At least one team is plotting a run at Jim Harbaugh

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Jim Harbaugh has said he won’t return to the NFL, that he won’t leave Michigan after his team’s bowl game. That won’t stop someone from trying to get his attention.

Per a league source, at least one team plans to make a run at Jim Harbaugh after the NFL season ends. Whether he’ll bite remains to be seen, but the team in question is prepared to put the kind of money on the table that will get Harbaugh’s attention.

Chris Simms recently suggested on PFT Live that one team is indeed waiting for a chance to interview Jim Harbaugh. Simms wouldn’t name the team, and I’ve yet to be able to track down the team’s identity. But there’s at least one team that will try to get Jim Harbaugh to come back to the NFL after four years at his alma mater.

Four years. That’s the key number. From the Raiders to the University of San Diego to Stanford to the 49ers, Jim Harbaugh has stayed at each stop no more than four years. And now that his fourth year at Michigan is ending, it looks like someone will be making a run at him.

Again, he has said he’s not leaving. Maybe he won’t. But someone will try to get him to. Soon.

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  1. Each time he left a team he took an upgrade. An assistant at the Raiders to HC of SDSU. Then Stanford came calling because of his success at SDSU, the 49ers came calling because of his success at Stanford. Then Jed York foolishly kept the GM instead of Harbaugh. Him spending 4 years at each stop is a coincidence of better opportunity, not a sign that he’s going to bolt. I think Harbaugh wants to finish out his contract in Michigan. The poor guy hasn’t had a legit QB since Luck at Stanford.

  2. Yeah, he’s going to leave Michigan to go work for one of these goofy NFL owners again? And give up being his own boss, where he has complete freedom to do as he pleases coaching kids TRYING to get into the NFL instead of babysitting spoiled egomaniac millionaires like Cam Newton. LOL. Not sure why he’d want to make that change again, and hope he doesn’t. He’s the king of Ann Arbor (or maybe co-king along with Beilein)…. Go Blue! Beat Florida… again….

  3. It’s gotta be Cleveland. It’s doubtful the Jets would part w/that kind of money. Maybe Ross in MIA would take a shot. Would he harm his alma mater by poaching the HC? Would Bidwell in ARZ offer big bucks knowing Harbaugh would want absolute power? GB is publicly traded and stock owners won’t allow that. HMM maybe Tampa to make a splash? Ok I give up.

  4. Jim Harbaugh should live at the Four Seasons.
    Because that’s how long he stays at any job before PO-ing everyone in the building.

  5. There is nothing wrong to advance in your chosen profession. He may be sincerely interested in staying at Michigan. However each wage earner has a certain responsibility to his family. Possibly multiple generations

  6. mrbigass says:
    December 19, 2018 at 10:37 pm
    College coach “I have no interest in the NFL.”

    Everyone else “HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA….”
    For top tier coaches at big schools, there really isn’t much incentive to come to the NFL. Take Urban Myer for example… he makes the same money as Bill Belichick in a less competitive league. Why come to the NFL to make less for more of a headache?

  7. Harbaugh is worth $20 million a year. He went to the super bowl with Kaepernick the very first season Colin stepped onto the field, and then right back to the championship game the 2nd year. Kap hadn’t even begun to develop. Either Kap is getting ready to win millions from a collusion case, or Harbaugh was just so much better than all the other coaches. Giving the owners the benefit of the doubt and believing that they’re committed to winning, I’d say it was all Harbaugh’s coaching.

  8. While in the State of Michigan he couldn’t beat any Ohio team. It makes sense to go to the Browns. He always had better relationships with the younger NFL players who were not vetted yet. The Browns are young, with a young QB and draft picks to start pushing for a playoff run.

    He knows he turns the upstart Browns into a winner again..Job security.

  9. This is Michigan they have over a billion dollar athletic budget and can match anything any owner throws at him good luck unnamed NFL owner but to be honest after the Ohio State game him leaving wouldn’t be the end of the world

  10. Green Bay will take a look at Jim Harbaugh among many others. Gute does respect him as a coach. Mark Murphy and Gute have said they are not going to limit their search in any way. At the very least after Michigan’s bowl game they will fully vet him.

    I have mixed feelings on Harbaugh. I do feel he is more suited for the NFL than college football, but also think he is a little old fashioned and set in his ways. Does not like changing with the times. The type of coach the game could pass by over time. I do know that the Packers are looking for a long term fit and not a 3 or 4 year situation. Nick Saban is not a option for the long term because he is too old.

    The Packers are in the process of a expansive search and no one will be off limits to be interviewed. Out of many that will be looked at, the right person for the job will be hired.

    My choice will probably change, but as of today I would like to see Sean Payton get the job. Sorry Saints fans, we may have to let Sean have what he has said is his “dream job” in Green Bay. I like the possibilities Lincoln Riley brings as well. Matt LaFleur I think is a great offensive mind that is trapped with the Titans. Matt would be a very good fit with Aaron.

    If a offensive minded coach is hired I would like him to keep Mike Pettine as DC. Of course if a defensive minded coach like Vic Fangio is hired, Pettine as DC most likely won’t be a option.

    One thing I am sure of is, I want the new head coach hired and in place by February 10th. Plenty of time before the draft.


