Washington RB Derrius Guice had infection, needed three additional surgeries on injured knee


Washington rookie running back Derrius Guice had his injured knee get infected and required an additional three surgeries after an ACL repair surgery in August didn’t go as smoothly as anticipated.

According to Kareem Copeland of the Washington Post, Guice developed an infection that lasted two months after the initially surgery. It required three different follow-up procedures to flush out the wound and forced Guice to be on intravenous antibiotics for a period of seven weeks. He was getting IV antibiotics up to three times a day for multiple hours at a time.

Additionally, the infection left him dealing with flu-like symptoms as well. The whole ordeal forced him to stay away from Washington for much of his recovery as he had to get constantly evaluated by doctors, including Dr. James Andrews, at his clinic in Florida.

“It really sucks, man,” Guice said. “Everywhere you go, you either have people asking how your knee is, how your rehab is going . . . or asking why you’re in Louisiana. ‘Why are you not with your team?’”

Guice said the complications are now behind him and his recovery is back on the correct path. However, it’s uncertain exactly when he will be fully healed and able to retake the field.

Quarterback Alex Smith recently developed complications of his own stemming from surgery to repair his broken leg sustained last month. New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski has had infections in his surgically-repaired elbow. Several different NFL players through the years (J.J. Watt, Joe Jurevicius, Lawrence Tynes, Daniel Fells, etc.) have been inflicted with staph infections that were serious enough to put their playing careers in peril or end them altogether.

It seems to be a given that every sports injury and the surgery to repair it will go as planned. Sometimes it doesn’t and the trickle down effects can be extremely difficult to endure.

10 responses to “Washington RB Derrius Guice had infection, needed three additional surgeries on injured knee

  1. Such clinical outcomes are the responsibility of the team’s medical director and the affiliated health system. It appears to be time for a change of both in D.C.

  2. Something is wrong today ,,it seems to me if you have a surgery your gonna get an infection ,something is not right !

  3. That is why there is no such thing as minor surgery. Even worse, catching something as a flyby.

    I got a staph infection at the Dentist’s office because I had a cut on my elbow and rested it against the side of the chair. Needed to have it surgically cut out and I was a week away from losing my arm or worse (so says the ‘hero’ doctor, so who knows).

    It surprises me we don’t hear more of these stories. But then get the best of the best and we get…??? I wonder how many guys got screwed before the age of information…

  4. Is this because doctors are over-prescribing, or are they not giving these guys enough antibiotics after surgery?
    Ive had multiple skin excision surgeries for skin cancer, and as recently as 5 years ago they would give me antibiotics pre-op and 10 days post op. Now the last one I got they said they no longer do that because its not proven to help, and sure enough it got infected and I was on an IV for a week and pills for 6.

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