Rob Gronkowski: I have to make tackle on Kenyan Drake

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The Dolphins pulled off one of the great finishes of all time on Sunday afternoon when Kenyan Drake broke free after a pair of laterals for a 69-yard touchdown on the final play of their 34-33 win over the Patriots.

The Patriots were apparently expecting the Dolphins to try a heave toward the end zone because they put tight end Rob Gronkowski on the field to protect the end zone. That turned out to be a liability because Gronkowski stumbled and couldn’t make good on a chance to stop Drake before he scored.

“The way it ended sucked,” Gronkowski said, via “I’ve never been a part of anything like that. I feel like it’s going to test our character big-time. I have to make that tackle.”

Given where the Dolphins were on the field, plenty of people were wondering why Patriots head coach Bill Belichick opted for Gronkowski ahead of a defensive player. Belichick said the Dolphins “could throw it deeper” when asked about it after the game.

He’ll likely get some more questions on Monday, but the answer may be that the team is on to Pittsburgh.

66 responses to “Rob Gronkowski: I have to make tackle on Kenyan Drake

  1. Well, if your kicker makes an XP and an FG and your quarterback doesn’t take a sack before halftime, you’re up by nine and you probably aren’t even out there, Gronk. Worst tackle attempt I’ve seen since the Minneapolis Miracle.

  2. No Gronk, you should not have been out there. Bad coaching. No way Tanny reaches the end zone from where he was, coaches should have known that, and put a faster player on the field.

  3. I blame BB on this. Bad decision with clock time. Had they wet for a TD on 4th Dow at the Dolphins 4 yard line, they at the very least taken more time off the clock and the Phins would have to start at the 3 yard line with about 15 seconds and no time out. Even if the Phins completed a pass to the pats 40 yard line they would not have enough time to attempt a field goal.

  4. I wouldn’t blame Gronk. Bad coaching to ne honest. There is no way Tanahill is throwing a 70 yard hailmary so having Gronk there made no sense. Having someone who has been tackling and cutting down angles would have been a much better choice.

  5. This play is on Belichick or Judge ….. even I knew it wasn’t going to be a Hail Mary from that far out. Gronk shouldn’t have been in there……

  6. Belichick needs a good slap from Kraft, along with a reminder on how BB blew the SB with benching Butler.

    If Pats lose the Playoff Bye they will go one and done.

  7. Coach Genius sure bungled the end of the game. Did he really think Tannehill would throw it 70+ yards?

  8. Terrible coaching decision having Gronk on the field for that last play. It’s one thing if a pass was going to make it into the end zone, but it wasn’t. He was lost out there as he didn’t take the proper angle as Drake ran by. Wonder if a DB would have made that tackle?

  9. It’s okay Rob. Safety is not your position. That missed tackle is on your coach. And Tom. And your kicker. And kudo’s too to Miami’s great defensive game against the so called goat. Tom was the goat on that overthrown TD pass, and on his interception. That’s real goatness right there! lol! NE, loses to Miami, and Tannehill…really?!

  10. Gronk made a business decision just like Odell not diving for the football last week.

  11. To put Gronk in that situation is never going to work , he is nat athletic enough to make an open field tackle on any body. The Pats were expecting a hail mary and didn’t get it

  12. Yup, love how Miami played a “great defensive game against the so called goat”. Last check he had 358 yards passing with 3 TDs, no interceptions. Can’t blame him. What game were you watching?

  13. Comes down to them running through a BOATLOAD of arm tackles to even get to that point. Stunning bad defense, team clearly thought they had it in the bad and somebody would stop him. Nobody did.

    P.S. Bubbalicious- like most Dolphin fans, you like to say something about the future when the Pats lose one in Miami. You are always wrong. But if they don’t win the Superbowl, you will say this game haunted them. It doesn’t ever haunt the Dolphins, though, because they will be on the golf course well before then.

  14. Gronk is now forever etched in the fantastic finish films. Almost as cool as the hook and lateral.

  15. Sorry Rob but you were just not moving your legs fast enough. Slipping and stumbling trying to keep up with Drake is what happens when your just not as fast as your opponent.

  16. To every NE fan bashing Gronk for missing that tackle – you’d be better
    served bashing Belichick for having him out there in the FIRST PLACE!
    EVERYONE knows Tannehill couldn’t throw it to the end zone from where MIA was –
    so it’s laughable he was even on the field, much less forced to TRY & make the tackle.
    PLUS – He was a BEAST all game & getting hammered everytime he caught the ball, its
    probably safe to say he didn’t have much “left in the tank” !

  17. There were lots of missed tackles,missed extra point,missed field goal…time to re-group and tighten things up. We’re on to Pittsburgh,who just got shocked by the Raiders.

  18. Coach Bill, the best coach in the game, does have a habit of out-smarting himself sometimes. Should have had DBs on there and someone roaming far, far back.

