Cam Newton doesn’t know what’s wrong with his shoulder

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Panthers quarterback Cam Newton has had a problem with his shoulder for most of the season. As the season comes to a conclusion, Newton still doesn’t know what the problem is.

“For people who [have] labrum, rotator cuff, just shoulder soreness . . . I wish I could say what the injury is because I don’t really know what it is either,” Newton told reporters after Monday’s 12-9 loss to the Saints. “No matter how much you push, no matter how much you ice, the anti‐ inflammatory you take. Trust me, I’ve done it. Acupuncture, massages. There’s not a night that goes by without me getting some type of work done on my arm. You just don’t have the strength. From the range of motion, you work on the range of motion then come game time and you never know how the game can play out. Of course you try to stay under 25-30 throws, but if you surpass that or you get hit on it or you have to run or you get tackled and fall on your shoulder, certain things happen. That’s the game of football. As far as stiffness, just muscle tension, there’s a lot going on. At the end of the day it’s not something that hasn’t got worse over the weeks or hasn’t got better over the weeks. It’s just been the same.”

Newton said his inability to put in a full week of practice has been “disheartening” but he doesn’t want to play the “‘woe is me’ game.”

“I have to be better,” he said. “That’s what’s so frustrating. When you want it so bad and you push. You put so much on your plate and you know it doesn’t come down to you, but at the end of the day you just have to uphold your end of the bargain. When certain things don’t happen, that’s when frustration comes. That’s why I’m frustrated. It’s not necessarily about practice, which it is to a degree, but when you’ve been doing something over a certain time you kind of get in a regimen of when you’re supposed to do certain things. Obviously my arm hasn’t allowed me to do a lot of practice. I’ve been on a pitch count for a long time, but at the end of the day it is what it is. That’s not a scapegoat. That’s not something that I want people to bail me out on. It’s just something that is reality.”

Newton continues to deny that the pain in his shoulder is affecting his throws, but the eyeball test applied over the course of the season suggests otherwise. And it’s clear there’s an issue that has yet to be resolved.

“I think the thing is when you talk to the different people who can help you with it, there is no magical surgery,” Newton said. “It’s just time. I’ve been hearing that since the injury happened, but when you look around the league and you see guys doing certain things that you know you’re capable of doing, whatever it is. I feel as if this team has everything that it needs to go to the next level. Even with me and the position that I am in, it still didn’t come down to my arm tonight. It still comes down to execution.”

With the Panthers now at 6-8 and virtually eliminated from postseason consideration, Newton was asked whether he’s considering sitting out.

“That’s not on me,” Newton said. “My job is to do the things that I can control and for me at this particular point in time, I don’t have an answer for you. I know, and I’ll make public, that I have tried and done everything. I think the frustration, like I said before, comes when no matter what you do — you can rub magic dust on it, go to this or that person, have the placebo things done where you think certain things are what they are — and you come out and you’re still the same. Like I said, over the past couple of weeks nothing has really changed.”

Newton said he’s not looking forward to the conversation regarding whether he’d sit out, and he said “I don’t know” when asked whether it would bother him to not play. He also was asked about the possibility of surgery.

“I don’t know,” Newton said. “At this particular point, I don’t know. I’ve been eager . . . to find out what it is. . . . It is what it is. It is what we expect it to be. It’s not getting better, it’s not getting worse. It’s just a lot of soreness and tension in the joints.”

Whatever it is, the sooner they figure out what needs to be done and the sooner they start doing it, the better off Newton and the Panthers will be. Rest, surgery, whatever; get it started now so he’ll be good to go when the offseason program begins.

Assuming he’ll be good to go when the offseason program begins.

26 responses to “Cam Newton doesn’t know what’s wrong with his shoulder

  1. His shoulder is definately injured. He doesn’t have the zip or anything. I’ve been thinking that they should of sat him two weeks ago. I get that he’s the started and everything but this is about the long term, the shoulder is very fickle. A lot of moving parts.

  2. He was worse then usual. Ugliest throw in the league. They need to start using more designed runs for him, like they did for his superbowl run. Defense looked great.

