Report: Frank Gore not expected back this season

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Dolphins running back Frank Gore sprained his foot in Sunday’s loss to the Vikings and went for an MRI on Monday to determine the severity of the injury.

It’s reportedly severe enough to force an early end to Gore’s season. Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that Gore is not expected to play again this year after receiving the results of tests on the foot.

Gore turns 36 in May and isn’t under contract for the 2019 season, so it stands to reason that Sunday’s game might have been his final one as an NFL player.

Working against that idea would be the fact that Gore showed he can still be a productive back in 2018. He ran 156 times for 722 yards while playing 40 percent of the snaps in a timeshare with Kenyan Drake.

Those 722 yards give Gore 14,748 rushing yards for his career, which leaves him in fourth place in NFL history. He’s 521 yards behind Barry Sanders for third place, so a return in 2019 would give him a chance to move even higher on the list.

28 responses to “Report: Frank Gore not expected back this season

  1. I met Frank in person about a month ago down here in Miami.. We had the coolest conversation.. I never asked for his autograph, I believe athletes will give you all their time in the world.. But the moment you ask for an autograph, most of them feel used.. It was cool to just casually talk to him, and not make him feel like an “athlete”

  2. What a shame – You hate seeing this on such a horribly coached team.
    Gore has been the steady heartbeat of an Offense, that NOT to his fault is STAGNANT!
    It’s best to shelve him & hope he’s willing to play for this current regime next season
    IF Tannenbaum, Gase & his staff survive the offseason!

  3. I hope he gets to come back and go out on his own terms. The dude has to be one of the most underappreciated runners the game has seen. He never was on the elite lists when naming RB’s during the seasons he’s played but man has he put up an impressive resume. Hindsight definitely makes you appreciate his career more than the love he didn’t get. Don’t think anyone thought he was a bum by any stretch but much better than given credit for.

  4. 4.62 yards a carry, over 10 years experience, durable and can probably get him for a decent value contract, if he wants to play I’d take him.

  5. I’m sorry.. He’s not that far from the rushing record. If I were him, I’d keep playing til I got there.

  6. Frank Gore has been a fine player and a class act. I hope he retires rather than stays too long and gets badly injured.
    No matter where he has played I always enjoyed watching him play. Thanks for the memories, Frank.

  7. Please please sign this guy for another season. Would be a big loss in leadership not having him.

  8. I hope he comes back next year. He deserves to finish on a high note, not leaving the game in the first quarter.

  9. Blew out both ACL’s in college at Miami. Not only a great runner, but a devastating blocker picking up the blitz. The definition of a team guy. Not many like him anymore.

  10. He was playing well this year and a significant factor in keeping the Fins in the game against the Pats so their last second miracle play could win the game.

    He’ll be able to get a contract next year. It won’t be for top dollar as he can’t be an every down back any more, but he can still play well.

  11. I hope you have a few more seasons in your tank (pun intended)
    When you are done come back to SF. They could certainly use your football acumen in more ways than one.

  12. How can any fan of football, not root for Gore??? A class act, both on and off the field! In todays NFL, he is a rare bird 🙁 I wish there were a 1000 more just like him!!! I, also, hope he comes back next season, and gets to go out on his own terms……

  13. Come close out your career where you started it Frank! Shannahan and the Niners are getting chunk yards out of UDFA. They can find a good amount of yards for you and a little less wear and tear than a power run team.

  14. 5 years to the day he will be wearing a gold jacket. Hopefully he re signs with Miami for next season.

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