Matt Nagy flashes back to painful loss after sweet win

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The Bears clinched the NFC North yesterday.

But after one of their biggest wins, rookie coach Matt Nagy couldn’t help but flashback to a painful loss in Week One against the Packers, as evidence of how far his team has come.

“Ninety-eight days ago,” Nagy told Peter King of NBC’s Football Morning in America. “That’s the night we lost in Green Bay. . . . I will remember that night for the rest of my life. I will remember the look in those players’ eyes. I looked at those 50 guys and told them, ‘This is happening for a reason. You’re not gonna trust me right now, but this is a long season, and we’re only at Week One right now, and we’ll be okay.’ I wanted them to feel it for six hours, and then, next morning, to walk in with a smile on their faces.”

The Bears had chances to win that game, including cornerback Kyle Fuller dropping what could have been a game-winning interception. Nagy talked to Fuller about that before yesterday’s win over the Packers in the rematch, to remind Fuller that he came back to lead the league in picks (tied with Xavien Howard of Miami with seven).

That kind of attention to detail is part of the reason the Bears have bounced back so quickly, winning 10 games and the NFC North.

11 responses to “Matt Nagy flashes back to painful loss after sweet win

  1. Nagy made a couple bad play calling decisions at the end of that first game to set the Packers up with the shot to win as well. Glad he has stepped up

  2. They have a good team. Their QB just has to be a decent game manager and let the defense and special teams do their thing . No 1st round draft choices for 2 years, having to pay their QB and salary cap implications when the players want to get paid will eventually arrive. Make hay while the sun shines Bears, the NFL motto of “not for long” applies to every team

  3. I am not a fan but the Bears are one of the few teams that actually feature a legit Defense going into the playoffs definately pulling for them.

  4. He had a couple of very questionable calls yesterday too. Seems to be good for a couple of those a game. But the players are clearly bought in and have his back. He and Trubisky both have a lot of developing yet to do but their on the right track and that D affords them the time and opportunities to do that.

  5. “But after one of their biggest wins…”

    I’m sorry, but beating a 5 – 7 – 1 Packer team just can’t be one of their “biggest” wins.

    Yes, it is a win over a rival. Yes, it is a revenge win for the loss in week 1.

    But if you went in to that game thinking that the beating the Packers equated a big win, your priorities are misguided. It had to be a game you fully expected to win.

    Your defense held Rodgers to 274 yards on 42 attempts (6.5 YPA and only a 59.5% completion rate). Nearly half of Rodgers passing yards came in garbage time against a prevent defense – the final score looked closer than it really was.

    Enjoy the win over a rival and enjoy the revenge factor.

    But move on to your next game – the 49ers are currently playing better than the Packers – having won their last two games against the Broncos and the Seahawks.

    Congrats on the NFC North Championship!

  6. “I’m sorry, but beating a 5 – 7 – 1 Packer team just can’t be one of their “biggest” wins.”

    Of course it can be considered one of the “biggest wins” when it clinches the Division, clinches a playoff spot, and, yes, beating your most hated rival. Do you think the Rams were considering beating the 6-7 Eagles as a “big win?”

  7. I’m sorry, but beating a 5 – 7 – 1 Packer team just can’t be one of their “biggest” wins.

    Congrats to the Bears and their fans. Hope they go all the way!

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