  11. He’s the kind of coach Cam Newton needs. Someone to dress him down when he makes foolish mistakes. Doubt it will happen, but it would benefit everyone involved I think. Well, except of course for Ron Rivera

  12. It’s the Jets. He was rumored there in 2015. The Jets biggest problem is that any good head coach candidates (certainly includes Jim Harbaugh and John) will not want to work with Maccagnan. Why would anyone after he has been throwing the Jets current Head Coach under the bus through the media? The media is going along for the ride saying Maccagnan deserves more time for drafting Darnold (because Maccagnan is feeding them stories in turn for the media giving him a pass and recommendation to stay – quid pro quo). He has been working them hard for the past few weeks giving off record tidbits plus promises of info in the future) Thanks for drafting Adams and Darnold – consensus top 6 picks. What finds.
    Hackenberg, Lee, Devin Smith, Lorenzo Mauldin, Spencer “center that can’t shotgun snap” Long, Darrelle Revis when he was done for a ton of money, Wilkerson for a ton of money instead of Damon Harrison. To quote Bill Parcells “You are what your record says you are”. Jets aren’t bad because of Todd Bowles; they are bad because the person charged with procuring talent is a charlatan with zero leadership skills (talked about the 2019 season on a game week half way through the 2018 season with the team struggling and headed into road division game). If the Johnsons keep Maccagnan (and have him in charge of the hire process) they tell any good prospective coach to stay away. Drafting Adams and Darnold (the trade up included) was nothing exceptional-anyone could do that and would have. THE QUESTION OVERLOOKED IN THE MEDIA: HOW DID THE JETS END UP IN THE TOP 6 TWO YEARS IN A ROW? Maccagnan’s value as an awful team builder will appreciate this year with the Jets likely picking at number 3-4 overall.

  13. Chris Simms has contacts in Tampa…where he played. The Glazer’s have deep pockets. Another swing and miss.

  14. It’s hard to believe some of these teams that are still competing for playoff spots might be already looking to fire their coaches. Ignoring those, it’s either Green Bay, the Jets, or the Jaguars. I don’t think Jacksonville is big enough for Tom Coughlin and Jim Harbaugh. I also don’t think Jim Harbaugh would like to be in New York. Having Aaron Rodgers for a few years might be tempting to him. Cleveland could be in the mix but they are surging with Greg Williams and may just give him the gig.

  15. I could see Pete Carroll ‘retiring’ after this year. No matter what he says publicly, he’s getting old and I sure could see Harbaugh being that choice to replace him. The Seahawks are very young again and very talented and I watched what he did in San Francisco with his young team. Perfect fit.

  16. The answer is in the article.

    Big Money….for an over rated big name coach…

    Daniel Snyder can’t resist that recipe for disaster.

  17. The NFL will have to wait till Michigan fires Harbaugh. He is such a fierce competitor he would never leave until he beats Ohio State.

    The day Harbaugh beats Ohio State will never come. The question then is will the NFL welcome back a beaten down emasculated Wolverine,if that is not being redundant.

  18. The only reason he only stayed at San Fran four years is those dopes got rid of him, and look what they’ve done since that stupid move.

  19. He certainly seems to be a good… very good, even… coach but for some reason I just don’t think I want him in Green Bay. I don’t know if it’s his abrasiveness or what. Thinking about it, I’m not even sure how abrasive he is (or isn’t); it could just be a misconception on my part altogether.

  20. Also, interesting this rumor gets put out there at the beginning of the signing period for college players. Couldn’t be any ulterior motive by some other college teams, now could there?

  21. He’s a proven NFL coach. But to try and lure him away from the contract he has at Michigan is insanity. By the time endorsements and side money is factored in he’s making just shy of what Gruden is earning. He’s not walking away from that sort of deal to take a pay cut.

  22. He’s going to the Packers and that’s a concern. Unless the Vikings fire Zim, which they should do if they don’t make it to the SB at least.

  23. You can always tell who opposing teams fear going to Green Bay. The ones they fear going to the Packers, they will post 50 times that there is “no chance” so and so will go to Green Bay.

    This is the “if I type it enough it will become fact” strategy.

    Funny stuff😁

  24. Another reason to despise Jed York. The guy was born with a silver spoon in his mouth and had the 49ers handed to him as a present from mommy and daddy just like Mark Davis. He lucked into Harbaugh since he was just down the street at Stanfurd and then ruined it.

  25. hawkkiller says:
    December 19, 2018 at 10:53 pm
    Hope its not my team. Last thing we need is Harbaugh & his dated offensive philosophy .
    Yeah, because Steve Wilkes is lighting the NFL on fire in Arizona…

  26. Spoiler alert: Cleveland is the team that will contact him and oddly enough, is currently the best job opening in the NFL. They have a #1 draft pick QB in Baker Mayfield, who seems to be a good player. Personality wise, Mayfield and Harbaugh would do very well together. They have a good running game and a few decent receivers. The young and fast defense is also a good selling point. Harbaugh isn’t going near Green Bay. Rodgers is too fragile at his age to rely on and the defense needs a rebuild. Denver has no QB and an unreliable GM.

  27. It is almost certainly Miami. Ross loves him some Jim Harbaugh. There will likely be an offer involving full control of football operations made in secret and Harbaugh’s response determines the fate of Gase, Grier and Tannenbaum. Ross tried that move publicly before Harbaugh even had his NFL success with the 49ers (offering $7M+/year) and it backfired. There will almost certainly be an NDA to avoid validating rumours but I have no doubt Ross will try.

  28. Harbaugh needs to go to LSU. He’s excellent at hammering fundamentals, but not a revolutionary schemer. LSU has consistently had the best players in college football for almost 20 years now. Les Miles won a national championship there by maximizing his players potential, I think Harbaugh would do the same.

  29. I put my money on the Brownies, although the Bengals can definitely use him since Harbaugh is a turnaround manager. His history of turning a bad team into a good one is impressive. However, he has yet to coach his team to be the best. Did not do it at Stanford, Frisco or Michigan, although coming within a completed pass of winning s SB. Teams like the Broncos, Jets, Bills and Bucs can use his services too.

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