Rob Gronkowski has had great success vs. Steelers

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Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski has owned the Steelers in his career, which is why the Steelers vowed this week not to let Gronkowski beat them.

He has 39 receptions for 664 yards and eight touchdowns in six games against the Steelers. His 110.6 yards per game against the Steelers are the highest he has had against any team he’s opposed more than once, according to Ryan Hannable of WEEI.

“Just playing ball,” Gronkowski said Thursday. “Just going out and doing what we’ve got to do, preparing throughout the week and going out and executing. Just executing, playing and that is what we have to keep on doing. Been having a good practice week this week. Got to keep on building chemistry out there with the whole offense. When we go out there Sunday we have to be prepared mentally and physically and we have to execute plays in order to put up points.”

Gronkowski hopes to do what he’s always done against the Steelers despite their focus on stopping him.

“I feel like they will throw a lot of things,” Gronkowski said. “I have seen a lot from them before — a lot of coverages, a lot of split safety, post safety, man, zone. They switch it up a lot, too. So, I have had a couple of guys before — a linebacker has covered me one time, a safety, or a corner. To tell you the truth, they actually mix it up a lot and you have to be prepared for it all, whatever coverage or whatever guy it is.”

11 responses to “Rob Gronkowski has had great success vs. Steelers

  1. The best TE in NFL history, no doubt about that. He has been slacking lately, but he is still dominant. This should be a fun game to watch.

  2. As a Steeler fan, I have much respect for Gronk. He has had his way with the Steeler DB’s. To Sean Davis and the other DB’s – a word of advice…HIT GRONK LOW…early and often!!!

  3. Great TE, but not the best in history. Stay healthy for a full season 1st. Dont anoint him just yet.
    There are some guys that are playing much better then him this season and also last few seasons.
    Again, a great TE.. best ever.. not so fast.

  4. He played his senior year in high school here in Pittsburgh at Woodland Hills and was a stud. We liked him….then!

  5. “Thank you for letting us have the biggest day of our career by double and triple teaming the one player whose name you recognize.”
    — All Patriot receivers not named Gronkowski

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