If favored teams win, 9 of 12 playoff teams will be set this week

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So far we know three of this year’s 12 playoff teams. If everything goes as expected, that number will triple by the end of the week.

The Chiefs have already clinched an AFC playoff berth, and the Rams and Saints have already clinched their divisions. If all of the favored teams win in Week 15, six more teams will clinch playoff berths. Those teams are:

Patriots: Clinch the AFC East if they beat the Steelers. The Patriots are 1.5-point favorites.

Seahawks: Clinch an NFC wild card berth if they beat the 49ers. The Seahawks are 4.5-point favorites.

Bears: Clinch the NFC North if they beat the Packers. The Bears are 6-point favorites.

Cowboys: Clinch the NFC East if they beat the Colts, or if Washington and Philadelphia both lose. The Cowboys are 2.5-point underdogs, but Washington is a 7-point underdog and Philadelphia is a 9.5-point underdog.

Chargers: Clinch a playoff berth if they beat the Chiefs on Thursday night, or if the Steelers and Dolphins lose. The Chargers are 3.5-point underdogs, but the Steelers are 1.5-point underdogs and the Dolphins are 7-point underdogs.

Texans: Clinch a playoff berth if they beat the Jets and the Steelers and Dolphins lose. The Texans are 6.5-point favorites, the Steelers are 1.5-point underdogs and the Dolphins are 7-point underdogs.

Upsets can change everything, but if form holds we’ll have a very good idea of what the playoff picture looks like after Week 15. Which could mean some boring games in Week 16 and Week 17, as the teams that already know they’re in the playoffs start resting their starters and looking ahead to January.

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  1. 9 of 12 spots could be clinched, but as far as I’m aware no seeds have been locked up, or can be locked up yet. Teams will still be playing for home field and positioning. That’s why having 2 teams getting a bye is so important for end of season drama.

  2. Even if 9 teams know they are in, there will still be a lot of jockeying for position. Pats & Texans will be fighting for a bye. Chiefs need at least one more win after this week to secure the 1-seed since the Pats hold the tiebreaker. Chargers are the only team who can get in and have nothing to play for in Weeks 16 & 17.

    NFC Saints & Rams are still fighting for 1 seed. Cowboys and Bears should both be fighting for 3 seed since I don’t think either team wants to play the Seahawks right now. That would again leave Seattle as the only team with literally nothing to play for.

    So yes, Week 17 could have a lot of teams with their fates decided (but also could not). Week 16 should still be exciting.

  3. Brady is 11-2 against Steelers (8-2 reg, 3-0 playoffs), despite NFL finagling 8 of those games in Pitt – and this upcoming game will be his 9th there – 9 out of 14! Next year the NFL will start sending him to Arrowhead for most games until he retires. The NFL has also sent him to Denver most of the time (8 of 13 reg games in Mile High). And of course framed him.
    #Whatever it takes.

  4. Still too early for all the scenarios. Here is a fun one: If Miami wins out (upsets Vikings and beat Jags and Bills) and Pats lose to Steelers and 1 of their remaining 2 division games (possible but unlikely) then the Dolphins win the AFCE. Admittedly the odds are slim but Pitt can beat any team if they show up to play, the Vikings have been sliding and division games are feisty (especially when the underdog has nothing to lose).

  5. Can’t wait to clinch in Santa Clara. Remember when Santa Clara fans were pumpin their chests about the great Jimmy G and the 49ers were back. What a bunch of clowns

  6. The Packers win out, and instantly become the darling of the fans and media, and the most unlikely Super Bowl winner of all time, solidifying there place as the team of the people, and the champion of the underdog.

  7. It never goes that way. I’m sure strange things will happen like always and teams we thought had no chance end up in the playoffs and teams that we thought for sure were in end up missing the playoffs completely. Russell Wilson and the Seahawks are the team in the NFC that I’m sure the other NFC playoff contenders would wish don’t enter the tournament, especially the Rams. The Steelers are the same way in the AFC, both dangerous teams in the playoffs who I can see leaving Chiefs or Rams favorite 1 and done in their first playoff game.

  8. As we have seen over the ENTIRE course of this season…on any given Sunday!!! No matter what team each of us are a fan, I would not be crowing too loudly….imho

  9. SWFLPC.INC says:
    December 12, 2018 at 9:43 am
    In what world are the Cowboys underdogs against the Colts? The same Colts that put up zero points against the Jaguars just two weeks ago….
    ……..and 6-1 in their last 7 games.
    Plus, Cowboys gonna Cowboy.

  10. Yeah, the Cowboys Colts line is a head scratcher.

    I have Luck as my Fantasy team QB but I’m not super confident starting him against the Boys D.

    May start Goff against Philly instead.

  11. I hope the Chargers beat the Chiefs on TNF. I do not know how good the Seahawks are and a week 16 home SNF vs K.C. will make it clearer.

    If K.C. beats the Chargers and the Pats lose to Pitt, K.C. will clinch the #1 seed in the AFC & won’t have any incentive when playing the Hawks on SNF.

    K.C. would get the #1 seed as they have the tie-breaker over Houston even if Houston runs the table finishes 12-4 and K.C. would lose their final 2 games and finish at 12-4.

    Do the Seahawks have a Defense to compete in the playoffs? A paramount K.C. game would give a better indication. As of today, not sure.

  12. The Steelers are staging a faux circling of the wagons with the pats coming to town and their playoff prospects dwindling. My guess is they will play with a lot of emotion, but the dysfunction will eventually show up. They don’t like each other and changes need to be made. The Pats need to hold serve and apply 60 minutes of pressure, which won’t be easy, but it is do-able. Hopefully Belichick makes this Hell week in practice. If it comes down to a final play, I think they will be ready this week.

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