It might be wise to move Christmas Eve finale in Oakland

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With Oakland suing the Raiders and the Raiders yanking an offer for a one-year lease and the Raiders previously threatening to leave Oakland if Oakland filed its lawsuit, the Raiders may be playing their last game ever (or at least until they inevitably move back there again) in Oakland. In prime time. On Christmas Eve.

And with no clarity regarding a mutual commitment to continue the relationship beyond the regular-season home finale, plenty of fans will assume that the Raiders will be pulling the ultimate Grinch move on what could become a nightmare before Christmas.

What happens under those circumstances remains to be seen, but things could get ugly. Last Browns Game in Cleveland ugly. Or maybe Disco Demolition Night in Chicago ugly. Wherever it would land on the overall ugly scale, it’s the kind of ugly that the NFL shouldn’t want playing out in what will be the final Monday Night Football game of the year.

So maybe the NFL should exercise its prerogative to move the game, being proactive on this one instead of saying after the fact, “We didn’t think this would happen.” With the Raiders eliminated from playoff contention and the Broncos likely heading in that direction, there will be no significant competitive advantage or disadvantage to either team, and no reason to not relocate the game — if there’s any concern that the game will become secondary to the scene that could unfold in the last game at a dilapidated stadium featuring multiple dead animals, periodic sewage issues, and a really old X-ray machine, the smart move would be to move the game to Denver or Arizona or L.A. or anywhere but what would be the last game ever in Oakland.

At least until they inevitably move back there again.

47 responses to “It might be wise to move Christmas Eve finale in Oakland

  1. Why would ESPN move it? The chance of bizarre stuff happening is literally the only possible selling point ESPN has to viewers. JUST RATINGS BABY!

  2. That’s stupid. They aren’t moving this game. Raiders fans have practice at going to “the last Raiders game ever in Oakland before the team moves”.

  3. Nothing will happen.

    I grew up going to games in Oakland and San Francisco and while I am a Niners fan, there are a lot more instances of violence at Niners games since they’ve moved to Santa Clara than there are at Raiders games.

    I’d be much more worried if we were talking about Eagles or Patriots fans.

    This is much ado about nothing.

  4. Yeah, because the league needs the headaches that come with relocating another game. Reimbursing all those people who made all those travel plans – or who at least claim to have – is an inherently messy process.

  5. pretty safe to say that people who bought tickets for this game have planned their Christmas celebrations around the game. I think it would be extremely insensitive of the NFL to take this away from a suffering fan base just because people “may” behave badly. it’s Oakland, there is always misbehaviour in the stands.

  6. Last Browns Game in Cleveland ugly.

    I missed the ugly part. Please elaborate.

  7. At least until they inevitably move back there again? That ship as sailed in case they haven’t seen that little construction project going on in Vegas. And…comparing Oakland to Cleveland is an insult to Cleveland.

  8. No way. I commented earlier this week the only selling point would be for mass chaos to ensue, fans just deciding to rush the field in the middle of the second quarter, attacking the players, refs, themselves, ripping down the goal posts, etc. basically scorched earth. That is the Raider Way right there baby!

  9. It really didn’t matter which team moved to Vegas, they will be successful at the box office. Hotels will buy up a good share of the tickets and package them with rooms . Visiting team fans or tourists who want to see an NFL game will fill the stadium regardless of the home teams record. Raiders wont’ have a home field advantage, but Road trip to Vegas ! will guarantee the financial success of the Raiders. They won’t be back.

  10. The previous last game was Dec 13, 1981 against the Bears. Did something violent occur then? The Raiders don’t know if it will be the last game in Oakland. It all depends on the lawsuit. Iffy stuff to go overboard about.

  11. Are you kidding me? Let raider nation go out in the lights on Christmas eve you fool. It’s pathetic money is ruining one of the greatest venues in sports. Let em have their moment.

