DeAndre Hopkins: Hard to run during game-winning drive

Getty Images

Wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins snatched victory for the Texans on Saturday when he made an acrobatic catch over Jets cornerback Morris Claiborne for a touchdown with 2:15 left in the game.

Hopkins wound up getting carried off the field by teammates after the score, but it wasn’t because of the touchdown.

“I rolled my ankle on a slant at the beginning of that drive, so it was hard to run out there,” Hopkins said in his postgame media session. “The guys knew it. I stayed down for a minute, and they came over and took me off.”

It was Hopkins’ second touchdown of the game and he caught 10 passes for 170 yards overall in the 29-22 victory. Claiborne called the wideout “unbelievable” after the game, which would be an apt description if his remarkable performances were a little less frequent.