Trey Burton was too nervous to throw another pass on a Philly Special follow-up

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Ten months ago, then-Eagles tight end Trey Burton threw one of the most famous passes in NFL history on a trick play in the Super Bowl, hitting quarterback Nick Foles in the end zone for a touchdown on a play known as “Philly Special.” But Burton doesn’t want to do it again.

Burton is now with the Bears, who also had a touchdown on a trick play pass, thrown by running back Tarik Cohen, on Sunday. That play was originally designed for Burton to throw it, but he said he feels so much pressure to live up to his famous Super Bowl play that he asked out of the responsibility, and coach Matt Nagy agreed he should not do it if he did not feel comfortable.

“We installed the play and when they put it on the board I got crazy anxiety,” Burton said, via Josh Frydman of WGN. “I was kind of freaking out a bit because a ton of unbelievable memories come to mind from the Super Bowl . . . I just couldn’t. Physically, there was some type of block, wasn’t letting me do it. I told Nagy, ‘hey coach, I’m having crazy anxiety.’ I couldn’t sleep that night thinking about it. There were so many really good memories but I’m not there anymore, I’m on a different team doing something different. I just didn’t feel comfortable. Thankfully he said, ‘No big deal, I appreciate you letting me know’ and [Cohen] was able to do it.”

So Philly Special may have been the last time Burton throws a pass.

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  1. As big a call as it was on a fourth down in the super bowl, it’s way too overhyped of a play. It was a two yard toss that while hugely important and a good play and super gutsy call, shouldn’t be one of the most famous passes in NFL history.

    Knowing the media, if he had thrown this one they would have never shut up about it, so I’m glad Cohen did instead. It’s barely been mentioned at all as a result.

  2. Just as well, as it used an illegal formation, according to Periera. One of 2 TDs gifted to Philly.

  3. streetyson says:
    December 8, 2018 at 7:17 am
    Just as well, as it used an illegal formation, according to Periera. One of 2 TDs gifted to Philly.

    He’s wrong. They checked their alignment pre-snap with the official. That makes it legal. As for the other touchdown, I assume you were talking about Clement . He had control even though he was living to put the ball away. There wasn’t enough on replay to overturn it anyway

  4. Now that Burton has said he can’t do it again, and Nagy has said he let Burton off the hook, you can bet the house that it’s now back in the Chicago playbook with Burton throwing the pass. #ElementOfSurprise

  5. That’s ironic. Burton is playing with a play-not-to-lose mindset, just the opposite of what his most famous play represented.

  6. Why is every thing negative against New England always illegal but everything they do is ok? The worst part about what they’ve done since 2001 is the poor sportsmanship of their fans.

  7. streetyson says:
    December 8, 2018 at 7:17 am
    Just as well, as it used an illegal formation, according to Periera. One of 2 TDs gifted to Philly.
    Ah, poor, poor, Patriots fans. Nothing ever goes your way…never get a break. Brilliantly earn everything that goes well and
    if it doesn’t, well, everyone is out to get you. Sob.

  8. Watch. The “anxiety”was a setup for Burton to pull it off against the Rams this Sunday night. Nagy is such a breath of fresh air after Grandpa Fox. Maybe McCarthy and Fox can start a band together since they’re both unemployed and have nothing else to do. #Beardown

  9. That was a great call in the Super Bowl but are we really calling that one of the greatest passes in NFL history? It a trick play that worked perfectly but in the end is a 1-yard touchdown pass that happen in the 2nd quarter of a Super Bowl. I would say it goes down as a very memorable play but it’s not even close to being one of the greatest passes in NFL history. If that was to win the Super Bowl then yes it would definitely be one of the greatest passes in history but as it stands it’s a more memorable for its name than for what actually happened

  10. Ahhhhhhh, yes. A football player getting crazy anxiety and not being able to sleep because he was going to throw a pass.

    Ladies and gentlemen, I present the modern age of sensitive football players.

    Glad this guy is not a doctor or pilot.

  11. My Little League coach let me pitch to one batter in the last game of my final year. I miraculously struck him out despite a couple of balls to the backstop. I haven’t pitched to a single batter since and, no, I don’t want to ever again. I’m just going to keep that moment (and my ERA) clean.

  12. It takes courage to admit your limitations. Only a fool pretends all is well because he’s afraid of how he’ll look to others.

  13. Gerry’s Garage says:
    December 8, 2018 at 12:30 pm
    Much like the rest of the world, i guess the nfl has got their fair share of wusses

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    I’d love to see you say that in the same room as Trey…

  14. Patriots fans just keep crying. The end of your era is over. No more Brady soon and you can become the new Cowboy fans who keep bringing up the past.

  15. Philly fan here. Burton’s pass to Foles was truly a great PLAY, but not necessarily a great PASS.

    If you went through all 50-some Super Bowls, you could probably find several hundred better passes (that would make an entertaining documentary).

    But in terms of impact on the outcome of the game, the Philly Special is probably in the all-time top 50 Super Bowl plays (also a great documentary topic).

    How one makes that distinction – great PASS or great PLAY – is the crux of the debate on the Philly Special.

  16. streetyson says:
    December 8, 2018 at 7:17 am
    Just as well, as it used an illegal formation, according to Periera. One of 2 TDs gifted to Philly.

    As a Pats fan going back to being a kid watching them in Fenway and posts like this make me smdh. If you really believe they lost that game based on those two calls you’re doing what the team never does, making excuses. Illegal formation or not the take away from this Pats perspective is no one covered Foles. As for Clement’s TD, Foles dropped a 22 yd dime with Flowers and McCourty right there in (ahem) ‘coverage’ that wasn’t worthy of the name. That’s football, sometimes the other guy gets it right while you are getting it wrong. The team that made the fewest mistakes won, as a fan of a team that gets it right far more often than most and racks up W’s by allowing the other team to self immolate you should recognize what happened in that game even better than most.

  17. Trey Burton will always be a hero in Philly. He knows he can never top that special moment so why even try? That play will be shown in every highlight video of Superbowl 52. It will be shown long after Trey Burton is out of football. He has immortality in the annals of Philadelphia Eagles history.

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