Mike Tomlin suggests Ben Roethsliberger could have returned sooner than he did

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The Steelers lost quarterback Ben Roethlisberger at halftime of Sunday’s loss to the Raiders. He returned with 5:20 to play. Apparently, he could have returned sooner.

Coach Mike Tomlin provided a confusing explanation to reporters after the game regarding the decision to hold Ben until late in the fourth quarter.

“He got looked at at halftime,” Tomlin said, via Aditi Kinkhabwala of NFL Media. “He got treatment. He came back out. We were waiting to see if he was going to be able to come back in  — he was. Probably could have come in a series or so sooner. But we were in the rhythm and flow of the game. He was ready to go when he got back out there.”

Implicit in the response is that the Steelers specifically held Roethlisberger out, not that he was resisting coming back in the game.

In other words, be sure to check out Ben’s next appearance on 93.7 The Fan in Pittsburgh, when he apportions blame to everyone. But himself, presumably.

52 responses to “Mike Tomlin suggests Ben Roethsliberger could have returned sooner than he did

  1. this makes me happy. first the broncos, now the packers and steelers, are becoming obsolete. now the patriots are next in line.

  2. “Now remember when your time comes, Josh: it looks more heroic of you wait a little bit longer before coming back in the game. Another free tip: from time to time after you get hit, army crawl away afterwards to show real grit and people will call you a warrior! Remember that!”

  3. “But we were in the rhythm and flow of the game. He was ready to go when he got back out there.”


    Tomlin is, I’m sure a nice person, but as a coach he is an imbecile. Flow of the game???? What, watch Dobbs throw incompletion after incompletion? Dude is clueless.

  4. First you claim this is a must-win “playoff” game, then you keep your backup quarterback in like it’s week 2 of the preseason???

    When was the last time you had the Steelers prepared to play against a last place opponent???

    Sorry Tomlin we’ve had enough!

  5. Ben played the last TD drive of the first half with that injury and handled it fine. That drive gave the Steelers momentum going into halftime. It makes no sense to put Dobbs in to start the half and to keep him in after the INT. Another coaching blunder by Tomlin. Can’t blame Ben for this one.

  6. Tomlin’s In-game strategies are becoming atrocious. He didn’t call a timeout when Oakland was driving at the 6-yard line late in OT, giving his team only 18 seconds with the ball after Raiders took the lead. Also, he decided to leave Dobbs in, despite Ben being healthy enough to play. Also his drafting on the D side of the ball the last 10 years has been more than suspect.

  7. Ben’s next appearance on 93.7 The Fan

    Ben, ” Wow, I had six broken ribs, a dislocated sternum and a fragment of rib stuck through my left ventricle, but, I knew the team needed me so I managed to tough it out and play.”

  8. Disrespected and underestimated a bad Raider team. This is the NFL you can’t lift your foot off the pedal. You have to play to the whistle or you get beat.

    If he could have come back earlier why didn’t he? Isn’t the head coach supposed to know everything. Especially, the availability of his HOF quarterback. If he didn’t know, he should have. If he knew and didn’t play him that’s also on him.

  9. This makes no sense

    First you say :Implicit in the response is that the Steelers specifically held Roethlisberger out, not that he was resisting coming back in the game.

    Then you say : In other words, be sure to check out Ben’s next appearance on 93.7 The Fan in Pittsburgh, when he apportions blame to everyone. But himself, presumably.

    If it was Tomlins fault for not putting Ben in then why are you saying Ben will blame everyone but himself? This is a game where it truly wasn’t bens fault. Being with Connors, and Boswell stinking it up as he as many times this year and tom,on not putting Ben back in is why the steelers lost.

  10. Ben was not hurt in this game nor any other where he’s come out and gone back in. It’s all an act by the biggest drama queen in NFL history.

  11. Mike Tomlin is the reason I’m embarrassed to be a Steelers fan. And that’s saying something.

  12. Anyone still think Mike Tomlin deserves to be the coach of this football team? You are foolish. I am sick to my stomach.

  13. Big Ben has been doing his job. It’s his defense which has been costing the Steelers games.

  14. I love it. Now that the media has beaten the Aaron Rodgers / Mike McCarthy “controversy” to death, they’ll try to start one between Big Ben and Tomlin.

