Report: Raiders fire Reggie McKenzie

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Raiders head coach Jon Gruden didn’t have a comment on a Sunday report that General Manager Reggie McKenzie would be fired at the end of the regular season, but it appears the only thing off about the report was the timing of McKenzie’s departure.

NFL Media reports that McKenzie informed Raiders scouts at a Monday meeting that he has been fired. Per the report, McKenzie was given the option of remaining with the team through the end of the season but is not expected to hang around.

McKenzie was hired by the Raiders in 2012 and spent his first couple of years tearing down the team’s roster. His work rebuilding the team resulted in the team’s first playoff berth since 2002 when they earned a Wild Card spot in 2016, but the team took a step back in 2017. Jon Gruden’s arrival this year led to rumblings that McKenzie would be leaving and they only got louder as the team got rid of players like Khalil Mack and Amari Cooper that McKenzie brought to the team.

Those rumblings will stop now and Gruden stands alone at the top of the football hierarchy in Oakland.

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  1. He can come help Dorsey in Cleveland if he wants, but I doubt he’ll last long on the open market.

  2. Geez.

    Nice effort, Reggie.

    A couple of home run hitters that play for other teams, some decent role players and free agents along the way, but not enough to get it done.

    Bergstrom, Hayden, Edwards Jr, Melinfonwu, etc, etc….

    High draft picks that all equated to a swing and a miss.

    Not enthusiastic about Gruden making picks, but it is what it is.

    It will work or it won’t work.

    Simple as that.

  3. If you take the last years of Al Davis and pit them against Reggie’s tenure, Al has the better record. That includes Jamarcus, Lance Kiffin, Tom Cable, Hue Jackson. Reggie is a terrible GM.

  4. That should fix it, because Jon Gruden has such a proven track record as a personnel guy. The Gruden hire/contract is going to go down as one of the biggest mistakes in NFL history. Other fans of AFC West teams like me are going to enjoy the show. Just lose baby!

  5. Those first round picks from Chicago and Dallas look to land in the mid-late 20s. And those players will always be compared to Mack and Cooper, the guys they’re replacing. I almost feel bad for them.

  6. Perfect timing for NY Jets owner Christopher Johnson. Reggie McKenzie is a a superior personnel man especially compared to Maccagnan. Reggie McKenzie put together great drafts, a great roster and built a team to be reckoned with.
    Offensive Line: Hudson (FA), Osemele (FA), Penn, Amari Cooper, Khalil Mack, Gabe Jackson,LaTavius Murray. Gruden tore it all to pieces.

    Criminal that Reggie McKenzie gets fired with a good personnel record to stand on and Maccagnan could actually get to stay? Chris Johnson: fire Maccagnan, hire Reggie McKenzie and let him build the team – he knows what he is doing. Cut bait now or regret it for years to come if you keep Maccagnan especially with a bona fide option staring you in the face before the season is even over.

  7. Jon Gruden is doing a tremendous job of building playoff teams. Just look at what his trades have done for the Bears and Cowboys. His own team? Yeah, not so much.

  8. Please tell me the last time a Head Coach/General Manager combo worked………..or worse yet, here comes Bruce Allen.

  9. Yeah I’d fire the guy who traded away Mack and Cooper too. Those guys look amazing with their new teams…oh…oh I see…so Reggie didn’t want to trade them? Oh….Reggie was the one who actually drafted them in the first place? Oh so what about the guy who traded them? Oh you just gave him more power? That’ll work out.

  10. Appreciate that Reg fixed the salary cap mess, and gave us a few years of hope with Carr, Mack and Cooper.

    On to the next.

    Either gonna work out with Gruden or it wont. The next draft will be telling.

  11. Awesome now we get Mark Davis who can’t find a decent haircut & Gruden who thinks he knows more about football than anyone in the NFL. After he’s done ruining Derek Carr he will draft the worst QB in next yrs draft. Thank You signed Bronco’s Country. LOL

  12. Reggie McKenzie should always be looked at in a positive light in Raider history as the one who took on the challenge of undoing the grave mistakes and decisions of owner Al Davis. He cleaned up the financial disasters Al created. He may not have had the best drafts, but he brought stability and relevance back to the Raiders when it was needed most. Let’s remember one thing; as long as a “Davis” is the owner, you will be working with at least one arm tied behind your back. I wish Reggie the best in his future endeavors.

  13. Reggie was an average executive. Cooper and Mack were obvious picks so it’s not like he should get massive credit for them. Carr could be a great pick if he gets back on track, but Reggie whiffed on a lot of other picks as well.

