Mike Zimmer won’t confirm Kevin Stefanski is calling offensive plays

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When the Vikings announced that Kevin Stefanski is taking over as offensive coordinator in the wake of John DeFilippo’s dismissal, they said Stefanski will take over offensive playcalling duties as well.

That arrangement made sense. DeFilippo was the playcaller, head coach Mike Zimmer calls the defenses and anyone else charged with that role probably would have gotten the nod as coordinator ahead of Stefanski.

Things got a little less straightforward on Wednesday, however. Zimmer said “maybe” when asked at his press conference if Stefanski would indeed be taking on that responsibility on Sunday against the Dolphins.

Zimmer didn’t offer any suggestions about who else might be calling the plays on offense. He also didn’t hint at any changes in the wake of DeFilippo’s firing, but did suggest one difference for quarterback Kirk Cousins.

“Kirk will be open to suggesting things more,” Zimmer said, via Andrew Krammer of the Minneapolis Star-Tribune.

It seems we’ll have to wait for Sunday for final confirmation on just who will be fielding Cousins’ suggestions.

23 responses to “Mike Zimmer won’t confirm Kevin Stefanski is calling offensive plays

  1. Poor Stefanski! What Zimmer is saying is that he is giving Stefanski the job of calling plays, but Zimmer and Cousins will be in charge of the offense and if it doesn’t go well, Zimmer will blame Stefanski.

  2. Kevin is the most qualified offensive coach the Vikings have he will get these guys to run thru a wall for him The Players love and respect him and will be well prepared now that we sent an eagle in flight we will be ready to Fight! SKOL

  3. I wonder how secure Mike Priefer is feeling right now. The offense isn’t the only unit under performing this year.

  4. Bunch of hoopla about nothing — of course he is. Zim is just doing his usual hide the ball with the media thing.

    Unless there’s behind-the-scenes stuff we don’t know about, I still think firing Flip with 3 games to go was an unnecessary knee-jerk reaction to Cousins playing like a quivering mess the last 2 games. They could have moved on post-season in a more orderly fashion.

  5. What a great vote of confidence in Stefanski by Zimmer.

    He knows how to build a defense, scheme, and make adjustments.

    It’s becoming more clear that he has no idea how to deal with people.

  6. Zimmer was clearly joking when he said this. Stefanski is obviously calling the plays.

    Vikings fans turning on Zimmer make me laugh. This guy was your hero 9 months ago. I won’t turn my back on him. In Zimmer I Trust!

  7. Don’t read too much into this. Zimmer never tips his hand. Each week he tells us that injuries are small and he expects every player to play until Sunday when they don’t after not practicing all week. Stefanski will call plays. Even though I can’t think of a single reason not to admit this, Zimmer just won’t say so. BTW I read an article that said that Stefansky was more responsible for lasts years success than Shurmer was. That is why Shurmer wanted him. I hope that’s right.

  8. I can’t understand why Zimmer would be anyone’s hero. He has the most talented roster in the league and his team is greatly underachieving. No way that team should have been 8-8 in 2016 and he didn’t have them ready for the NFCC last year. He wants loyalty but he doesn’t show it (Not talking about DeFilippo) and he clearly is tone deaf when it comes to dealing with people. He calls out players in the media rather than keeping it “in house”, and kickers, even established ones, melt in his presence, and he clearly has a disdain for them.

  9. Zimmer is SO quirky, he won’t let OCs run their style of offense which is part of the reason he goes through so many of them, he would rip KEENUM who helped the team get to an NFC title game, yet seems tight lipped when it comes to Cousins.

    Some Coordinators are meant to just be that, and Zimmer is a good defensive mind, but he really needs to just let his OC do his thing instead of trying to dictate how they operate. WHat really freaks me out is why pay Kirk Cousins 85$ Mil, if your are just going to insist on running the ball 100 times a game, and on 3rd and 5 or shorter.

  10. Zimmerman might be a great offensive coach, but clearly does not have the people skills to be the main guy. I haven’t seen someone throw so many people under the bus since childress…..

  11. Reading between the lines is pretty easy on this one, and a perfect opportunity for the Dolphins to knock them off.

  12. Wow, Zimmer answers a question with a “maybe” and a wink and you guys go nuts. It’s his bit. He never wants to admit to anything. Except when he’s mad. Then he’ll be talking a blue streak, Jack! That’s how we knew DeFilippo wasn’t long for this franchise.

  13. ragnarthegreat says:
    December 12, 2018 at 7:12 pm
    I wonder how secure Mike Priefer is feeling right now….
    That guy has no right to feel secure. How many pressures or blocked kicks under his watch in just the last 2 years.It almost cost them a playoff game against the Saints.
    I hope they fire the guy after the season.

  14. Zimmer is not a good head coach. He doesn’t know how to time manage effectively, or prepare his players and coaches to win or to evaluate talent, things that are absolutely essential for a head coach to do.

    He’s a defensive coordinator and he should either be demoted to that role or let go entirely.

  15. Zim doesn’t tolerate dumb questions from the local media. The local media in the TC is very negative print and radio. They ask questions to get under his skin. And Zim doesn’t play along. He doesn’t get pissed, he just shut them down. His usual response is I don’t know. He has told these people since his first year. He doesn’t talk about injuries. He refuses to discuss them, and they continue to ask him about injuries. Once every couple weeks he says I am not talking about injuries.

  16. Zimmer has contempt for the media. Plus, he really doesn’t know how to deal with people. He obviously can’t build a rapport with his OC’s, his kickers, or the media. He gives orders, but really doesn’t motivate, and his “management by fear” is starting to wear thin. Like I’ve said, there’s a reason he was a DC for 14 years and no one gave him a hard look as a head coach.

    The Twin Cities media is hardly New York, Chicago, or Boston, just to name a few. They typically lob softball questions at him. He can’t even answer a simple question as to if Stefanski is going to be doing the play-calling: Which isn’t an altogether crazy question, as Zimmer has shown that he has no faith in his OC’s, and Stefanski was a QB coach the last two seasons, and RB’s and TE’s in the year before, and he has zero play-calling experience. His “close-to-the-vest” style just comes off as childish and surly.

  17. Could be wrong, if I got the right press conference, but I think the question was more about whether Stefanski was going to be in the booth or on the field not if he was going to be calling play, which can be done from both spots.

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