Akiem Hicks: Nobody’s forgotten Aaron Rodgers’ “little comments”

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After the Packers lost to the Vikings in Week 12 to fall to 4-6-1 on the season, quarterback Aaron Rodgers said the team would need to run the table and get help from others in order to make the playoffs.

Rodgers noted that going “to Chicago, a place we’ve won a number of times” and beating the Bears was something they’d need to do as part of that run. That comment apparently didn’t sit well with Bears defensive tackle Akiem Hicks.

“Nobody forgot Aaron’s little comments after they lost that big game where he said, ‘All we got to do is win out, and go to Soldier Field and win like we’ve done a bunch in the past,'” Hicks said during an appearance on 670 The Score. “I’m real excited for Aaron to come down here and play this game.”

Hicks might not like it, but the Bears have not beaten the Packers at home since 2010 and that leaves no room to quibble with the factual elements of what Rodgers said. That year was also the last time the Bears won a division title and they can seal the NFC North with a win this Sunday, so a win would make for a nice way to put an end to a dismal era in Bears history.

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  1. Let us all hope for an injury-free game with no botched calls. I of course want the Packers to sneak out of there with a win but after that I don’t want the Bears to lose another game this season, unless there’s some sort of miracle… actually several miracles… and the Bears face the Pack in the NFCCG.

  2. The Packers have nothing to play for. They aren’t making the playoffs and even by some miracle they did they wouldn’t win. A-Rod should take a play out of Big Ben’s playbook or “pull a Wentz” and just have some back spasms flare up and sit the rest of the year.

  3. Not a fan of AR, but what exactly is Hicks mad at? That AR told the truth about beating the Bears at Soldier Field in the past and needing to do so again if they wanted to make the playoffs?

    Guess what? Stop letting GB win in your stadium and you can shut him up.

  4. “Chicago, a place we have won a number of times”

    They are butthurt about him stating a fact?😃

    I was a little concerned about this game, but am less now as I see we have the Bears right where we want them.

    Too funny!



  5. Ok. Taking that particular comment from Rodgers and turning into some kind of insult or bulletin board material is a real stretch.

  6. Rodgers and the Packers have been in the Bears’ heads for years. The win they had in hand and dropped (literally) in Week 1 at GB showed that at least in the early stages of the Nagy regime, that hadn’t changed. Sunday’s game will be a great indicator of if culture change really has taken hold by now in Halas Hall.

  7. Hicks is very talented. He shouldn’t have given this a second thought. A Bears win gives then the division crown but he’s worried about a “little comment”? The hallmark of a team that isn’t there yet. That said, I expect them to beat Green Bay and claim that title on Sunday. They should be looking for more, their defense is very good.

  8. There is nothing more i would rather see than Hicks standing over this primadona after he sacks him and then i would love to see him do that discount double check sign.

  9. Ok… Need that kind of motivation for a divisional game? Really?

    The Bears should win this … The Pack may as well put their entire O-line on IR.

    Lifelong Pack guy, but I’d have no problem pulling for the Bears…and I despise their fans.

  10. Remember when Cutler and Tracy Porter ate turkey legs at Lambeau after Cutler outplayed Rodgers on Thanksgiving/Favre’s Homecoming night? That was magical. I can’t wait to see Hicks & Mack knock Rodgers around on Sunday.

  11. Yeah, the truth often hurts.
    It was still a dumb thing to say.
    But hey, that’s Erin.
    Speaking of dumb things to say, do you seriously think it’s clever or funny to call him Erin?

  12. If that innocuous statement ticks off Hicks, I’d hate to see his reaction if an opposing player said something that was actually offensive.

  13. Great respect for the Bears. The team, the coach and the tradition.
    I’m sure Rodgers feels the same way. I think losing the week one game the way they did is all the motivation they need.
    That said, it’s the NFL. Any given Sunday and all that.
    Randall Cobb has been the Bear killer for years. The key to the an upset though, will be getting Trubisky to turn the ball over. I expect Chicago to run the ball a whole bunch, and if they hang on to the ball, they should be able to control the game.

  14. Funny you talk about the 2010 season, how did that end? Oh I remember Green Bay went into Chicago and smacked them around to win the Championship. Then went on to win the Superbowl.
    Probably the most humiliating season for the Bears ever.

  15. Now is not then. Da Bears are licking their chops to get at Rodgers. Let’s close this one out and put a nail in da coffin. Bear Down!

  16. “Bear Down!”

    Isn’t “Bear Down” the official motto of the University of Arizona and has been since 1926?

    Looking forward to Sunday. As Aaron said yesterday at his locker media time about Chicago: “We’ve had some good memories there”

  17. “We’ve had some good memories there”
    That’s just it. They are memories. it’s what packers fans fall back on when the team stinks.

    Memories are great and all, you have a rich team history. The fact is, it has nothing to do with the 2018 season.

    Your 2018 team is totally outclassed by this 2018 Bears team.

    Back up lineman going against this bears front 7? Good luck.

    Bet your house on the bears winning this game in a laugher.

    That will put the final nail in the 5% chance coffin for your playoff hopes( not that it’s needed, you were out 2 weeks ago)

  18. vikings111 says:
    December 13, 2018 at 11:04 am

    Didn’t the 2018 Packers already beat the 2018 Bears?

    Won the battle (by a dropped int, btw), but lost the war.

    How’d things after that game, with a gimpy and skittish Rodgers? Not a single road win so far this season? Loss to the CARDINALS? lol Coach fired?

    Yeah, I’ll take a loss like that – we gave up a pawn in week 1, now checkmate happens on Sunday.

  19. marvin1958 says:
    December 12, 2018 at 1:41 pm
    Ok… Need that kind of motivation for a divisional game? Really?

    The Bears should win this … The Pack may as well put their entire O-line on IR.

    Lifelong Pack guy, but I’d have no problem pulling for the Bears…and I despise their fans.
    I despise yo momma!

  20. “Guess what? Stop letting GB win in your stadium and you can shut him up”


    I like Rodgers, but trash talk is trash talk. You’d feel the same way as Hicks if somebody said that about you, so I’d consider that before trying to assign guilt to him for what Rodgers said.

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