Monday MRI coming on Frank Gore’s sprained foot


Dolphins running back Frank Gore has been one of the few bright spots for the Miami offense this year. There’s a chance, however, that his year could be over.

Per a league source, Gore suffered a sprained foot on Sunday in Minnesota. X-rays were negative, but an MRI will be performed on Monday.

The goal will be to determine whether and to what extent Gore suffered damage to the ligaments in that foot, with the goal of determining whether Gore will be available down the stretch.

Gore has started all 14 games this year, and he has generated 722 rushing yards. Last week against the Patriots, Gore generated 92 rushing yards.

8 responses to “Monday MRI coming on Frank Gore’s sprained foot

  1. Class act, I hope he does not get lost for the rest of the season. Even though it’s over I’m sure he wants to play. It also would set a tone for the rest of the team to play hurt. I’m shocked Tannehill made it out of the game on his 2 feet.

  2. I can’t say I wasn’t expecting this. The Vikings looked a yard quicker all round today. We have had many games like this during the season. I feel embarrassed for teams that we have beaten this year. How on earth did the Patriots let us of the hook last week. How on earth did the Bears lose to us. It’s baffling. Really is. Clueless and embarrassing. Amendola and Gore I feel you have wasted a year of football.

  3. Give the back ups playing time next Sunday. And let Gore heal his foot. The season is over, get ready for 2019. Bill

  4. If he clears the MRI, I think Gore has earned the right to determine if he’s healthy enough to play/start.
    Regardless of the teams slim chances to reach the post season, he has attainable goals and streaks.
    Gore is far from selfish and wise enough to make the right decision for him and the team.

    As for back ups, I’m all for giving them time, but next week is the final home game.
    A loss against the hapless Jags won’t sit well with season ticket holders, sponsors and casual fans.
    I get it, let’s see what we got, but also we aren’t guaranteed a drastic change in draft position if we lose.

    If we win, we have a chance to go 9-7.
    Though not playoff worthy, it is better than last year AND much better than what was predicted for this year.

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