Nick Foles will start Week 16; Carson Wentz “week to week”

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The Eagles got a much-needed win in Los Angeles in Sunday night and they’ll stick with Nick Foles at quarterback as they try for another one against the Texans in Week 16.

Head coach Doug Pederson made that announcement at his press conference on Monday morning and it wasn’t a particularly surprising one based on Pederson’s last update on Carson Wentz‘s health. Pederson said last week that it could be three months until Wentz was recovered from the fracture in his back that knocked him out of the lineup.

Pederson provided a rosier outlook about Wentz’s health on Monday, however. He called Wentz “week to week” after getting more positive information about his condition. As a result, Wentz won’t go on injured reserve and Pederson said he remains the starter when healthy.

Whether that point will come before the 2019 season could be tied to how much longer the Eagles play this season. Winning against Houston and Washington alone isn’t enough for them to make the playoffs, so their season might not go on long enough for Pederson to make a call between two quarterbacks healthy enough to play.

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  1. The much bigger quarterback story is what is going on in Washington. Without anyone watching, Josh Johnson has come out of hibernation to tear up the league with arms and his legs. Assuming Cousins chokes in the season finale against Chicago (a safe prediction), Johnson makes the playoffs by winning out including against Foles in the last game of the season. What a great story that would be for the NFL — and all for Madden gamers everywhere — that a guy could from gaming and pickup basketball games to kicking butt on the biggest stage. This developing narrative should be watched closely and it is such a nice counterbalance to the Kareem Hunts and Jerry Jones nonsense.

  2. Maybe this whole dynamic falls on Pederson. Wentz seems to be a more talented QB, but the scheme they run with Foles always works better. Maybe there’s a middle ground to be found there.

  3. I think Foles is a better QB than Wentz. Wentz has more athletic ability, but Foles seems to be the better fit for what the Eagles do.

  4. Man. As a Patriots fan I have to root for the eagles to beat the Texans
    So the Patriots can get back in that #2 spot.

    Fly Eagles Fly….. Have fun Lane…Go Eagles!!!!!

    That was painful……

  5. Wentz #1 QB on The Eagles! Foles is awesome but # 2! Went was the League MVP last year so let’s get a REALITY CHECK!!!

  6. I hope the Eagles sign Nick Foles and trade Carson Wentz. Mostly because I would enjoy watching them make that stupid decision…

  7. Eagles are getting in if they beat Houston. That’s a mighty big IF, that Houston team will cause trouble, nobody has been able to cover Hopkins and the eagles haven’t been able to cover anyone with the exception of OBJ for whatever reason. Hopefully they match up well with smaller receivers but either way, that Houston team is no joke, hopefully they don’t come to play but I won’t hold my breath on that…that being said, let’s go lions, bucs & chiefs!!

  8. Ask yourself ,,,in reality the iggles have to win 6 straight to repeat a large chore for sure but only Champions who refer to themselves as underdogs have nothing to lose ,so I say good for the Champion Underdog Iggles !

  9. I get that Coach Pederson has to massage egos and make it seem like Carson Wentz could play again this season but barring the thin chance of making the playoffs than I think it only makes sense to let Nick Foles finish out the season and give Carson Wentz a head start on rest and rehab.

    Obviously, if the Eagles make the playoffs Carson Wentz will want to play but that opens up a hornets nest if Nick Foles wins 3 in a row and miraculously gets the Eagles into the playoffs. I don’t know how you could say “Thanks for saving the season Nick! Now please have a seat on the bench.”

  10. When you think about it, it’s rather insane that Wentz put up those numbers coming off an ACL injury and with a broken back. I’m glad they are shutting him down. Let him heal; let him train this off season because he should come back better and stronger.

  11. I loved the way Nick Foles made Goff overthrow his receivers all night and throw those 2 bad picks. Also how he forced McVay to call stupid timeouts. Oh, and the way he made himself invisible and stripped Natson was a thing of divine beauty.

    In all seriousness, great job by Foles. But everyone stepped up. The win said a lot about the fight in an injury depleted team and also little bit about a sputtering Rams team.