    Wouldn’t be a big loss but leaving Gruden to run the show by himself is a disaster for the Las Vegas Raiders.

  14. He must of seen it coming. I swear I read yesterday or the day before their were whispers of his imminent demise. Oh, well good to get the news before christmas and you go out spending all that money on inside linebackers, receivers and such. You know the guys who made the team function and competitive. Raiders must of gotten tired of the cheap ball he learned in Green Bay

  15. Snyder. Fire Bruce Allen immediately. Hire Reggie. Then stop getting involved in anything football related forever.

  16. “Those rumblings will stop now and Gruden stands alone at the top of the football hierarchy in Oakland.”

    Standing alone on top of the heirarchy? More like standing on top of a stinking, radioactive, biohazard of a garbage heap.

  17. Well, if they want a new guy to handle the next draft, makes sense to get that process started as soon as possible.

    Not saying it’s a good or bad idea, but if it’s the idea they’re choosing, this is probably the best way to do it.

    Looks to me like they’re angling to bring a shiny new team with a host of high draft picks when they roll into Vegas. You can argue the football logic, but businesswise it’s probably smarter than rolling in with a handful of veterans draining the salary cap and on the decline.

  18. Can someone tell me besides Bill Belichick what HC in the modern era also made a great GM?

    Jimmy Johnson, Bill Walsh, Mike Shanahan

    Lots of guys did fine for themselves; Parcells, Holmgren, Pete Carroll

    It can work, you have to have the right guy.

  19. They Raiders made their decision when they hired Gruden as to who was running things. Im honestly surprised that Reggie simply didnt resign at that point. McKenzie never should have put himself in the position to be fired. How desperate are these guys for a paycheck? Jeez, take a year off and then get hired by a team that actually wants you.

  20. Only question now is when all those first round picks get wasted on Peterman 2.0 and similar misses who will get the blame then? Because guaranteed that it won’t be Gruden’s fault.

  21. Reggie was great with the salary cap and not over paying for free agents. He built a good offensive line. But everyone knows his drafts were underwhelming. This year’s draft has promise. The team is playing better. The draft picks keep getting worse but the salary cap savings are the same. I do think Chucky is too emotional to be a good GM so he needs someone who will not just be a yes man.

  22. Jimmy Johnson, Bill Walsh, Mike Shanahan

    Lots of guys did fine for themselves; Parcells, Holmgren, Pete Carroll

    It can work, you have to have the right guy.


    Holmgren was not a GM and coach and left GB because of that. I don’t believe he was in Settle either although he may have had final say on personel, Pete Carroll has a GM in Seattle.
    The rest i wont’ go look up but you’re already wrong on 2 counts.

  23. This Years Draft Haul looks to be pretty good and their getting better And better our 7th rounder is contributing and who made these Picks I’ll tell y’all who GRUDEN this team will be just fine with out mumbling McKenzie and all his poor selections with the all the cap space the next 2 years and Draft assets our greatness is definitely in our NEAR FUTURE I’m excited for the players he wants smart physical passionate players that want to be RAIDERS. Amari never liked Oakland it showed in his passion and performance good riddance will put teams on notice next year no matter where we play but 2020 and beyond it will be Gruden is a genius this team is playing much better and Carr isn’t going anywhere so here’s to a bright future led by Gruden

  24. jimmyjohns01 says:
    December 10, 2018 at 1:12 pm

    Just wondering – if they’re not willing to pay Mack now, what makes Raiders think they can pay four 1st rounders after their rookie contracts are up?
    They’ll have 4 or 5 years of high end picks at cheap salaries. When those guys hit free agency maybe they’ll keep one or at most two, and then hope reload from the draft.

  25. Didn’t the Raiders just beat the Steelers? I believe that would be the Gruden caoched Raiders. Wasn’t the Raider team he took over the same one that the O line let it’s QB get destroyed because he wouldn’t kneel. Looks like the housecleaning is paying off.

  26. Some are quick to take the bait and catch.Jon isn’t giving anything to the tin man.

    Build what you’re accountable for in 2019, all the goats are gone.

  27. AutonomousThinker7 says:
    December 10, 2018 at 12:52 pm
    Geez. Wasn’t Reggie executive of the year a couple years ago when they won 12 games???

    That award is deceiving. Trent Baalke was also ex of the year in 2011 (for the 49ers), the year that he “made the picks” that his predecessor (Scott McGlohan) had set for him. From that point going forward, well – history has spoken…

  28. aka = scapegoat…give it a few months, next thing you will hear is that it was Reggie who traded away Mack, and Cooper.