  3. i dont know. i know hes young, but this isnt an encouraging sign for fans that want him to play another 7 or 8 years. he is a total beast but he gets hammered on bc of his reckless style of play. he sure is fun to watch though, so i hope this isnt a long term thing.

  4. If he won, there would be nothing wrong with his shoulder. Consistently making excuses of being heavily overrated. Cam Newton is a terrible QB and always has been. Carolina is horrible as well.

  5. This shoulder thing has been going on for the last three years. Its time to fix this or move on to a healthy QB. They say the NFL is a business well, I love Cam but its time to move on from him and find the next franchise QB.

  6. “Cam Newton doesn’t know what’s wrong with his shoulder”
    It’s connected to a head that makes very poor football and
    fashion decisions.

  7. His shoulder is fine enough to point and dance after running for a 1st with the clock ticking away at the end of the half instead of calling a TO.

    His schtick was annoying years ago. Now it’s just embarrassing.

  8. Newton should worry about whats lacking between his ears, not his shoulder.
    Let’s just say Cam isn’t going to be compared to Issac Newton any time soon.
    His biggest decision on game day is choosing how many sticks of mountain blueberry gum to load in his mouth. Obviously, forgetting his mouthpiece.

  9. The amount of vitriol directed at Cam Newton in these comment sections is shameful and likely rooted in racism. Take an honest inventory of your criticisms and the motivations behind them. Is Cam the best QB in the NFL? No. Is Cam one of the top-3 hardest to scheme against QBs in the leagues? I’d estimate that the majority of NFL coaches would say yes. Cam has a SB appearance, MVP award, and all-time QB rushing records under his belt, yet by the vitriolic comments, you’d think we were talking about Mark Sanchez. Recognize greatness when you see it! Cam is a generational talent! Extremely underrated! I am a Panthers fan, first and foremost, but I’m also a Cam Newton fan. I think that there are some valid durability concerns that warrant drafting a legitimate #2 QB to groom as his potential heir (or develop a solid trade commodity i.e. Garrapolo), but it’s frankly absurd to hit the panic button now. When we have an offensive line that can actually block and protect, and a defense that plays like they did last night, then we can put the microscope on Cam’s play. Why do so many people hate this man? He’s not a domestic abuser or sexual predator… seems that you can’t say that about half the league these days!

  10. The amount of vitriol directed at Cam Newton in these comment sections is shameful and likely rooted in racism.
    What? There’s always that one guy. Is that you Stephen A Smith? Aaron Rodgers gets roasted in comment sections too… Is that also racism?

  11. Cam is an enigma to me. A few weeks ago I read where he says he is playing the best football of his life. Then there is a game like last night where he is shot-putting the ball rather than throw it. He acts like superman when the Panthers win and suprbaby when they lose.

  12. I think his arm is like a pitcher in BB, dead arm and it needs a lot of rest, rest up, and come back strong in 2019. Bill

  13. dirtysoufsavage says:
    December 18, 2018 at 1:43 pm
    The amount of vitriol directed at Cam Newton in these comment sections is shameful and likely rooted in racism.
    What? There’s always that one guy. Is that you Stephen A Smith? Aaron Rodgers gets roasted in comment sections too… Is that also racism?

    Yeah, except NOBODY ever rails on Rodgers for his brains. Cam and all other black QB’s are disparaged for not being smart enough to read defenses. For some “unknown” reason, certain folks always go after how smart a black QB is. It’s never them being not good enough, it’s always – not “smart” enough to read a defense. I wonder why…?

    If you honestly think criticism of EVERY black QB’s ability to read a defense is not based on racism, then all I have to say is, bless your heart.

  14. I don’t believe that it’s a matter of racism as some are quick to point out. Believe it or not, you can dislike someone for something other than the color of their skin. I know it’s hard to believe in this day and age but it’s true. Cam takes heat because he dishes it out. His on-field demeanor lacks humility. In short, he comes off as a narcissistic jerk who loves to dish it out (exaggerated first down motion) when things go well, but acts petulant and cries when things don’t (post Super Bowl press conference). As far as raw talent and athleticism, he’s as good as there is and anyone who watches him knows that. I just wish he was a little more humble about it. He had a great opportunity to change the way people perceive him after the Super Bowl loss a few years back but his petulance got the best of him.

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