Ndamukong Suh fined for horse-collar tackle against Lions

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Defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh returned to Detroit last Sunday, and he’ll leave with the kind of memento he often received while playing there.

The NFL fined Suh, now with the Rams after three years with the Dolphins, $20,054 for applying a horse-collar tackle to Lions running back Zach Zenner.

During his time with the Lions, Suh lost more than $400,000 due to rules infractions. But it’s a relatively small price to pay in light of what he has earned — and given the obvious value of intimidation that comes from his rough-and-tumble reputation.

9 responses to “Ndamukong Suh fined for horse-collar tackle against Lions

  1. Suh is a beast when he wants to be..and that will be for the rest of this season and the playoffs because he needs his next big contract. This is good news for the Rams for sure. Once he gets that contract he will play half speed to protect his body. He did it in Miami. When he wants to take over a DL he can do it and anyone with football knowledge knows that. He committed robbery in Miami for sure. With Donald on the line with him it will be difficult for opponents to do much against them in the playoffs. He will get a huge contract from some team with tons of salary room and then go back to obscurity. You read it here 1st.

  2. Anyone who has played football knows this is the guy you want on your team. Why? Because than you aren’t playing against him. I am a Packer fan but this guys is a football player’s type of player.

  3. Suh grabbed the guy by the collar, and laid him down like a puppy. I’m guessing if this had been, say, Michael Brockers, it wouldn’t have been a penalty, let alone a fine.

  4. Not sure why any player could be fined for an offense like a horse-collar tackle….they are already penalized for it on the field of play….and that should be enough? If you do something more flagrant and reckless, I can see the need for additional fining, but a tackle? What is next? Face mask penalties are going to be backed up with possible fines?

  5. Anyone with football knowledge knows he often pushes up to far creating cutback lanes for running backs.. He is a good passing down DT but There is a reason the rams and dolphins had poor rush defense when he is on the team.

    He is a good player but He is not this dominating presence some people assume him to be.

  6. after Elliot, Foster and Hunt, he is the NFL’s biggest loudest ticking time bomb;

    i don’t think Detroit are sorry they got rid of him, but i’m thinking the Rams are gonna be sorry if he stays past this season;

    just like Dallas when they picked up that lunatic DE a few seasons ago;

  7. Suh was cold and couldn’t feel his fingers. He didn’t know they were caught on Zenners shoulder pad. He was just trying to removed them.

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