Leonard Fournette: Limited workload was part of the game plan

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The Jaguars left midseason trade acquisition Carlos Hyde on the inactive list Sunday, which might have led some to believe Leonard Fournette would be seeing a heavy dose of playing time against Washington.

Fournette had the most snaps of any running back, but he didn’t have a terribly prominent role in the offense. Fournette played 52 percent of the offensive snaps and ran the ball 11 times for 46 yards in the 16-13 loss. Ten of those carries and all three of Fournette’s catches came before halftime and Fournette’s only touch in the second half was a 25-yard run that marked the Jaguars’ biggest play of the day.

After the game, Fournette said “the game plan coming in” was to get Dave Williams more work at running back and T.J. Yeldon also saw the ball more often in the second half. Fournette also lined up as a kickoff returner for the first time since college, but never got a chance to return any kicks.

Cody Kessler scrambled for 68 yards to lead the team in rushing and they put up 172 yards on the ground overall, so the running game wasn’t the low point for the Jaguars on Sunday. That doesn’t do much to lessen the curiosity about why the Jaguars didn’t look for more from the fourth overall pick of the 2017 draft.

4 responses to “Leonard Fournette: Limited workload was part of the game plan

  1. “Let’s put our franchise running back in as a kick returner” said no competent coach ever.

    Smart money is on Fournette and Marrone both getting unloaded in the offseason.

  2. The Jaguars invested a 5th round pick (Carlos Hyde) to wake Fournette up, then barely use either player? Why do the Jags seem so dysfunctional this season? They going to miss Ramsey when he’s gone.

  3. In a season full of bad decisions and jaw-dropping stupidity, the Hyde trade is the most puzzling to me. Why trade for a guy you’re never going to use? I truly don’t get it.

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