John Harbaugh confirms Lamar Jackson will start, Joe Flacco No. 2

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Joe Flacco has been benched.

Ravens coach John Harbaugh made it official today that Lamar Jackson will remain Baltimore’s starter, as he has been the last four games. The difference for this week’s game against the Buccaneers is that Flacco is healthy enough to play and will be active, but Jackson will start ahead of him anyway.

“Joe is fully healthy, ready to go, he’ll be a full participant in practice, he’ll be up for the game,” Harbaugh said. “The starting quarterback will be Lamar. Joe will be the No. 2 quarterback and Robert Griffin will be the backup to those two.”

That’s a major change and the beginning of the end for Flacco, who won a Super Bowl MVP award in Baltimore but has been mostly a disappointment since signing an enormous contract after that. Jackson hasn’t been great in his four starts, but the Ravens have gone 3-1 with Jackson at the helm, and with a playoff race ahead, they’re sticking with the first-round rookie.

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  1. So why not just release Flacco and his bloated contract and pick up another cheap backup? I’m guessing that they’ll hang onto him just in case he’s still needed this year and then they’ll release him when the season is over for the Ravens.

  2. Flacco took a lot of heat in his time in Baltimore but thankful we had him as our QB. He’ll be playing again before the season is out and hopefully at 2012 playoff form. Go Ravens.

  3. We’ve seen the money teams are willing to pay for average QB’s. Flacco will probably sign with another team for $30 million a year. I don’t understand the money paid out to guys like Alex Smith, Case Keenum, Jimmy Garoppolo, and Kirk Cousins, but I also realize some teams really struggle evaluating QB’s. I’m happy for these guys. There are only a handful of great QB’s on the planet. I have no doubt a coach like Joe Gibbs, Jon Gruden, or Bill Belichick could win big with Flacco.

  4. If the Jags can find a OC to call plays to Flacco’s skill set,(Jim Caldwell), they could be back in the playoff’s next year.

  5. “so why not just release Flacco and his bloated contract…?”

    They would actually LOSE money against the cap by cutting him now. They will wait until June (new league year) before moving him.

  6. Flacco bet on himself in 2012 and made a run all the way to a world championship. He’s been paid handsomely and hasn’t lived up to the contract, but he took a risk and he won. Jackson may be the starter but if he struggles I believe the Ravens will go back to Flacco as they play for their playoff lives and the jobs of the coaches.

  7. SWFLPC.INC says:
    December 12, 2018 at 12:03 pm
    Lamar Jackson reminds me of Kordell Stewart. Just good enough to not stink but not good enough to win anything meaningful

    …and….you know that 4 games into his career?

  8. joe is a legend! if they had him last week they win. there is only one other qb I want if i cant have brady and thats joe flacco.

  9. asixthlombardiforthehaters says:
    December 12, 2018 at 11:30 am

    So why not just release Flacco and his bloated contract and pick up another cheap backup? I’m guessing that they’ll hang onto him just in case he’s still needed this year and then they’ll release him when the season is over for the Ravens.


    Because the cap hit at this point is prohibitive. If the Ravens make Flacco a post-June 2019 cut the Ravens actually gain cap space.

  10. It was time. Nice to still have him around in the short term, because the way Lamar runs, he may be needed sooner than later.
    Even if Lamar doesn’t pan out, time to move on from Flacco and try something else.

  11. It’s always crazy to see fan bases just totally rip guys who brought them a freaking Super Bowl title along with long, long stretches of playoff- and championship-caliber teams. Steelers fans do it to Tomlin, Broncos fans do it to Elway, and here Ravens fans are doing it to Flacco.

  12. There is literally no reason to get rid of Flacco in Baltimore.
    If the Ravens want to remain competitive for a playoff spot the next couple years they should keep Flacco and Jackson. Lamar is on a rookie contract (cheap) and isn’t fully proven. Joe’s contract is large, but he’s p[roven and is an upgrade for at least the bottom 3rd of the teams in the league.

    Losing Flacco and finding out Lamar is a bust takes the Ravens compeletely out of the picture.

    Ravens owner Bisciotti is too smart to throw away Flacco until Lamar is fully proven.

  13. steelcurtainn says:
    December 12, 2018 at 12:04 pm

    How flacco ever won a sb is still a head scratcher.
    I blame Rahim Moore

  14. Here’s my problem. KC made a simple in-game adjustment to shrink the gaps on the d-line. That significantly impacted the Ravens north/south running. When Lamar was called on to pass when time was running out he couldn’t. Part of me was glad when Griffin checked into the game because I think he is a better passer and gave them a better shot of moving into Tucker territory in OT. As a Ravens fan, I’m nervous.

  15. I’m not saying they win with Jackson, but they weren’t really winning with Flacco. Don’t know if his better days are behind him or he needs to get his head in the game, but you can’t blame Harbaugh, who is on the hot seat, for sticking with the hot hand, Jackson. Regardless, it’s not likely that the Ravens can add the talent the team needs with the millstone of a QB contract hanging on them. Flacco provides them no value. In June, something will need to change, because no one keeps a $20 million guy as a backup.

  16. I don’t think this is the best path.

    Flacco is the better qb now and jackson is going to have an exposed party once he’s forced to read complex ds. Long term Jackson is the man but I think Flacco isbthe better bet in January/February.

  17. If the Ravens get free of Flacco’s contract, with Jackson on a rookie deal, they’ll have lots of money to bring in other players. They already have a strong defense. They might have a few good years coming up if Jackson can perform.

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