John Harbaugh will be in demand after the season

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When the Ravens were 4-5 and fading, players on the team believed that coach John Harbaugh would be fired absent a turnaround that takes the team to the playoffs. Three straight wins later, the Ravens are very much alive for the postseason.

But Harbaugh could still be out.

Per a league source with knowledge of the intricacies of the looming coaching carousel, John Harbaugh currently is viewed as one of the top candidates in the coming searches. Indeed, it’s viewed that John Harbaugh is regarded as being far more desirable than his brother, Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh, who recently was linked to vacancies in Green Bay and Cleveland.

If John Harbaugh isn’t fired, he can still be in play for a job elsewhere. The new team would contact the Ravens and negotiate compensation in the event Harbaugh is hired. Once an agreement on compensation is reached, the new team would approach Harbaugh directly and negotiate a contract.

While those are the formal nuts and bolts of the process, the reality is that much of the pieces will be put in place via the back channels, with a new team gauging Harbaugh’s interest and financial expectations before approaching the Ravens to negotiate his exit.

Of course, a successful playoff run could complicate things, delaying Harbaugh’s availability and making it awkward, to say the least, for a team to wait for a guy who may not be available at all. Regardless, as teams begin to assemble their wish lists for 2019, John Harbaugh is expected to appear on more than a few.

Which ultimately could make the Ravens decide to keep the guy who has been their head coach since 2008.

7 responses to “John Harbaugh will be in demand after the season

  1. Remember when the 49ers told him to take a hike and that they were going to win with class?

    Good times.

  2. He’s never had a losing season, won a Super Bowl….he ain’t sweating it. He’ll get 4 – 5 years at $8 million per from the Ravens or someone else. If they make the playoffs and if they make a deep playoff run, things will certainly get interesting. Ravens can do much worse at head coach, and Steve Bisciotti has to ask himself as to why his coach would be the hottest commodity on the market if he were to leave the Ravens organization.

  3. If the Ravens are actually thinking about moving on why not wait and see if any teams are interested in him and parlay it into a draft pick or two?

  4. we make the playoffs Harbs will be back, as he should. We fall short and he is proabably gone. If he is out there he will be one of the first one hired, in my opinion. They will get a good coach.

  5. Hard to blame John if he hasn’t gotten the chance to play his new QB yet for a season-unless the Ravens hire his brother, Jim, who has proven that he can cater to a college style offense that features a scrambling quarterback and a strong defense.

    All kidding aside (though is essentially what Jim Harbaugh did with the 9ers), if they hired a new coach in Jackson’s first year as the starter, it would only make sense to make him learn a new system if the new coach is going to run a college style offense that allows Jackson to run. I personally would not advocate that type of offense for my first round pick, but making him learn a new more complex system that emphasizes a variety of passing routes and protections would probably just make things harder on him after he’s just gotten a handle on NFL action. I guess what I’m saying is that Jackson’s already started developing in his current system, and Harbaugh’s shown a capacity to win with him. I’d give him one more year to let him get a chance with Jackson, and more importantly, let Jackson get a year starting under his feet to get comfortable before showing him a new coaching scheme.

    Of course, Ozzy Newsome already being gone might be the reason ownership wants to go in a new direction-new QB, new GM, new coach-the temptation is probably too severe.

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