    Once Wentz gets back, all those that jumped off the wagon will jump right back on, just like we are witnessing with Luck

  12. Eagles were gifted that win. Goff and company played like a high school team’s first big game against an opponent.

  13. Nick Foles QBR last night was 67. Wentz’s for the year was 65.8. Lets not pretend that Foles was orders of magnitude better. Foles was greatly aided by an O-Line that protected him AND opened up holes. The first bunch of games this year for BOTH QBs, they were getting lit up 2 steps into their drop, and there was no running lanes being opened up. The D-Line finally started to play well also. So, shocker, the O-Line comes to play, the D-Line comes to play, and the Eagles win. Its not that tough to understand.

  14. Only fans of opposing teams are acting like Foles is better than Wentz. You can appreciate both as an Eagles fan. It isn’t an either/or proposition and I just want Foles to finish the season because Wentz has a fracture in his back that will take 3 months to heal. May as well get started on the healing now.

  15. Anyone with a brain knows Wentz is lightyears better than Foles and will be one of the best (if not the best) QB in the league. Dude tore it up when healthy and his play dips after coming off a torrid ACL and LCL and people write him off that fast? Sport fans are morons lol.

    It’s funny how Rodgers gets hurt more often and never gets called injury prone or lectured on how he needs to protect himself. He also has stunk this year and the team and coaching gets blamed. Hmmm..

    Wentz will be right back tearing up the league next season and everyone will be right back on the wagon because it’s a reactionary league lol.

  16. The simple truth: if the coach committed to running the ball with Wentz at QB like he somehow manages to do when Foles plays, the Eagles would probably be 10-4 right now.

  17. Anyone who says Wentz is better than foles are delusional. Are you guys blind? Haven’t you been watching him play this season? Eagles are missing the playoffs so far with wentz as the starter. Eagles are fighting for last place with Wentz as starter. Foles won every playoff game and the superbowl against tom brady and the Patriots. He plays last night against the rams who were the number one team in the nfl and beats them on the road. Wentz hasn’t done anything to just be handed a starting job over a superbowl mvp and he just beat the best team last night. It’s not no fluke. Foles is a much better passer, better decision maker,more clutch, more confident, better accuracy and timing, better pocket awareness. He’s been a good qb since his rookie year where he had close to 30 tds and just a few interceptions. Eagles fans are clueless. Wentz will never win a superbowl as the starter. Playoffs are where qbs are made into stars, not the regular season. Foles has mastered the regular season, playoffs and superbowl. Wentz is a mediocre and injury prone qb. But go ahead and pay him 30 million a year for 5 years over the proven better qb and superbowl mvp in foles that makes your team much better and more competitive. What a bunch dummies. This is the easiest decision. But Eagles aren’t very smart.

  18. In addition to his salary, Nick gets $250k for every game he starts and another $250k for the win. Right now, he is $750 up with the start on Sunday. Good for him. At least they didnt con him with the incentive crap like the Pats do to their players.

  19. I think an interesting corollary to this is how critical good coaching is to good quarterbacking. Nick Foles more or less flamed out as a starter before he landed with Doug Pederson, and now suddenly he’s good again. Mitchell Trubisky was awful last year. The Bears brought in a talented Andy Reid acolyte and suddenly Trubisky looks a lot better (not great, but definitely better). Jared Goff looked like a bust his first year, then Sean McVay arrived and Goff is worlds better (sure, he stunk up the joint the last two weeks, but over the last two seasons he has been much better overall than he was in his rookie year).

    It makes me wonder a lot about highly-touted QB’s that turned into busts, and what they could have been with the right coaching. You’ve got guys (Manziel, Jamarcus Russell, and Leaf are the extreme examples) that just don’t have the mental makeup for the game, but a lot of others had some of the raw materials but just couldn’t get it together, and I suspect bad coaching is a huge part of it. For example, Mark Sanchez, Geno Smith, and EJ Manuel were all highly-touted first-round draft picks…and each spent critical early years on a team run by Rex Ryan, who doesn’t know the first thing about offense and didn’t bring in anyone with a pedigree than he had to run the offense. Sanchez, Manuel, and Smith probably would never have been stars, but nobody could have expected them to be as terrible as they were. Add most of the Browns’ first-round QB’s to that list.

    There’s no point in drafting a first-round QB if your organization is built on defense and run by a defensive coach. Just sign an established free agent who won’t ruin your season and spend the saved money and draft picks on filling other holes.

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