Taco Charlton will have to “earn opportunity” to play

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The Cowboys deservedly are getting credit for drafting linebacker Leighton Vander Esch in the first round and trading their 2019 first-round choice for receiver Amari Cooper. Forgotten is their 2017 first-round selection.

Dallas made defensive end Taco Charlton a healthy scratch Sunday after playing only four snaps last week against the Saints. He missed the three games before that with a shoulder injury.

“He had been dealing with that shoulder for a few weeks and didn’t play many snaps last week,” Cowboys coach Jason Garrett said, via Clarence Hill of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. “We want to make it competitive. We want to make sure guys earn their opportunity. Some of the other guys have done a good job in his absence. We’ll see how he practices this week and if he gets an opportunity to play in the game.”

The Cowboys kept fourth-round pick Dorance Armstrong active over Charlton against the Eagles.

On Monday, Charlton tweeted a photo of Allen Iverson with his college coach, John Thompson, and wrote, “Every player needs that one coach to believe in him.”

Charlton made three sacks as a rookie. He has 18 tackles and one sack this season.

11 responses to “Taco Charlton will have to “earn opportunity” to play

  1. On Monday, Charlton tweeted a photo of Allen Iverson with his college coach, John Thompson, and wrote, “Every player needs that one coach to believe in him.”

    Every coach needs that one player to believe in himself.

  2. The NFL is a cold business…it’s not a place where they hold
    your hand. I think the Cowboys learned from the Morris Claiborne
    experience. If one looks back at some quotes by the Cowboy
    Organization they may have regretted starting Claiborne from day
    1, instead of making him compete.
    It’s up to you Taco..no one else.

  3. If Taco wants someone to hold his hand and give him a hug, call your Mama, this is the NFL, NOT FOR LONG as Jerry Glanville once said….no time for baby sitting!!

  4. This is much ado about nothing. This past game, Dallas never once used more than 4 Defensive Linemen on any of its 52 snaps. That meant there were 208 snaps to go around. Between Lawrence, Crawford, Collins, and Woods (the starters), Dallas used up 163 of those snaps, leaving just 45 snaps for any depth guys. Gregory got 29 of those, and DT Ross got another 11, leaving just 5 snaps for the next guy up, be it Armstrong or Charlton. That’s the benefit of depth, but when you have depth someone will by necessity end up out in the cold, and there is no reason a former raw first round pick who is just in his second year “has” to be able to beat out the guys ahead of him.

  5. While i agree with the general sentiment of “holding his hand” etc. etc. Surely its a coaches job to be able to adapt and work to his players characters to some degree to get the best out of them, whatever that may be. And i think its fair to say .. Garrett isn’t up to much…

  6. Taco has all the measurements to be elite but he needs to be more humble and just get to work. You can now see it in Gregory. When he hit rock bottom he made the decision to make something of it and Taco can do the same. Kudos to the Cowboys for making this decision and hopefully it will turn Taco into an elite player.

  7. I read he has a sense of entitlement, which is why he’s not playing.

    Taco, please learn from Tank Lawrence and Tyrone Crawford. These guys are doing it the right way.

  8. You’re a grown man. You “needing” a coach to believe in you sounds like what you hear from a high school or maybe a college player. You were selected in the first round of the draft, act like it.

  9. Why would Taco get any playing time? DLaw is showing that he is well deserving of big money this offseason. Gregory is playing his tail off and the effort is there (take for a second the penalties out of your mind, we can all agree NFL officiating needs some improvement and these were so ticky tac even Cowboys haters can agree). If Taco doesn’t have the desire then keep him on the bench. Still disappointed we didn’t draft T.J. Watt…

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