Breaking down a wild Week 15 with the FNIA crew

Getty Images

The fifteenth week of the 2018 season was a wild one indeed, yet again taking our perceptions and conclusions about who’s good and who’s not and smashing them like an angry Ukrainian.

As the day winded to a conclusion, we tried to make sense of things at the desk of Football Night in America, with Tony Dungy, Rodney Harrison, Mike Tirico, and this guy talking about topics like the Patriots, the Vikings, the Cowboys, and a four-question, rapid-fire round that finally was rapid fire. (Unlike last week.)

So check it out, if you have a few spare minutes this morning. And we know that you do, because it’s a Monday morning and you take a solid 90 minutes or so to get warmed up for all the work you don’t plan to do this week, given that the holidays are just a week away.

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