  19. Horrendous PA call on Fitzpatrick, typical Patriot call late in a game!! Karma finally came around and the Gods answered with the sweet jets of Kenyan Drake! Bummer bandwagoner Patriot fans!

  20. rgorr44 says:
    December 9, 2018 at 7:07 pm
    Yup, love how Miami played a “great defensive game against the so called goat”. Last check he had 358 yards passing with 3 TDs, no interceptions. Can’t blame him. What game were you watching?
    NE fanboy, you just lost any chance for home field advantage. Sweating bullets! Miami won’t even make the playoffs and you lose to Tannehill again. Facepalm!

  21. That was a must win for the Patriots – Now they have 3, ‘must win games’, ahead of them if they want to secure the #2 Seed.

    BB is 100% to blame – He could of used a time out before that play to see who was on the field for the Phins and make necessary adjustments like Patterson, Gordon and your fastest Players on the field instead of Gronk.

    BB – Major Dumb Dumb Award

  22. I did enjoy listening to that horrid voice of Fouts talking how Miami would be worn out from the heat yet they never give up and win. As a commentator he did not say a word for almost 25 seconds after that play. He favors the Patriots so much all game long and had not one nice thing to say about the Dolphins. Pretty sad.

  23. Sure its easy for Gronk to come out and say he should’ve made the play, but its not making it any less obvious that he let them score on purpose because it was gonna be a 69 yard play.

  24. to all of you people saying it was BB’s fault, all i ever hear is how gronk is a beast and great and all of that. if that is true, then he should have been out there defending the end isn’t like he was asked to cover someone man on man. he just needed to defend the end zone and could not do it

  25. Game could and should have been won a dozen other ways before he was put in that situation, including whiffed tackles on the same play. Not tackling has been one of their biggest liabilities for years, which is why the Dolphins ran this play in the first place. Just tackle, figure it out!

  26. No Gronk, you dont! Snorts McGee got out coached and had the wrong players out there. PERIOD. A banged up Tannehill was not chucking the ball 75 yards for a TD. This is solely on the Hoody and his baby pooh D that he puts together each week.

  27. Somebody already said it, special teams and defense lost this game well before this play. It’s too late in the year for this silliness. Utterly disgusted with this outcome because of the poor play and missed opportunities. You cannot go on the road in this league and make those types of mistakes and expect to win.

  28. Jim Nance commented on this play as well: “Against the Patriots?” like nothing like this could happen to them….clearly s BB slappy.

  29. skawh says:
    December 9, 2018 at 7:53 pm

    rgorr44 says:
    December 9, 2018 at 7:07 pm

    Yup, love how Miami played a “great defensive game against the so called goat”. Last check he had 358 yards passing with 3 TDs, no interceptions. Can’t blame him. What game were you watching?
    NE fanboy, you just lost any chance for home field advantage. Sweating bullets! Miami won’t even make the playoffs and you lose to Tannehill again. Facepalm!


    Actually, NE could still get home-field advantage. The Chiefs could lose to the Chargers this Thursday, or against the Seahawks in Seattle, or they could lose to the Raiders in their second match-up. The Raiders have already beaten the Steelers and came close to beating the Chiefs and Rams. The Patriots own the tiebreaker on the Chiefs and Texans. The loser of the AFC West is going to get dropped down to a wild card spot.

  30. davedsone Dolphins 29 O & D put your team to shame. That was there Superbowl. Pat’s may have more wins but no victories like that. By-the-way after you lose to Pitt next week on another last second heart breaker, the Division is still up for grabs!

  31. This what was bound to happen; pats have become too timid lately. Do not put paddle to the metal and throttle the opposition when they are down. You keep them witching striking distance, you deserve what you get. Mistakes, Brady taking a sack after special teams blocked a second punt, right before the half. Then kicking a field goal and still keeping just one possession game to give dolphins another chance. Horrible game management by the coaching staff. ‘ in Bill we trust’ but this was a horrible blunder by Bill. This game and the games against titans and lions are proof, Pats need a change of mentality, same old same old isn’t working anymore!!!

  32. Brandon Bolden. That TD run of his was Karmic justice. After years of listening to Pats fans knocking him and asking the team to trade him he embarrassed the Patriots defense with that run. Tannehill played lights out and deserved the win. Belichick def blew the two biggest no-brainer opportunities. According to the standards he demands of the team he should bench himself for the remainder of the season and then trade himself for Hue Jackson.

  33. You will never live this one down Patsies; this will live on like the Tyree Helmet catch long after any wins from this failed season have faded! You gentleman have done a very good job of immortalizing Tannehill and the Fins this year and giving them alot of good Holiday Cheer and something to laugh at you about forever!

  34. Shame on the most overrated hoodie Belichick for having him out there! Like Tannahill was going to throw it it 80 yards. No man ever benefited more from a great Qb than

  35. Pats will turn the page on this giant brain cramp and focus on the Steelers. Glad that they could make most of America happy on Sunday, but they won’t dwell on it.

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