Tony Dorsett congratulates Derrick Henry for matching his 99-yard touchdown run


There had been only 14 offensive touchdowns of 99 yards in NFL history prior to Thursday night. However, Tony Dorsett’s 99-yard touchdown run against the Minnesota Vikings in 1983 was the only such touchdown to be scored on a rushing play prior to Derrick Henry‘s beastly run through the Jacksonville Jaguars defense.

Dorsett passed along a message of congratulations to Henry on Twitter following the game for matching his 35-year old record in a 30-9 Tennessee Titans victory on Thursday night.

After Rashaan Evans‘ tackle of Leonard Fournette on fourth-and-goal from the 2-yard line stopped the Jaguars shy of the end zone, Henry got his chance to match Dorsett’s record.

Calais Campbell got a hand on Henry in the backfield but couldn’t keep him from surging across the line of scrimmage. Once out on the perimeter, Henry used a devastating stiff-arm to hold off cornerback A.J. Bouye and linebackers Leon Jacobs and Myles Jack. Henry fended off Bouye at his own 20-yard line, kept Jacobs at bay for 20 yards as he crossed midfield and then delivered a final blow to Jack at the opposing 20-yard line as he headed into the end zone.

While Victor Cruz, Wes Welker, Bernard Berrian, Andre’ Davis, Marc Boerigter, Robert Brooks, Tony Martin, Mike Quick, Cliff Branch, Gerry Allen, Pat Studstill, Bobby Mitchell and Andy Farkas can all lay claim to having scored 99-yard touchdowns as receivers, Dorsett and Henry are the only two to get the feat accomplished all on their own on the ground.

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  1. Looking at the list of names it jumps out that this feat, while amazing, is as much about all the pieces lining up one time more that it is about overall talent or ability. I’ve seen Babe Parilli & Gino Capaletti play but Andy Farkas? Guess I’m weak on my pre-facemask football rosters.

  2. I remember watching the Tony Dorsett run.
    When Derrick Henry broke free I turned to my son and said ‘I got to see Dorsett run for a 99 yard TD, and now I get to see another one if he isn’t tackled’.

    Kinda cool to see both.

  3. They used to call it “The record that could never be broken, only tied.” Was lucky enough to see both runs live on tv.

  4. Congratulations to young Mr. Henry. I’ve heard that he’s been criticized a great deal, as has been the Titans organization. Hope his effort during this game will silence them, at least for the time being. May I make one rather snarky comment? The line of scrimmage on TD’s run was actually the one-foot line. I remember either Verne Lundquist or Brad Sham (Cowboys radio announcers) saying that the ‘Boys were “…99 and 2/3 yards from the Vikings’ goal line…” , and the rest is history, as the saying goes. Mr. Henry and Mr. Dorsett – both terrific running backs. Marvelous to watch such feats.

  5. Yep, it was a great run. Absolutely. But Dorsett did it without a stiffarm to anyone’s face, much less a blatant facemask grab. Yes, he stiffarmed a defender on his run, but not to the face. I’ve never understood why the guy with the ball is the only player on the field that’s allowed to push his hand into another player’s facemask and have it called a great move. Anyone else gets penalized. Anyone else on his team does that, and the ball goes back to the half yard-line, whether they grab the mask or not.
    Someone please explain why the guy with the ball doesn’t have to follow the same rule as every other player.

  6. My favorite part about this run: those last two broken tackles were LINEBACKERS. I love it because 1) it says something about how athletic those LBs are, to be the ones to fly down the field and get a shot at Henry, and 2) even that wasn’t enough to stop Henry, anyways.

  7. All Willie Teal had to do was push Dorsett out of bounds!!! I think Dallas only had 10 men on the field also….I was about 10 rows from the top in the end zone where Dorsett took off from. That was awesome, but not awesome, as a Vikes fan.

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