Adam Thielen leaves with ankle injury

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Vikings receiver Adam Thielen went over the 100-catch mark for the season. While it’s been a great year for Thielen, it hasn’t been a great game.

He has only three catches for 23 yards and injured his ankle when Seahawks cornerback Shaquill Griffin accidentally rolled over the back of Thielen’s leg while defending a pass in the fourth quarter.

The Vikings list him as questionable to return.

Minnesota also lost right tackle Brian O'Neill in the fourth quarter as he limped off after being rolled from behind. Rashod Hill replaced him.

Thielen is only the third player in Vikings history with 100 receptions in a single season. He joins Hall of Famers Cris Carter and Randy Moss.

Thielen now has 101 catches for 1,189 yards and nine touchdowns this season.

UPDATE 11:00 P.M. ET: Thielen returned on the Vikings’ next series and made a 35-yard catch.

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  1. This is the most pathetic offensive performance I have ever seen in a Professional football team. It is clearly obvious Minnesota’s offensive coordinator is not working out Flip is way over his head, the offense is predictable and flat. It is also painfully obvious Rick Speilman simply is not getting the job done. His complete ignoring of the offensive line in the draft has killed what may have been a Super Bowl run. How many years is the Wilf Bros. going to allow this clown to over spend on free agenst that lose their desire to go 100% after they get their big contracts. I doubt if Minnesota wins another game this year! They are playing at Pop Warner level and I am totally disgusted with the direction of the team. The Vikings are up against the wall as far as Cap money goes. Coach Zimmer is Lost in the world of modern football and the game has passed him offensively. Look for some heads to roll after the season, especially the OC position.

  2. Did the Vikings deserve to win? Hell no? Did the officials job them on field goal block? Hell yes. They literally threw the flag and then somehow picked it up. It was a good call to begin with. 15 yards. First down. Down 6-0. Very few calls determine a game. That one might have. It’s a judgment call. But they threw the flag! That’s the injustice.

  3. turning point was that “SUPPOSID BLOCKED KICK” you can’t touch anyone jumping the pile .WAGNER clearly had both hands on his players + his foot touched a vike. i’m kinda affraid to complain about the refs + ny ” they might find a way to fine me”

  4. Atrocious offense by Minnesota. But I am not really happy about that non-call on Wagner. I saw that clear as day from my seat, and the officials even threw the flag. How did they decide to change that into the WRONG call? It’s not like Minnesota deserved to win that game anyways, and I’m not a fan. But I hate seeing suspicious officiating like that.

    Anyways, Vikings offense is horrendous. How do you have two top 10 receivers and Dalkin/Murray backfield and can’t produce an offense?

  5. “Worst offense in nfl”
    “Wish we had Keenum”
    “Vikings fans guaranteed a Super Bowl”
    This, and many more, coming from your local Packer fans, pretending to be Vikings fans. Some dolt even said Cousins was worse than trading for Hershel. I literally hate all of your stupidity. No. Seriously. Hate.

  6. Anyways, Vikings offense is horrendous. How do you have two top 10 receivers and Dalkin/Murray backfield and can’t produce an offense?
    It is very obvious, if a QB only has a bit over 2 seconds before the over-paid and under-producing Offensive line caves in. Keenum had pocket presence and evaded/covered for the O lines deficiencies. Even Washington is doing better now that Cousins is gone.
    Kirk Cousins is a “One Trick Pony”. He has a beautiful deep ball but without protection he is rendered useless, It is obvious Cousins does not like to get hit and over the past 4 games he has increasingly been dumping off. If the O line is not addressed next year I don’t believe I will be following them. I am not a glutton for punishment. How do you fix a situation like this when the scouting team has not helped much. I remember the Draft class of Rhodes they had 4!!! FOUR 1st round picks, now there is only One player on the team and the Vilings drafted Treadwrong when they should have kept Patterson, and drafted either a Left Tackle or Guard with the aging Burger set to retire. Bridgewater would have out played Cousins on this team..

  7. bigdogsolec says:
    December 10, 2018 at 11:20 pm
    turning point was that “SUPPOSID BLOCKED KICK” Turning point was the coin flip, we suck.

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