  29. The 49ers are open for business, Reggie Mac. We can use a guy who drafted a franchise QB, Hall of Fame edge rusher(all pro at two positions), and a receiver like Amari Cooper in John Lynch’s front office think tank.

  30. Chucky better hire Hue Jackson quick like. Pretty soon it’ll be obvious to even non-NFL fans who the real problem is and Chris Carter always recommends you have a fall guy.

  31. Those first round picks from Chicago and Dallas look to land in the mid-late 20s. And those players will always be compared to Mack and Cooper, the guys they’re replacing. I almost feel bad for them.

    * yeah, no one ever gets good players drafting in the 20’s

  32. Nobody seems to realize Mack and Cooper were let go because of salary cap issues.
    This was not a problem 3-4 years ago, but it is now, when contracts are coming up
    for negotiation.

  33. If your the guy making draft choices, and your the guy in charge of signing free agents, and your the guy making trades, then you have to look at the record for the last 3 year to see what direction you are taking the team. You build thru the draft and you supplement thru F/A signings and trades. I have to assume the Raiders were not happy with Reggie’s direction. What you did 4+ years ago or with another team doesn’t translate to today.

  34. For the record, Ted Thompson was the VP of Football Ops & Scouting Director for Seattle with Holmgren. Holmgren attested to their improved decisions with TT on board. Not saying TT has it anymore. Different structures can work, need the right people on the right decisions (stating the obvious). A GM/Coach combo needs a really strong Player Personnel Director, and the discipline to listen beyond the emotion of coaching.

  35. Shanahan was good at picking offensive players but was horrible on the defensive side especially toward the end of his career in Denver. He brought in has-beens like Sam Adams and Simeon Rice who were at the end of their careers and drafted Jarvis Moss (who only played a couple of years and got a couple of sacks).

  36. PS – can any team (TEAM) afford to pay Mack AND Cooper as much or more than
    they are paying Carr? NOPE.
    That’s the issue, folks, each team in the NFL has ONE ‘BIG’ contract guy,
    Oakland cannot have three of them.

  37. mullman76 says:
    December 10, 2018 at 12:53 pm
    @Dennis Allen….

    I miss Al Davis.

    The league misses/needs Al Davis.

    LOL, the rest of the league was very thankful for Al Davis the GM.

  38. McKenzie is a decent executive. But it’s clear that Gruden runs the show now. The writing has been on the wall since he was hired. And as for Gruden, I don’t get the negativity. It’s clear he sold Mark Davis on a total rebuild from the ground up. That’s why they refused to pay Mack and bailed on Cooper. They are or would be too expensive. He needs a franchise QB, which is clearly not Carr. My feeling is the plan is to get through this season, be marginally improved next year, and then be truly competitive when they move to Vegas.

  39. So Gurden went to Tampa Bay and used the team that Dungy built to win a superbowl, or as Warren Sapp so correctly put it, you have one guy who gets the ingredients, mixing them up, and puts the cake in the oven . . . then you have another guy come and take it out.

    Gruden over his career is 98-91 or has a 52% winning record. So the Raiders just gave a $100MM/10 year contract to a mediocre (~50/50) coach and fired a GM that rebuilt the team that Gruden is currently gutting. This makes a lot of sense to me and I would be absolutely thrilled – – – if I was a Broncos, Chiefs or Chargers fan!

  40. The thing I still can’t understand is if Jon Gruden is such a great coach, how come he never went to Washington to help out his brother?
    Gruden will be back on tv somewhere in a couple more years after the Raiders fire him.

  41. Where do so many of you get the too expensive stuff. Teams & players renegotiate salaries & contracts all the time. Every team has the money to pay anybody that they want. All they have to do is renegotiate or release someone. It is that simple.

  42. Three first round picks coming up in 2019 for Gruden now.

    CB Greedy Williams LSU
    RT Dalton Risner Kansas State
    WR Marquise Brown Oklahoma

    At least land two of these three and I’m good. If we can’t get all three then trade out of the other first rounder and pick another first rounder up for 2020 with an extra second or third round pick.

  43. McKenzie was below-average as GM but at least he scored some major draft hits and FA acquisitions. Along with Del Rio he was able to field a competitive team in 2015-16.

    On the other hand, Gruden has been an abject failure at personnel (Bucs , 2018 Raiders draft). Based on his track record, I doubt that the 1st rounders stockpiled (not worth it for Mack & Cooper) will pan out at all.

    Since Gruden loves control but hates accountability the major question is who will the “coaching legend” bring in to shoulder the blame for his failures going forward?

