Kyle Shanahan: Win over Seahawks “means a ton”

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The 49ers have been out of playoff contention for some time, which leaves them to find other motivations to win games before the end of the season.

Sunday’s game against the Seahawks came with the chance to end a losing streak against a division rival that grew to 10 games when the Seahawks beat them a couple of weeks ago. After Sunday’s 26-23 overtime win, cornerback Richard Sherman said head coach Kyle Shanahan made the team aware of that streak heading into the game and Shanahan confirmed it was front and center on his mind.

“It means a ton,” Shanahan said in his postgame press conference. “Not all of us have been here since 2013, but a lot of us were here last year. We were all definitely here two weeks ago. It’s a division rival. We’re also very sick about the way we lost two weeks ago. I was really proud of the guys just not saying anything. I just knew it meant a lot to our guys. Especially after two weeks and to the fans and everything since 2013. I hated having to answer those questions all week. I definitely didn’t want to go a whole ‘nother year doing it. This was our last opportunity to end that and I’m glad we don’t have to hear that again.”

Shanahan won’t have the same material to draw on against the Bears and Rams the next two weeks, so he’ll have to come up with something else if the team is going to close the year on a four-game winning streak.

21 responses to “Kyle Shanahan: Win over Seahawks “means a ton”

  1. Congrats 49ers on your “Superbowl” of the season. It does a whole lot for morale for your squad knowing you beat a team you haven’t beaten in 4 1/2 years (10 games). Meanwhile Seahawks are still a 99% chance of making the playoffs, not bad for a “middle of the road team”.

  2. 49ers@ Seahawks, giving the 49ers 10 points 60% took hawks. Hawks win by 27

    Two weeks later 52% of betters went with the 49ers and 4 points? Either betters think 49ers homefield is the best in the world or we got some fifa level corruption in the nfl.

  3. Can’t wait to read the story about why they shouldn’t win football games because of draft position.

  4. Always some conspiracy theory with you Seahawks fans! The refs, Vegas betting, blah blah blah. We had several bs calls go against us too. The phantom roughing the passer. The unsportsmanlike conduct where he tossed the ball to the ref but a Seahawk player walked into it. Plain and simple, you got outplayed and out coached by a 3-10 team with a 3rd string qb and a patchwork rookie roster. The Seahawks are a better team than us. Admitted. But they’re arrogant (just like their fans) and they overlooked a hungry 49ers team who really wanted this win. That was a mistake. Maybe a little humility could help in the future.

  5. Congrats Niner nation on the nice win. You guys are much better than your record and will be positioned with great spot in the draft too.
    Lots of teams in the NFC ,with the exception of New Orleans (who is head and shoulders better and starting to separate and will be tough with home field ) has to feel like they are right there to be in the mix of things.
    I hate using term trap game but my Hawks definitely played poorly and weren’t ready yesterday. Your staffs game planning had lots to do with that. Good luck against the Bears and Rams, lots will be watching those games as they will weigh heavy in playoff seeding.

  6. good win for the niners. Hawks looked like hot garbage on special teams (except punter Dickson) and that was the difference. Yes there were a lot of questionable calls against the hawks but there were some questionable calls that went against the niners too. That missed PAT and kickoff return for a TD was the difference today. Can’t win em all. On to the next. Go Hawks.

  7. Hawks just aren’t as good as advertised. Niners are right there with them and proved it yesterday. It’s amazing too considering their roster. Hawks are a product of playing sub .500 teams all season. Look at their schedule though, when they play playoff teams they lose.

  8. I like see all these Seahawks fans upset because their team just lost to a 3-10 team. And to all the Seahawks fans that are on here and giving sincere congratulations, thank you for being classy.

  9. This is the same crew who worked the Patriots Dolphins game week 14, the Cardinal Packer game (Cards won)week 13, they were off on week 12 and finally Broncos Chargers (broncos won) in week 11…four of the biggest upsets of the year…kinda raises an eyebrow doesn’t it?

  10. It has become a heated rivalry, even though both teams are on the decline since they last appeared in their last Super Bowls. The 49ers have a lot of room for improvement so they can be a much improved team in the future. The Chicken Hawks, OTOH, are likely to finish either 8-8 or 9-7, and they are unlikely to win drastically more games in the next couple of years, and may keep on sliding downhill.

  11. If the Seahawks revert back to beating the 49ers in the future, this game could be considered Santa Clara’s “one year dynasty”.

  12. Reading the niner fan comments are eerily deja vue…last year, about now, they were all celebrating the fall of the hawks and how the superbowl was no longer a wishful dream but a real possibility in 2018…and here we go again, counting the chickens before they hatch…let’s see if it’s any different in 2019.

  13. jackedupboonie says:
    December 17, 2018 at 3:58 pm
    Clara won one…..about dang time~

    Just like the Seahawks have won just one Superbowl. Came really close on a second, but choked it away in a simply wonderful moment.

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