Chiefs at Seahawks looms large for home-field advantage in the AFC

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The Chiefs and Chargers are both 11-3, tied for the best record in the AFC. The good news for the Chiefs is, they’ll win any tiebreaker between the two teams, so as long as they win out, they don’t have to worry about what the Chargers do.

The good news for the Chargers is, winning out won’t be easy for the Chiefs.

That’s because the next game on the Chiefs’ schedule is next Sunday night at Seattle, and the Seahawks are playing very good football right now. The Seahawks will likely be slight favorites in that game, and if the Seahawks are able to beat the Chiefs, that would mean the Chargers just need to win their last two (home against the Ravens and at Denver) to earn home-field advantage throughout the AFC playoffs.

The Chiefs could catch a break against the Seahawks because Seattle might not have anything to play for. Depending on how this week’s games go, it’s possible that the Seahawks will already be locked into the No. 5 seed in the NFC, and therefore could care more about protecting their top players than about beating the Chiefs.

But that seems unlikely, as Seahawks coach Pete Carroll has never rested his starters in the past, even when the Seahawks were heading to the playoffs and had nothing to play for in Week 17.

So it appears that we’ll see the Chiefs playing to win, and the Seahawks playing to win, in a game that might determine whether Kansas City earns home-field advantage throughout the AFC playoffs, or whether Kansas City would need to win three straight road games in January to get to the Super Bowl.

28 responses to “Chiefs at Seahawks looms large for home-field advantage in the AFC

  1. Carroll might never have rested starters for Week 17 because he wanted them sharp for a playoff game, but Chiefs game is Week 16 and more like a regular bye week.

  2. Chiefs are 3 DB’s a LB and probably a DC away from a Championship. The last 3 games prove it. Release Berry. Houston, Sorenson and get busy in the off season with the freed up $. What happens prior is inevitable.

  3. ‘Goodell will be sure the Patriots get home field advantage throughout the playoffs.’

    Looks Goodell was more concerned with making sure the Patriots dogged it on that last play so that your Fins could have their ‘super bowl’ this year.

    Maybe your team should just concentrate on getting better rather than trying to discredit the best organization in the NFL.

  4. Chiefs may be better on the road as an underdog. Sadly Arrowhead seems to lost some of its mystic and while I hope Mahomes can overcome Reid’s deficiencies on offense, by blowing games they have control over, Bob Sutton as their d-coordinator who has zero ability to coach a defense.

    KC has a good front 4/5, but those back 6/7 are horrible. Sutton’s defense makes any offense look great.

  5. I hate to see another late season fade by chiefs. Belichick fan all the way but love big fat andy and want him to win the big one for once if pats cant get it done again. Gotta admit though that rivers has suffered theough a lot of bad coaching/ gms too. He’s a big mouth but like brady, there’s no quit in him. Other talented qbs (e.g. Newton, rodgers, mannings) hang their head when it really gets tough.

  6. Chargers kind of set the blueprint on how to beat the Chiefs. Seattle is a VERY difficult place to come in and win.

  7. The blueprint to beat the Chiefs is simple, have the ball last.

    Chiefs 3 losses are all because their defense is horrible and their offense is on the sidelines.

  8. Chiefs are 3 DB’s a LB and probably a DC away from a Championship. The last 3 games prove it. Release Berry. Houston, Sorenson and get busy in the off season with the freed up $. What happens prior is inevitable.

    Was with you till who said to release. When Berry was in the game in the first half look at the stats. 7 points and 2 INTs. When he was out in the second half 22 points and no turnovers.

    Berry is that big of a difference. Houston is still viable since you have to double him which frees up Ford, or you double Ford which gives Houston 1 on 1 which he still regularly beats. Soransen is meh….he has a knack for being around the ball and in the right place, but I think he’s still trying to get fully back from missing most of the season as well.

  9. Pete will play to win. He will also rest those who need it and – if the situation allows – those who will benefit from it. But no way he doesn’t play to win.

  10. I think the Chiefs are in trouble. Carroll will just tell Wagner to push off the backs of the Lineman and jump into the Chiefs backfield, where the homer officials will all look @ each other, shrug and say, I didn’t see anything, did you. Well then, No flag, can’t challenge—————–

  11. Eric Berry is a great role model when he’s not in coverage. Vastly overrated and lucky with the contract he has. To make excuses for Sorenson is comical. Clear 20+ million from the Cap with my suggestions.

  12. Seattle needs to stomp the Clara Clowns, then flip flop resting half their starters last 2 games. A wild card run is nearly impossible having to beat 1 team as good as you then 3 teams statistically better than you in a row. Save the glory and player health for a difficult playoff stretch.

  13. It’s comical. A week ago people in Seattle media were talking about the Chiefs resting their players in this game while Seattle would desperately need the win. The idea that a team could start the season 0-2, move to 4-5, then lock up the number 5 seed with 2 games remaining is crazy.

  14. I just don’t get the hype about Seattle. They don’t beat playoff teams. Look at their schedule. Sure they beat the Cowboys, that’s about it, and that was prior to the Cowboys getting their crap together.

  15. Chiefs lost the game to Chargers on two questionable calls. One was an interference call on the Chiefs DB that was ticky tack at best, because there was minimal contact (I have seen a lot worse contact by Chicago DBs with no call) and the ball may not even be catchable. The second one was a non-call on the Chargers WR, who clearly pushed off against the defender with the right hand to create separation so he can catch the ball in the end zone.

    Mahomes will be playing in front of the howler monkeys for the first time in his career, but I doubt that he would be affected by the noise. He is good at improvising, so if his receiver does not hear the audible before the snap, it makes little difference.

  16. Yes, the Chiefs D is their weakness, but I’m not getting how the loss to the Chargers has brought out so many chicken little opinions. They played 2 games in 4 days and lost the second one in a predictibly sub par performance to a divisional foe. They’re not fading people, they just had a bad week. Slow your roll, for goodness sake.

  17. Nobody in Seattle is scared of the Chiefs. At all. Bring that rookie QB into our stadium, and tell us how he isn’t scared of noise. One less excuse when the Seahawks expose him as the rookie quarterback he is. The Chiefs have yet to face a defense like Seattle and they definitely haven’t experienced anything like the Clink at Prime Time.

    To the dirtysoufsavage, maybe you should watch one of Seattle’s last four games. Then you might understand the hype. Seattle is putting up 200 rushing yards a game on almost everyone they’ve played and their hungry young defense is forcing multiple turnovers a game. I understand this football thing is probably new to you, but traditionally, having a strong running attack combined with a positive turnover ratio tends to lead to winning a lot of football. Saying you don’t understand the hype just says you haven’t watched any of their games so don’t really mean a whole lot to anyone but you.

  18. Losing Kareem Hunt has definitely hurt the Chiefs offense. They scored only 28 against the Chargers, and they could not sustain a drive to kill off the clock, giving the ball back to the Chargers instead of driving downfield to score a few more points to put the game away.

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