Montae Nicholson benched, video shows knockout punch

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A day after Washington safety Montae Nicholson was arrested for assault and battery, video has emerged showing the attack, and the team has announced he will not play on Saturday.

Washington coach Jon Gruden said today that Nicholson, who has played in all 14 games this season, will not be active for Saturday’s game at Tennessee. Gruden said he wasn’t sure whether the team would term it a suspension or merely keep him on the bench.

“He won’t play this week,” Gruden said. “We’ll have a discussion right after practice and then decide what to do if we’re gonna put him on a list.”

Video published by TMZ shows Nicholson punching a man and appearing to knock him unconscious, while another man tries to restrain Nicholson.

Nicholson also faces a charge of public intoxication.

46 responses to “Montae Nicholson benched, video shows knockout punch

  1. I suppose I should say “wait for all the facts to come out.” But I won’t…

    All I can say is this. These guys need to realize that they have far more to lose than the person they are beating up. They have to be able to walk away. I don’t know if it is the “keeping it real” or the “I ain’t no punk” mentality but I’m sure the guy that he knocked out did not have a single thing to lose which is why he did/said whatever he did/said.

    This is especially try in the high definition cellphone camera society that we live in. Walk away.

  2. NFL, the National Felons League. If my salary was in the millions and all I had to do is not get arrested to keep the money, I’d develop self-control in a hurry. Idiot.

  3. I mean it looks like a straight up fight in this video? Like is he being charged because he won? Or did he attack the guy & it’s just not in video?

  4. That some complete BS. I all see and know how fans are towards figures…all the trash talking and name calling prime example what happened in LA on Monday night. If you man enough to talk trash, you should be man enough to back it up. The Redskins are treating this situation as if it had something to do with domestic violence and they are wrong af for it.

  5. @whatjusthapped
    Then fans should watch what they say outta their mouths. Why is is Ok for fans to talk out the side of their necks and expect for something to happen. At the end these players are people too.

  6. If this was not self defense, you might as well kiss that career over or best case very tarnished and huge huge money to get yourself out of this one.
    It’s the football season, why are you drunk at 2am anyway?

  7. We need to stop holding and putting these players on a plateau. At the end of the day, they are regular people just like you and me, with regular problems that we all go through. They aint no different than you and me. They put their pants on the same way you do…one leg at a time.

  8. Nicholson really got screwed this season with the signing of Clinton-Dix. Defense hasn’t been the same since he was benched. Decision makers in Washington have really shown their colors this season. Also, what is with the constant screen calls on 3rd and distance? It is so predictable, my friend’s kids were calling it out before every play last week.

  9. “Knock out punch”? Come on. Watch the video again. It looks like he overthrew at him and grazed him. The last thing he needs right now is the reputation that he’s Tyson. But, like it was said so many times already…nothing good happens after midnight. And now after this goes to court both him and his GF will be broke!

  10. Knocking a guy out in the street is SO dangerous. You can go from an assault charge to a manslaughter rap very easily when the dudes head bounces off the asphalt. Stupid move regardless though…

  11. To me, most of the video the guy being restrained is the “other guy” not Nicholson.

    At one point there are two guys on the ground. The “other guy” is trying to stand up and his (maybe) friend while still on the ground, yanks on his sweatshirt. He stumbles and Nicholson connects again. If that’s his friends way of protecting him….geesh,

  12. Clearly appears drunk, based on the slow-motion swinging of his “haymakers”….
    Still, what is he doing out at 2:00AM, during the season etc. etc….damn shame had a much larger upside going forward then Haha Clinton-Dix. Let’s hope this isn’t something that ruins his career.
    Culture changes are needed in Redskins organization. Leadership can’t be held responsible for what guys do when they’re not at practice, but they instill the work ethic of the team and values (unless they don’t). some teams never ever have these issues!

  13. httr4life4ever says:
    December 19, 2018 at 3:04 pm
    Then fans should watch what they say outta their mouths. Why is is Ok for fans to talk out the side of their necks and expect for something to happen. At the end these players are people too.

    How do you know what, if anything, this guy said?

  14. Ruben Foster needs to teach his new teammates how to look out for any cameras before they start swinging.

  15. This origination is the Bowles of the NFL. Snyder doesn’t care about law issues. Just that 1 more win brings in millions. That’s all he cares about. The team from Washington will never win a super bowl under his ownership. What a disgrace this owner and players on this team are. If you commit any crime at all, no matter what it is, you will always have a job on that last place team.
    Yours truly. Jerrah.

  16. What if? What if he walks away and gets in a cab to go home? What if he cooperates with his friend who is trying to intervene? What if he is home at this time of night, getting a good night’s rest for the next day? What if he parties at his home, with real friends who are not likely to engage in violence? What if, the 2 most inane words in the English language.

    I’ll you what if…he is not arrested, not charged, not on TMZ, not facing a benching/suspension/release by the Redskins/NFL. He is playing on Saturday, not spending money on lawyers, not getting a reputation. Grow, be a man.

  17. Did he celebrate after scoring a knockout?

    This is important, they practice celebrating all week long and should be able to use it.

  18. finzfan49 says:

    December 19, 2018 at 3:18 pm

    If this was not self defense, you might as well kiss that career over or best case very tarnished and huge huge money to get yourself out of this one.
    It’s the football season, why are you drunk at 2am anyway?

    It stopped being self defense when he delivered a kill shot to an unconscious man laying on the ground.

  19. So reminiscent of that time I saw that tennis player beat a guy in the street… oh… wait.. I mean the time that golfer punched a guy out… oh.. wait..

  20. minnesotablizzard says:
    December 19, 2018 at 3:24 pm

    Is the dude left handed? 3 lefts in a row? Also terrible ground game by all involved. Why do NFL players just throw sloppy overhand punches? I want to see a choke.


    Then watch the Cowboys the next two weeks.

  21. Shortly AFTER the TMZ video was released the Redskins put Nicholson on reserve list. What is it with these teams? A player knocks some guy unconscious in a parking lot and gets benched for a game. But once that TMZ video comes out, only then does the team mete out meaningful discipline. These teams will only do the right thing when forced to do so — never out of a sense of honor or corporate responsibility.

  22. Interesting how everyone rushes to judgement, yet the facts certainly aren’t known and likely haven’t all been gathered yet. One story out there is that the “victim” tried to steal a gold chain from Nicholson. Does that change things? IMHO, maybe, maybe not – we just don’t know enough yet.

  23. “Nothing good happens after midnight.”

    Totally disagree. I’ve had plenty of great things happen after midnight as long as I wasn’t acting like a drunken idiot and doing extremely stupid things

  24. Even if the guy tried to steal his chain, you can’t just keep attacking the guy once he no longer poses a threat. Famous athletes are held to a higher standing then normal people, they can be on World Star or NFL, not both.

  25. Jon Gruden didn’t say it, Jay Gruden did. just saying. Unless they both got fired and the Redskins hired Jon.

  26. It looks to me like the other guy’s arm was being held by a friend who was trying to pull him back and Montae charged him and hit him in the face when he was not able to defend himself. That’s a bad look.

  27. @lukedunphysscienceproject

    How do you know what, if anything, this guy said?
    I don’t but I am a fan and I attend game regularly (about 6 games a year including away games), so I hear what fans say and see how these fans act. Alcohol is the ultimate truth serum.

  28. Why are the standards different. Hunt is out of the league and likely to not return for a year or two for basically shoving a person into a woman and then pushing her with his foot. This dude straight up throws a punch to the head of a guy and knocks him out. Then throws another punch to an unconscious man.

    He should be on the same path as Hunt with the NFL. Additionally, he should be criminally charged.

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