Buzz keeps building for multiple teams making a run at John Harbaugh

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John Harbaugh will be an NFL coach in 2019. The only question at this point is where it will be.

If the Ravens, now 7-5, make it to the playoffs, Harbaugh could indeed end up getting a twelfth season in Baltimore. If the Ravens don’t make it, plenty of other teams could be interested.

How many will be interested depends on how many will have vacancies. It’s believed that the two teams with current openings will want to speak to Harbaugh, if he’s available. Other jobs undoubtedly will be coming open within the next 15 days. And maybe there will be a job or two that only will become open if Harbaugh would be the team’s next coach.

This raises the question of whether a team would contact the Ravens and initiate negotiations for what would amount to a trade of Harbaugh, if a deal can be reached on compensation between the teams — and if the new team can entice Harbaugh to make the move. Which then leads to the question of whether, even if the Ravens don’t make the playoffs, the will decide to hold onto Harbaugh for a week or so and wait for someone else to call.

However it plays out, and whichever team(s) may end up pursuing him, Harbaugh will likely be out of the NFL in 2019 only if he chooses to be. And the wheels undoubtedly already are churning, even in organizations that currently have a head coach, and maybe in some organizations that wouldn’t be on the list of teams that are expected to be looking for a new one.

21 responses to “Buzz keeps building for multiple teams making a run at John Harbaugh

  1. Well, the unofficial bring the QB with you make make it even more interesting. Does somebody make a run at Harbaugh thinking that they can get Flacco-thinking Jacksonville in that scenario. Or does Tampa Bay trade for another coach?

  2. He ain’t going to Green Bay and deal with that coach killer , ideal spot would be 6 hours north to the jets and work with a young qb

  3. Just bizarre to suggest another club would trade value to BAL for Harbaugh. No reason to do that if Ravens aren’t keeping him. Ravens defensive coordinator Martindale will get HC intwrviews.

  4. The Ravens are actually 7-6 and will move to 8-6 with a win at home against Tampa today. I doubt he’ll be going anywhere after the season as they’ll likely finish 9-7 or 10-6.

  5. as we all know, this weeks game vs tb at home is exactly the kind of game the ravens typically lose.

  6. His agent’s hard at work.

    His Super Bowl year, Ed Reed and gang almost commit mutiny for tough practices in the middle of the season so Harbaugh sees no way out but to soften his stance and listen to the team and their concerns. His reward was a Super Bowl from them. Their reward was “Thanks, now get lost!”

  7. Why is everyone shooting him? They very well may end up 10-6 and in the playoffs. No chance a new coach will better that. Silly talk!

  8. Regardless of the outcome of this season Bisciotti would be foolish to let him walk. Folks can criticize him about his “loyalty” to certain players, but no one can dispute that this team doesn’t play hard for him.

  9. I would be surprised if the Ravens fired Harbaugh, but I would be even more surprised if someone traded for him. I know the new style in the NFL is a young, offensive minded coach. However, i think the Ravens would be wise to keep Harbaugh. The team hasn’t quit on him and it appears he still has the respect of everyone in that organization. Bring in a young, open minded offensive coordinator that can develop Jackson and this young offensive core, while allowing Harbaugh to lead the team.

  10. groh, herm, mangini, rex, bowles…all first time nfl head’s time to get some veteran experience…im all for the likes of harbaugh/mccarthy.

  11. He was a Ravens coach so Baker Mayfield won’t like him and call him fake for going to another team in the division so that takes Cleveland out the running.

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