  44. I watched Gruden destroy the Bucs with his personal decisions getting rid of John Lynch and Derrick Brooks, Bucs greats and HOFs. The Bucs are still recovering to this date. The greatest thing John Gruden did was turn Rich Gannon into an MVP type QB for a couple of years and now he thinks every guy he likes it the next Rich Gannon. Glad he did not come back to the Bucs.

  45. I think this was a classless move. He inherited a bloated salary cap situation. His first 2 years was dealing with dumping bloated contract, taking the dead money cap hit and drafting for the future.

    He made good picks in all those drafts, save for 1 pick. His FA auditions were solid. Once the cap was smoothed out, and they started building momenrum, they hired a franchise killer in Chucky.

    Mark Davis must love living in the AFC basement.

  46. McKenzie was not great, not bad. However, Raider fans are going to think he was Ron Wolf after a few years of what Gruden does to their roster. He’s already done worse than I even imagined, and mind you I think he’s pretty terrible. He essentially gave two separate teams missing pieces to win their division during the same season. That’s pretty hard to do when you say we don’t need difference making players because I want “my guys” instead, lol.

  47. Remember the horrible things that were being said when Jerry Jones fired Tom Landry and brought in Jimmy Johnson? I do. Then Jimmy traded away their most popular star, Herschel Walker for a handful of draft picks. Then Jimmy’s first team went 1-15. Go back and Google some of those articles. Or just read what those same people are saying right now about Mark Davis. Live and learn.

  48. Holmgren was a terrible GM. He got that taken away from him Seattle and a few years later, they were in the Super Bowl. He left Green Bay too early, his ego wouldn’t fit through the doorways.

  49. Holmgren was a terrible GM. He got that taken away from him Seattle and a few years later, they were in the Super Bowl. He left Green Bay too early, his ego wouldn’t fit through the doorways.


    Alexander – 2005 MVP
    Hutch – HOFr
    Super Bowl XL

    Wouldn’t say he was great.. but he got to a Super Bowl, and he overhauled the culture of a terrible team, which, Seattle is STILL reaping the rewards.

  50. Jon loved all those years making asinine statements in a broadcast booth that taught him how to coach.

  51. lepepe13 says:
    December 10, 2018 at 1:01 pm
    Dumpster fire in Oakland. Get excited Las Vegas


    Brand new Stadium
    5 round 1 draft picks in 2 drafts
    A boatload of other draft picks
    A brinks truck full of salary cap space
    A SuperBowl winning HC who got it done with a scrap heap of a team
    And now an experienced GM to make all those picks work?

    Don’t worry, we ARE excited about the future in Las Vegas, thanks.

  52. The Raiders went all in on Gruden. If they’ve missed on this, they will be set back for years. I’ll say this for Reggie, he drafted Mack, Cooper and Carr and got them out of cap hell. But the writing was on the wall when Gruden was hired. He wants to call all the shots. Be careful what you wish for Chuckie.

  53. Well it’s all on Gruden now and he better deliver. And no, we don’t want Bruce Allen. The only reason why that worked the first time is because Al Davis was calling all the shots. No Al , no success with those two. Reggie is definitely a class guy and I hate to see him go but the writing was on the wall. The way I look at it buy the time they get to there new stadium they better be contending for the division. But it absolutely could happen, they have a lot of picks and the team is still playing hard for Gruden. Right Steeler fan.

  54. This is indeed unfortunate. Reggie had generated a quick turnaround, but things just seemed to fall apart. Some behind the scenes insight would be interesting. Regardless, hope that Reggie enjoys his next chapter. He seems like a good guy.

  55. Kylo Ren’s take over is complete! Now, he can complete his destiny by botching the next 3 drafts and running the Raiders even deeper into the ground.

    But at least they can feel good about putting it on a worthless Steeler team.

  56. Reggie’s tenure was so bad that we couldn’t even keep Mack because the lack of supporting cast around him, Reggie will be remembered as one of the worst defense talent evaluator of the last 20 years. His overrated and expensive OL got old and exposed, amazing he lasted that long.

  57. One possibility is that Gruden’s time has come. Maybe he relates better to today’s players, and maybe he learned a lot from the booth, studying/scouting two teams each week instead of one. I don’t know, just saying, I don’t think anyone else knows either

  58. jimmyjohns01 says:
    December 10, 2018 at 1:12 pm
    Just wondering – if they’re not willing to pay Mack now, what makes Raiders think they can pay four 1st rounders after their rookie contracts are up?

    Rookie contracts are mostly 4 year deals/ In 4 years you have
    Brady gone from NE
    Rothelsberger gone from PItt
    Rivers gone from Chargers

    And thats just QBs
    Those 4 1st rounders, this upcoming year, if good, should fetch the Raiders a continued good future
    Just sayin’

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