Vance Joseph on late field goal: I wanted points there

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The Broncos faced a fourth-and-one from the Cleveland 6-yard-line with 4:35 left to play on Saturday night, which left head coach Vance Joseph with a decision to make.

Go for the first and the chance to score a touchdown or kick a field goal that cut Cleveland’s lead to 17-16? A few days after saying he wanted to see more aggressiveness on offense, Joseph opted for the latter approach.

“I wanted points there,” Joseph said, via “Had about 4:35 to go in the game. We had one timeout and the two-minute warning. I trust our defense to get a stop there, OK. If we don’t get points there, a touchdown has to win it. It was my decision — take points.”

Joseph said having two runs for two total yards on the two previous plays affected his decision to kick and the defense eventually got a stop with 1:49 left to play in the game. That gave the Broncos the ball on the 13-yard-line, but they couldn’t get across midfield before a Jabrill Peppers sack ended their chances of pulling off a comeback win.

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  1. The mistake they made was when they got a 1st down at midfield with 53, 57 seconds and they spiked the ball. Just wasted a down (3 downs to get the yards instead of 4). They had plenty of time to get 15 yards to move into FG range. The spike just got the Browns to settle down to make some plays.

  2. Every nerd with a calculator likes to criticize NFL HCs now, but it’s getting to be a bit ridiculous. If his weak offense could have gotten 35 more yards, his team wins. On the other end of the spectrum, Williams was taking this to the other extreme and could have nearly lost his team the game by needlessly going for it and giving Denver another chance. Everyone has gone crazy with this probability mess. Sometimes it’s just common sense based on what you’re watching go on on the field. Taking an FG there and depending on your defense that had held Cleveland to 17 points didn’t end the world or doesn’t mean he was too conservative, especially when your QB is Case Keenum and you have 3 replacement linemen.

  3. We do have 3 replacement linemen, that still did better than our safeties that were playing as cornerbacks. If he really trusted the Defense, he should have gone for it on the one yard line, and if they fail, Cleveland would have been backed up to the endzone, and with a stop could have forced better field position. But, by my count coaching has cost us 3 games this year, not even counting the Cleveland game.

  4. This only works if you have a QB that can move the team down the field quickly. The Broncos don’t. Fire this clown, please.

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