  15. If not for Mike Tomlin the Steelers would have more than six rings. Stupid decision making, letting the locker room fall apart, and constantly playing down to competition.

  16. Can anyone tell me what Tomlin adds to this team?He can’t motivate. He does not have an offensive mind. His does not have a defensive mind. Wins only because of Ben.Rooney likes him!b

  17. yeah to the Stealers!!!
    bengals just passed the browns on their way down to the basement.
    they deserve worse than they are getting. keeping a pimple on a
    good coachs’ a!! is all lewis is.

  18. Even Tomlin is admitting that Little Ben is a giant faker drama queen. When your own coach turns agaianat you, you’re toast. I’m sure Toml8n is counting the days until that Clown is run out of town on a rail.

  19. So somehow it’s Big Ben’s fault that the coach held him out while the inept replacement QB “was in the rhythm and flow of the game”? Big Ben could have easily won that game for the Steelers, but it looked like the coach wanted to try to win without him. That backfired, so now it’s Ben’s fault. OK, got it. Glad I learned something here. I feel smarter now.

  20. Two missed field goals. Two.

    The game. Oakland made their field goals. Steelers did not.

    The rest seems like a lot of jibberjabber to me.

    Two. Not brutal range. Two.

    Special teams cost the last game too … Punt return for a touchdown, a missed pat and a boatload of penalties.


  21. The Steelers are officially a bright burning dumpster fire. They’ve given up on the running game and the defense continues to let them down in every way. If Tomlin doesn’t fire Kieth Butler and find a new DC they should fire Tomlin. And I completely saw this loss coming because EVERYONE knows that when the Steelers ‘Should’ win vs an inferior opponent; they Choke…Big Time. In fact, I don’t think it’s too bold to say this loss sealed the Steelers fate for this season: {no playoffs}

    Next Up: New England = L (They never beat the Pats)
    Next Up: New Orleans = L (The D can, in no way, keep up with this offense)
    Next Up: Cincinnati = L (Another one of those ‘Should’ win games)

    Injuries happen and I have no doubt there’s a ’cause/effect’ aspect, but for a team to lose the way the Steelers lose is absolutley baffling. Bad coaching leads to bad execution which circles back around to bad coaching.

  22. For a minute lets think about how different Big Ben’s career would be if he had a competent coach. The Steelers have had great teams, great players and some success even with a grade C head coach.

  23. Ben didnt want to play this year remember?
    He won’t be back either. Time for the HC to find another solution, or he will be coaching somewhere else and soon.
    Ben won’t be back, mark it!

  24. Steelers are well known for their hair trigger when it comesvto head coaches. Just part of who they are. Ya.

    The coach with the second best record in the league over his career. The coach with no losing seasons. That guy on the Steelers … He is on the hot seat for sure.



  25. Please…fire….Tomlin. Steelers will never win or even sniff another Superbowl under this guy. Bad preparation, bad in game management, no adjustments after half. Time to get a real coach or become the Browns of the division.

  26. ONE playoff win in 5 going on 6 seasons. The one win was an implosion by the Bungles.
    Keep in mind this was with a HOF QB, the best WR and RB in the game, with a top 5 O-line.

    Anytime the game comes down to coaching, captain catchphrase is lost.
    He has been winning on the talent of his roster.

    Yesterday was a glimpse of a post Bell, Ben, and AB Steelers team.

  27. 4/9 for 24yds and 1 INT…. ya, he was in a flow

    The inept coaching of this team has wasted the talent. If Ben was capable of playing, he should have played at least a series or 2 and padded the 4pt lead before rolling over. Boswell hasn’t been held accountable all season for his misses, it’s the same story as Tomlin has had about Burns. “He knows he needs to get out of this funk.” Burns came off the bench last week and allowed a 40yr old TE to burn him for a TD. Tomlin came from a DB coaching job and he can’t coach DBs? I called this loss last week, it’s been Tomlin’s routine year in and year out to lose to bad teams. Well, they better “unleash hell” the rest of the season! hahahahahahah

  28. Chunk Life says:
    December 9, 2018 at 9:23 pm
    Sorry Tomlin we’ve had enough!


    Be careful what you wish for! If you guys fire Tomlin he will have a new job and record contract within 10 minutes of hitting the market. Tomlin is a good coach, you guys need better talent in a few areas and a QB who isn’t a drama queen and who is a leader of men and your fortunes will change drastically.

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