Taylor Lewan fined for flipping off sky cam

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Titans left tackle Taylor Lewan avoided a penalty Sunday, so maybe he’ll avoid a fine this week.

Then again, his fines over the past two weeks went unpenalized.

Lewan’s most recent fine came for making an obscene gesture at a camera during the nationally televised victory over the Jaguars last week. The league docked him $13,369.

Lewan was lying on his back as team doctors checked him out. As the sky cam lowered over him to get an overhead shot, Lewan raised his middle finger.

Seattle safety Earl Thomas received the same fine early in the season after flipping off the Seahawks’ sideline as he was carted off the field.

A week ago, the league docked Lewan $26,739 for unsportsmanlike conduct for confronting officials after the game. He pointed at every official and cursed them for trying to “ruin it” for the Titans in their victory over the Jets.

Lewan has played a big role in Derrick Henry‘s past two games when Henry rushed for 238 yards and four touchdowns against the Jaguars on Dec. 6 and 170 yards and two touchdowns against the Giants on Sunday.

9 responses to “Taylor Lewan fined for flipping off sky cam

  1. The NFL is a complete joke – it has become chickified to the level of pandering to wusses. While pathetic celebrations can go unpunished, we have to lower our intelligence to try to understand how grown men who approach 300 plus pounds of mass can be offended by being taunted by a 200 pound chump with a big mouth.

    It is time to end taunting penalties.

    It is time to require grown men to either cut their hair or to stuff their snake hair in a helmet.

    It is also time to demand that QB’s become passers instead of being running backs who think they can throw.

    And let’s end all pass interference calls – let the offenders and defenders go at it and to put a premium on agility and intelligence.

  2. I became a Lewan fan when he ran onto the field to pay his respects when Joe Thomas went down with the tricep injury. Love the grit and the passion.

  3. I actually think it is quite funny. Sad too, that he gets fined. Usually when a player gets hurt the network flips to a commercial.

    I did not see the game, but think of all the people who did, and saw him flip ’em off. I know if I had seen it I would think – “wow, that’s pretty cool”.

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