NFL to play five international games next year

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The NFL had plenty of issues internationally this season, but they’re still committed to the project.

The league announced it would play five games in international markets this year, one in Mexico City and four more in London.

While the schedule hasn’t been set yet, the league announced the home teams for those five games would be the Rams, Chargers, Raiders, Jaguars, and Buccaneers.

This year’s Mexico City game was one of the league’s biggest flops, as the top-shelf matchup between the Chiefs and Rams had to be moved back to Los Angeles at the last minute because of shabby field conditions.

But that wasn’t the only issue. The league planned for the Raiders and Seahawks to play in the new Tottenham Hotspur stadium this year, but that game had to be moved to Wembley because of construction delays at the new site. And with Tottenham playing home games at Wembley this year, the turf there has been less-than-ideal for both soccer and football purposes.

20 responses to “NFL to play five international games next year

  1. No Shanghai? When they getting around to that?

    I get that they aren’t in their permanent stadium yet, and maybe concessions were made to grease the skids to move the team, but dang, pretty shoddy for the Rams to get scheduled for losing a home game again.

  2. The NFL’s slow slide into the abyss reminds me of a lava flow. It doesn’t matter if you like it or not, it’s coming, leaving everything behind it unrecognizable. $tupid idea.

  3. Totally insane, and only happening because of a greedy commissioner, who is continually degrading this once great game with his never ending changes and tweaks. Yes, I disagree with this! Unfair for both teams, particularly the ones who lose an actual home game. Crazy travel schedule. Plus the majority of people who live in these countries either don’t care or can’t afford the games. The NFL is becoming a circus. Phew, I feel better now….

  4. I went to the Eagles-Jags game in London. it was a great week and the Brits at the game were really into it. Instead of mocking it, people should hop a plan, see London and all of it has to offer, and go to the game and see what I saw.

  5. Seems the NFL is tripping and stumbling over itself to lose their fans loyalty.

    The half filled stadiums you see now will soon be quarter-filled.

    Atta way to go Roger you bumbling idiot.

  6. Stop this nonsense or spread the wealth because there is a distinct disadvantage for teams losing a home game. When will Dallas, Pittsburgh, New England, Chicago, any of the 3 New York teams, Seattle, Philly, Washington, Detroit, Arizona, Houston, Tennessee, Indianapolis, Denver, or Baltimore scheduled to finally lose a home game to this crap plan? Why have Green Bay or Carolina never even played in one? Why is Miami the only team to ever give up a home DIVISION game to this? (Imagine Steelers/Ravens playing in Baltimore London…Not right at all but they did it to Miami)

  7. They have no “home” that’s why the LA Chargers are included. They play better in front of a crowd which is now non-existent in LA-LA-LAND.

  8. Obvious the London games will now be:

    Wembley – Packers @ Chargers, Texans @ Jags

    New Spurs – Saints @ Rams (night game and the marquee game to inaugurate NFL at ‘New Spurs’) and Panthers @ Bucs.

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