played. If you had any shot of returning as coach it would only be because darnold is playing well. Darnold is ur last hope of sticking if he plays well and improves you have moved from no shot too 1 percent too stay. Enough with the gamesmanship. The kids healthy he is the starting quarterback

  3. Another item for Maccagnan to try and use through his shill Manish Mehta that Todd Bowles can’t be worked with.The guy is backstabbing his coach in the papers to save himself. The notion that Maccagnan doesn’t need an extension to stay and GM’s can work in “lame duck” status is immaterial and subterfuge. Maccagnan can try and sell cap space (he had a ton in 2015) and high draft choices (seemingly every year he has been with Jets) but how did that turn out? The Johnson’s gave him this year which they should have never done. He then takes the 6th overall pick and makes an easy trade and drafts Darnold and all is well? I don’t think so. Say what you want about Todd Bowles but he doesn’t throw people under the bus. JETS NEED TO FIRE MACCAGNAN. Give the Jets organization a real chance, admit mistakes and move on from Maccagnan and get someone with team building skills and leadership not someone who holds a press conference and talks about the next season on a game week 1/2 through an on-going season.

  4. You do realize that all 32 teams use the injury report to throw off opponents right?

    And you might realize that Bowles is fighting for his job right.

    And you should realize that outside of the first week or two, Darnold hasn’t exactly been lighting up the stage. It might just be exactly what he says it is. Viable veteran versus a rook that needs work. Team needs work no question. But if your team isn’t good why would you throw in a 1st round QB who isn’t going to change that trajectory?

    Everything isn’t a controversy or a conspiracy. This to the comments not to the post.

  5. Trufbfan you do realize Bowles is not a good coach right and the only thing the jets have going for them these next four weeks is to evaluate their young football players including their young quarterback. Not sure what’s so difficult their too see but McCown isn’t making a single person better on offense. Sam is healthy and needs too play. If josh won a game or 2 than maybe you have something but guess what he lost and looked like crap

  6. Theirs no controversy other than the fact that Bowles and the jets are terribly run and starts at the top owners too gm too coaches they all suck.

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