Tyreek Hill: My foot is bad

Getty Images

The Chiefs were staring at a loss in the fourth quarter of Sunday’s game against the Ravens when Patrick Mahomes took the snap on fourth-and-nine from the Kansas City 40-yard-line and things didn’t look much brighter when Mahomes was flushed from the pocket by the Ravens pass rush, but it all worked out.

Mahomes fired the ball downfield before getting hit and Tyreek Hill found his way to the ball through heavy coverage for a 48-yard gain that put the Chiefs in scoring position. The Chiefs would go on to tie the game and then win it 27-24 in overtime.

It was the latest entry on the remarkable highlight film the Chiefs offense has put together this season and it was made all the more memorable by the fact that Hill had spent time in the locker room getting his foot looked at by the team’s medical staff.

“My foot’s bad …Our people did a tremendous job wrapping my foot,” Hill told Peter King of Football Morning in America. “I was still feeling my heel, but at the same time, I knew that man, if you want the W, if you want to be a great receiver, this is your moment to make plays.”

Hill’s fight through the pain on Sunday worked out, but his condition will be something to monitor the next few days as the Chiefs will be facing the Chargers on Thursday.