Nick Foles admits future comes to mind sometimes

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One day, Nick Foles will do something other than wait for the Eagles to be in distress before he rides in to save them.

And that day could come this offseason.

His in-case-of-emergency with the Eagles was built to end after this season, at which point he’ll be free to be someone’s first option, and he admitted after last night’s win over the Rams that enters his mind sometimes.

That part does creep in,” Foles said, via Reuben Frank of NBC Sports Philadelphia. “I do say there is a human side, but I’m very self-aware that those distractions don’t do you any good. I really thrive in staying in the moment and just enjoying it. We’ll see what happens but I really want to just enjoy the moment and just be in the present in all I do, and that’s what I try to focus on daily.”

Staying in the moment has helped him excel in the moment, both last night and while winning a Super Bowl MVP as Carson Wentz‘s backup. But Foles has handled things with class, and said getting his chance the way he has (this time it’s because of a stress fracture in Wentz’s back) was difficult for him.

“It was really emotional,” he said. “You hate for your teammate to get hurt. I feel really bad for Carson. We’re tight in that quarterback room. But then you don’t really know what’s going to happen. You start taking reps, it’s been a while [since I played], you go through the human emotions. I don’t care what you’ve done in the past or what I’ve done in the past, it doesn’t matter when you step on that field, it’s a new day. So I was dealing with the emotions, prepping as hard as I could and then realizing I’m not alone. I have great teammates out there. All I have to do is spread the ball around and stay in the moment, and we were able to do that tonight.”

And he’d likely be able to find someone to offer him the chance to do it every week, and will get that chance soon.

5 responses to “Nick Foles admits future comes to mind sometimes

  1. I’m just glad he was benched when my Cowboys played them. If he had started all season they would probably have the division locked up.

  2. Wherever he may wind up next season, Nick Foles will forever be an Eagles legend. Carson Wentz is a phenomenal young Quarterback and so the Eagles will rightly stay with him but I wish they could keep both. But, Foles deserves to start somewhere and there are at least 12 teams where he would be an upgrade over their current starting QB.

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