Mike Tomlin liked the way Chris Boswell came back on Sunday


The Steelers worked out other options during the week, but they wound up sticking with Chris Boswell after two missed field goals in Week 14 and a season filled with shaky performances.

Sticking with Boswell looked like it might prove to be the wrong choice in the second half of Sunday’s game against the Patriots. Boswell had a chance to extend Pittsburgh’s lead to 10 points, but missed badly from 32 yards in the third quarter.

Boswell got another chance late in the fourth and came through for a 48-yard make that put the Steelers up 17-10 with 2:30 left to play. The defense held the Patriots out of the end zone to seal the win and Steelers coach Mike Tomlin gave the kicker a vote of confidence when all was said and done.

“He’s our kicker from start to finish and I liked the way he came back and banged that next opportunity, and that is what this thing [football] is about,” Tomlin said, via ESPN.com. “You are going to be tested, we are going to be tested, sometimes you are going to fail but you better pass enough of them.”

Boswell said “nothing is forgiven” after the game and it won’t take more than another miss or two for the calls to replace him to kick up again. The late make means that other issues will be on the front burner in Pittsburgh this week.

9 responses to “Mike Tomlin liked the way Chris Boswell came back on Sunday

  1. Yeah, Tomlin liked the way Boswell came back, but he’ll be looking for a new kicker to bring in this week — you can bank on it.

  2. No WAY he should have missed that 1st FG. Its funny..when kickers KNOW that last missed kick is definitely going to get them fired,they finally get their swing back on the next kick. Candazzaro nailed a 60 yard FG right before he got fired a few weeks later. Kickers are odd.

  3. nyneal says:
    December 17, 2018 at 6:29 am
    Yeah, Tomlin liked the way Boswell came back, but he’ll be looking for a new kicker to bring in this week — you can bank on it.

    No, you can’t. If you knew Tomlin or the Steelers you would realize there is no truth to your statement. Tomlin and the Steeler FO is gutless about change, making stupid excuses not to. For the last 2 years the Steelers have had one of the worst punters in the league, Berry. He was outshone in training camp by a rookie, but gutless MikeyT couldn’t make the change because Berry was Boswell’s holder. Stupid. Thats how MikeyT coaches, living in his fears.

  4. Boswell is a hot mess. He totally botches an easy kick and just because he makes one he should have made, the fans are buying his jerseys again. How sad.

  5. Once more Tomlin and his speeches. Tomlin but more pressure on the kicker bringing one in in middle of week, typical Tomlin decision making. Has Rogers out there when he has not played and did not run a good route getting in Brown’s position results interception. Tomlin at his best of who plays or not and why

  6. Hope to see Chris Boswell get out of his struggles. Now’s not the time to give up on this kid. That was a nice 48 yd field goal he nailed yesterday. Hopefully he’ll continue to do well.

  7. Boswell has the talent–he proved that after taking over for Suisham. Whatever is going on with him is in his head and he hasn’t been able to conquer it all season. I’m thrilled he was able to make the 48-yarder last night, but it’s no guarantee he won’t miss the next extra point. Unfortunately, we can’t assume this was a turning point and his issues are over.

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