Ron Rivera not ready to shut Cam Newton down yet

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Panthers quarterback Cam Newton is obviously broken. But as long as he’s willing — and he apparently is — and as long as the Panthers have any mathematical chance, it appears they’re going to let him keep playing.

“There’s still a slim glimmer, so we’ll see,” Panthers coach Ron Rivera told reporters this morning. “We’ll continue to focus on playing football.”

Rivera followed up with his usual conditions — that he hasn’t talked to the doctors or athletic training staff or Newton yet, conversations he purposely schedules for after his day-after media briefings — but there seems to be no movement at the moment to park Newton because of his ailing right shoulder.

Asked if a clearly less-than-100 percent Newton still gave him the best chance to beat the Falcons this week, Rivera replied: “I believe in Cam. So we’ll leave it at that.”

At 6-8, the glimmer is slim indeed. And things may change later this week as Rivera gets the medical consultations he’s avoided to this point, before the move into the offseason mode.

21 responses to “Ron Rivera not ready to shut Cam Newton down yet

  1. He was struggling to throw 15 yard passes last night, he’s putting his whole body into his throws, this man is hurt and probably shouldn’t have been playing at all this season and needs a long time to recover like Andrew Luck did. Cam has a rocket arm and he is struggling to drive the ball downfield, he is obviously hurt and Rivera needs to pull the plug on him, but I guess his seat is hot and he is gonna do whatever it takes to get a win at whatever cost I suppose.

  2. It was “painful” to watch Cam try to throw the ball last night. The man is obviously hurt. How bad can Heinicke be??

  3. He should not have been playing last night, especially in the second half where he was using his whole body to throw the ball.

  4. “Tis but a scratch”

    I’m not a big Cam fan, but he’s hurt, and not just a little bit. Put him on IR, get him to the doctor and get it fixed.
    Quit asking his opinion; he’s not qualified to have one. He just wants to play.

  5. I like how towards the end of the game, instead of calling for a timeout, he decided to shine on himself with “First down” point and took too much time off the clock. That is the Cam I like: Me first. Also, he’s looked hurt for the last 5 games and since his throwing mechanics suck and he just uses is arm to generate that strong arm, you’ll continue to see him getting that throwing shoulder hurt.

  6. You were at the game last night? Were you one of the Panthers fans cheering when Morstead got hurt?

    Saints own the Panthers…4 in a row! Getcha broom out!! Again!!

    WHO DAT!

  7. His throws were errant because the Saints defense was in his face all night long. WHO DAT!

  8. When a coach has to ask a player for permission to take him out, you’ve got a dysfunctional franchise. Time for a full rebuild, starting with sitting Cam down.

  9. Cam, the team and the NFL do not care about your long term health. If you are hurt, you need to take care of yourself. Playing hurt (and likely poorly because of it) will only be used against you in any contract negotiations down the line.

  10. Cam apologists will blame it on his shoulder, but if the issue is his shoulder he must have come into the league with a bum shoulder. He has been sailing balls over WR’s heads and throwing worm burners since he has been in the league.

  11. He needs to be shut down for the rest of the year. Panthers should have let Cam take his time like Indy did with Luck. Now you have to wonder if this will hurt him in the long run.

  12. Cam had always been awful at throwing the ball. He’s just like krapernick, a rb pretending to be a qb. Panthers will draft a qb in the first round of they’re smart. Time to move on from this fraud of a qb. Panthers had a great team tbe past few years but never had a good qb. Cam ruined this panthers team. I’d rather have a 50 year old favre.

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