  12. This will be one to miss. Oakland just cant compete against the bigger cities. Heck the Wilfs fought Minneapolis for years before a deal was worked out. The difference, Minneapolis had the population and tax base to help fund the demolition of the old and building of the new.
    This is a huge disadvantage for Oakland. The Raiders will do well in Vegas. Lookt at the hockey team hard for a vistior to get reasonable tickets, ya scalpers have them but there not cheap.

  13. The Raiders are not moving back to Oakland. That’s just a lazy attempt at trolling the fans. The monstrosity being built in Vegas is the new home and will be for the foreseeable future (decades). This dilation of opposing fans taking over the stadium is nonsense. For every Raider fan in Oakland there are 5 more in the rest of the country and they travel as well as any other team’s fans. As far as relocating the game, that’s just ludicrous. These fans won’t be tearing the place apart. It’s not like they’ve ever stopped a game in the Coliseum because the fans were throwing beer bottles on the field. As far as next season goes, the city of Oakland knows exactly what they are doing with this lawsuit. This is a face-saving stunt by Libby and her party of cry-babies. Raiders are gone, Warriors are moving the San Fran and the A’s can’t settle on a location. But when they do, it will not be in Oakland.

  14. Perfect scenario. Raider fans should boycott the game and the game is on a network no-one watches. Reminds me of the old question, if a tree falls in the forest and no-one is there does it make a sound?

  15. It really wouldn’t be fair to the fans to move the venue, but no reason not to bump the game up at least 3 hours to prevent some of the drinking and maybe get the game over with while the sun is still up. That will make it easier for the police to catch all the fans stealing seats and toilets. Some fans are going to want to tear the place down, and if enough people are drinking, they’ll say “why not” and join them.

  16. You can take a flight to Vegas on Southest out of Oakland for 90 bucks. People won’t have to deal with being accosted for money getting off the Bart. The Coloseium is a dinosaur of a previous century. The city wants a percentage of income from the stadium that is less in Vegas, where th value of his team increases. Also gone are the season ticket holders who make Raiders games unpleasant for fans of other teams. This move is better for the Raiders and fans if you don’t mind a 2 hr flight.

  17. Jets last game at Shea Stadium in 1983 was not good either.
    Lots of destruction. Seats ripped out. Bleachers busted and generally not a good environment.
    Good idea to move it.

  18. “Wherever it would land on the overall ugly scale, it’s the kind of ugly that the NFL shouldn’t want playing out in what will be the final Monday Night Football game of the year.”

    So after Marc Davis screwed the fans you think the league should now do so and move a game that season ticket holders and others who purchased tickets and give them one final slap in the face because “something might go wrong”?

    Shame on you it would be totally disgusting to do so. Whether you love or hate the Raiders they have an extremely loyal fan base who are already getting the short end.

  19. Lets see the Raiders moved out of Oakland to go to Los Angeles, then moved back to Oakland and they all be off to Vegas. I guarantee you they will be begging to come to Oakland within 5 years of staying in Las Vegas. Its all about the $$$.

  20. My first thought was let the game be. Fans of the Raider Nations deserves to say goodbye to their team. But the entire stadium issue got of of hand and has turned ugly with law suites threatened by both sides. Could this be a classy goodbye from the fans, or violence could take over. It will all come down to the Raider fans. I hope it will be ‘a classy goodbye’. I’m sure there will be a large police presence in case it turns ugly. I’m also sure the NFL has a plan to cancel / forfeit the game if it becomes violent. Be classy Raider Nation!

  21. Should be the best MNF game in quite a while then. As long as they’re showing the action in the stands
    vs putrid play on the field. I’m looking forward to seeing so-called adults in Halloween costumes rioting.

  22. The new Vegas stadium tickets will be tripled the price of Oakland tickets, not to mention PSL’s. Vegas wages are half of what Bay Area wages are. sound like a great long term plan Doesn’t

  23. Vegas wages are at least half of what Bay Area wages are. new stadium tickets will probaby be 2-3 times more. Don’t forget about PSL’s. Doesn’t sound like a good long term plan, especially if the raiders keep losing.

  24. Ridiculous supposition in my book even if mayhem does ultimately ensue, the game will be played in Oakland.

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