Josh Johnson will start for Washington next week

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Anyone USC diehards hoping to see Mark Sanchez and Cody Kessler square off when Washington and Jacksonville meet in Week 15 will be disappointed.

Sanchez was benched in the third quarter of Sunday’s loss to the Giants and replaced by Josh Johnson, who was playing in his first regular season game since 2013. Johnson ran for one score and threw another, which made the final score 40-16 and was enough for Washington coach Jay Gruden to name him next week’s starter.

Gruden said “nothing” worked for Sanchez during the game and the move has the approval of running back Adrian Peterson.

“It was obvious,” Peterson said, via J.P. Finley of NBC Sports Washington. “When he came in, we started moving the ball and started to score points. That right there is hope alone.”

Johnson said he was working hard to learn his new teammates’ names after signing with Washington during the week. He’ll get a little more time to pick up those names and the rest of the offense before making his first start since 2011.

22 responses to “Josh Johnson will start for Washington next week

  1. I told my 12 year old son Sanchez was starting and he started cracking up. All I could understand as he tried to speak through the laughter was “butt fumble”.

  2. I actually hope Wash signs Kaep. Then let him start and get rung up so people could stop talking about it. Though he will never sign as that would ruin his collusion case.

  3. Dang thats pretty bad for Sanchez to lose out to some guy off the street. Redskins should look at Kaepernick or Jay Cutler.

  4. This should be the end of the line for Sanchez. All he cared about when he was with the Jets was the nightlife and the magazine covers. He never learned his craft at all. He is finished.

  5. Josh Johnson went out there today and did EVERYTHING Kaepernick would have been able to do

  6. “blackqbwhiterb says:
    December 9, 2018 at 5:30 pm
    Josh Johnson went out there today and did EVERYTHING Kaepernick would have been able to do”


    Now can he do that what Kaepernick would do as a starter? He didn’t throw a pass since 2011 despite officially being part of 14 different teams since 2011. Enjoy the off-season.

    I’m enjoying this entire Kaepernick debacle as its showing the true face of the NFL & country overall. He’d be a starter still be in the league if he was beating women – as long as there is no video proof or photos, of course.

  7. NFL teams will employ domestic abusers and child abusers, but kneel for a political reason, and they would rather throw away a season than sign you.

  8. The Josh Johnson led R words vs the Cody Kessler led Jags

    Has there been a more missable game in NFL history than this?

  9. Since you’ve already stated you don’t care about character with Josh Norman, Swearinger, and Adrianna Peederson on your team, hire Colon Krappernick. With a little luck you can sell out your entire team and model yourselves after the Baltimore Murdering Blackbirds and have no one on your team with integrity.

  10. screamingyellowzonkers says:

    The Redskins need to sign Kaepernick for whatever he wants.

    So that their half empty stadium can go to completely empty?

  11. Alright lets get something straight on this Kaepernick, thing once and for all. He doesn’t want to play and even if he could he’s not in football shape and for the most part showed himself to be an incapable QB. Never mind all the political crap, he just not good enough any more so stuff a sock in it already and move on.

  12. How sad. They could have signed better QBs besides Sanchez, and is scared of what Trump will say if they signed Colin Kaepernick, who’d played more recently than Josh Johnson! This is a truly pathetic! And Sanchez will get another shot next year.

  13. Here is the thing, Sanchez looked pretty good when he relieved McCoy. Then the opposing team had a week to prepare for him and he looked like this old self. Pretty sure when the Jaguars look over some tape and come up with a defense for Johnson, they are going to light him up just as bad. Look for another blowout loss this weekend.

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