NFL fines Kyle Shanahan for unsportsmanlike conduct

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The NFL fined 49ers coach Kyle Shanahan for his profane sideline outburst at officials during Sunday’s game against the Seahawks, Matt Maiocco of NBC Sports Bay Area reports. Shanahan will see his pay docked $25,000.

Shanahan received a 15-yard penalty for protesting an offsides penalty called on linebacker Elijah Lee.

Shanahan later explained he was upset when Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson tossed linebacker Fred Warner‘s lost shoe 8 yards behind the line of scrimmage. As Warner ran to get his shoe, Wilson went hurry-up.

Officials did not hold up the play. Instead, they flagged the 49ers for offsides as Warner ran off and Lee ran on.

“I’m not saying that [Wilson] did that maliciously or anything, who knows, but it was an unusual situation, and it was my tipping point,” Shanahan said last week.

Wilson, according to Maiocco, was not fined for the shoe toss.

22 responses to “NFL fines Kyle Shanahan for unsportsmanlike conduct

  1. While it was deserved, how did Wilson not get fined for his unsportsmanlike action?
    Never mind, this is the NFL, makes perfect sense.

  2. Wilson didn’t get fined, because there was no ‘malice’ in what Russell did. The shoe would of possibly come into play if Russell rolled out. No different then tossing a errant towel or other uniform part that’s sitting on the playing field. However, why the ref didn’t stop play for a couple seconds is beyond me, and I understand Coach’s malice over it.

  3. According to beat reporters, the first time in the game the Seahawks went hurry-up was right after the shoe-tossing. Thus Russell clearly went hurry-up to take advantage of the tossed shoe. But Russell would have us believe the hurry-up, at that juncture, was merely coincidental. This is very likely a lie. We could accept this as a minor bit of gamesmanship in a blowout, were it not for Russell’s dishonesty (in the context of Russell constantly reminding us of his Christian virtue). And that dishonesty is a reminder of the reason that many of Russell’s teammates have objected to him- a certain phoniness.

  4. Because Wilson didn’t drop F bombs at the referees. 9ers were getting whipped and Kyle was just a frustrated kid. How is tossing a show a penalty. Shoes should be on their feet, not laying on the field for the Hawks’ star QB to trip over. 9ers stink.

  5. If the NFL refs acknowledge that they witnessed the “pick up” of anything on the field, by Wilson, then the NFL has lost its mind! I cannot imagine how Wilson did not receive an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty on the play. This league is becoming a joke, with its selective fines and penalties, and unless they correct it quickly, they are bound to lose a great deal of fan base, and interest!

  6. NFL Officiating is the worst of all sports. I don’t trust this league, especially with gambling being a thing now.

  7. We know Wilson. He’s a class guy. Plus the woeful Niner D certainly wasn’t worrying him. Unintentional – just getting the cleat out from near his feet. Plus, how did he know it was a Niner cleat when his tossed it? Shanahan is frustrated with his Swiss cheese defense

  8. Rematch the play…

    First, the Niners player could have left the shoe until the next play. He wasn’t in on the play.

    Second, his replacement knew he was coming out but waited to enter.

    Niners are a terrible organization, with a lack of any class.

  9. This is ridiculous. You don’t touch your opponent’s equipment under any circumstances, let along THROW it. Wilson should have been flagged but even if the refs (who evidently are mind-readers) determined that he had no ill-intent, they should have stopped play due to having a stray shoe on the field. The league talks about sportsmanship; wouldn’t a good sport have given the shoe back to his opponent rather than chuck it into the backfield? I think it’s pretty clear that Wilson is a fake and a tool and Shanny just had enough of the official incompetence.

  10. joetoronto says:
    December 9, 2018 at 6:58 am
    He looks even more like a rate than his father does
    What kind of rate? Low or high interest?

  11. omeimontis says:
    December 9, 2018 at 5:18 am
    That was the last straw.
    What was the first straw? What happened to all the straws between the first and last one?

  12. This is one reason im not a fan of Wilson or Carrol not even niners fan but Wilson likes to put on a honest face hes nice guy he reminds me of Eddie Haskell ..he knows how to cheat as he is smiling giving you compliments in a way.he puts on a facad of a nice honest guy when he really is the opposite..he must of learned from coach Carrol

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