Tom Brady still on pace to earn none of his new incentives

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No, Tom Brady doesn’t need the money. Yes, the contract term that would give him up to $5 million in extra  pay on performance is nevertheless important to him, otherwise he wouldn’t have taken the time to add it to his deal.

Through 75 percent of the season, the Patriots quarterback is on pace to reach none of the five incentives that would reward him with $1 million each. The payments hinge on Brady finishing in the top five in passing yards, passing touchdowns, passer rating, completion percentage, and yards per attempt.

Last year, Brady finished in the top five in each category. This year, with Brady down a bit statistically and the best of the rest of the quarterbacks way, way up, he’s currently ninth in passing yards (3,342), fourteenth in passing touchdowns (20), fifteenth in passer rating among starting quarterbacks (96.8), twenty-first in completion percentage among starting quarterbacks (65.9), and eleventh in yards per attempt among starting quarterbacks (7.7).

The extra five million was intended to get Brady’s pay in better line with other quarterbacks, given that he had a salary of $14 million at a time when more and more quarterbacks are approaching and passing $20 million annually. Brady has another $14 million base salary in 2019, the last year of his current contract with the Patriots.

Given that Brady plans to play for four more years, it will be very interesting to see whether and what extent he gets an adjustment or an extension in 2019, especially since he likely will lose the $5 million in extra pay he was due to get this year.

29 responses to “Tom Brady still on pace to earn none of his new incentives

  1. But he’s thrown more yards than Brees this year, the league’s current golden “goat” after coach-killer Aaron’s latest failed season.

  2. Brady needs to go ahead and fade away. Nobody cares anymore, his legacy is forever tainted with *****
    Patrick Mahomes is the face of the league now, the Golden Boy, the QB that nobody else can measure up to.
    Cheating Tommy is done, the Gig is up.
    The Chiefs are the new dynasty team, and Mahomes will be enshrined into the HOF as the G.O.A.T

  3. Nothing unusual here. Has he ever won a super bowl without a top ten defense? The answer is no.

  4. It would be ironic if he got the Patriots to the Super Bowl and didn’t earn a dime in incentives. So many people have made hundreds of millions of dollars because of Tom Brady and the Patriots still make him beg for every dime.

  5. So, Brady’s near the middle of the pack this year stats wise, and we all know where New England will end up! Unbelievable. It will definitely be interesting to see what he does with his last contract.

  6. Brady real incentive is to win. Sometimes that means handing he ball off or throwing it away if receivers aren’t open (which unfortunately has happened a lot this year for many reasons). That’s part of what makes him great…do what it takes to win and don’t worry about stats.

  7. He isn’t losing pay – he simply hasn’t earned it as per the contract parameters.
    He doesn’t “need” it, and won’t miss an extra 5 million that he will more than make up in endorsements down the road.

    He is still having a very solid year. Winning the SB is (& always has been) his and the Patriots primary goal, as it should be, and not making an extra $5 mil. Brady is the ultimate team player.

  8. I think TB12 is the greatest…. I also feel that the base salary info is very skewed as he got massive up front money in the form of a roster bonus that isn’t taken into account when his base salary is discussed…..
    All that said, Tom CHOSE to not attend the offseason OTA workouts so that he could spend more time with his family & enjoy life a bit more….
    I don’t begrudge him for doing what he did, however, I don’t feel bad that he probably won’t reach the incentives either….
    It’s called ACCOUNTABILITY FOR ONES ACTIONS OR LACK THERE OF…… SAME goes for GRONK & his situation……
    Go Pats!!!!

  9. kissbillsrings says:
    December 9, 2018 at 8:42 am
    ….I also feel that the base salary info is very skewed as he got massive up front money in the form of a roster bonus that isn’t taken into account when his base salary is discussed…..
    That’s a bit of a false flag. Over his career he’s generally back-loaded his contract, then when he re-signs with 2 years left he takes some of that future money as a bonus and pushes the rest off yet again into future years that he never sees because he re-signs again before they materialize. To compare Brady to other QBs you thus really need to look backwards, at his average past-years cash rather than the headline contract numbers. Spotrac (Michael Ginnitti, Sept 20, 2016) did a big analysis on this which will indeed show you his real salary has always worked out to merely about half of the headline contract numbers. Amazingly cheap!

  10. Pats: 30-20….10-3 & AFC EAST CHAMPIONS
    just getting healthy & starting to steamroll their way back to the Super Bowl!!!!!

  11. More than anyone else, NE has always paid for present performance, not past performance. And they aren’t sentimental.

    Just look at the deals Dion Lewis and Danny Amendola got this year from Tennessee and Miami and tell me they’ve come anywhere close to earning those contracts.

    This as much as anything else is why they are always in the mix every year.

  12. Did you see Brady’s reaction when he reached 1,000 career rushing yards? He was grinning like a kid, and late in the game when he took a knee he was sure to move forward so as not to lose yardage. Obviously, Brady is motivated by different things than these incentives.

    If you see Brady’s interviews this season, he seems as motivated as ever by the desire to win, without regard to his personal stats. He also seems, if anything, happier in general. Whatever’s going on in his heart and mind, it sure doesn’t look like he has any concerns about his current contract.

  13. Leman Russ says:
    December 9, 2018 at 9:38 am

    Not impressed with his play this year. Thumbs dowm all you want but hes finished.
    They’re 9-3 and have more wins over teams with winning records than anyone else. If the last few years of Brady’s career look like this I think the team would be very happy to have him around.

  14. He challenges himself with these incentives. Puts it on the line against performance just like others are asked to do. This is just another example why he’s the all around GOAT, not just on the field.

    Maybe he’ll hit a couple of these and maybe he won’t. What he cares about is wins, playoff wins, and super bowl wins. W’s are what matters.

  15. Since Brady has goals that don’t compare to what others have, I’m sure he’s more than disappointed with what look like average numbers this year. The team hasn’t had the same consistent talent, but in true Patriots and Brady fashion, they’re in the hunt for the #1 seed. I’m more amazed by this than anything else year after year. Brady and Belichick continue to be incredible.

  16. Thetruthspeaks says:

    December 9, 2018 at 10:37 am
    He’s paid under the table through his TB12 scam.


    Someone must believe that Brady is the first athlete to ever start a business or a brand.

  17. Brady is driven to win, not to compete for pay amongst his fellow QBs. So he and his team are mediocre this year. But they are still contending. Brady at his worst is still better than most QB with better pay and talent than he does. That’s why he’s the GOAT.
    After the season the teams will yet again engage in expensive arms race to compete while BB will scrounge around in the reject bins. But in the end as in years past the Patriots is still the team to contend with. So it is and shall be as long as Brady is the tip of the spear.

  18. Leman Russ says:
    December 9, 2018 at 9:38 am

    Not impressed with his play this year. Thumbs dowm all you want but hes finished.

    Uhh- okay, sure count Tom Brady out- usually works. Ha!

    Bill Bellichik traded away players or let walk for no reason 2,000 yards in receiving, and 900 yards in rushing and countless P.I. calls from Cooks and replaced them with NOTHING. They fell into Gordon which has helped a bit, otherwise his numbers are similar to 2013 when Bill basically did the same thing. NO QB can be the same after losing 3,000 yards of talent.

    At 9-3 and a second seed it might be a bit premature to dismiss Brady.

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