Colt McCoy wants to play in regular season finale

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Football players mostly want to play football, regardless the pain.

That’s why Washington quarterback Colt McCoy is hoping to play in the regular season finale, 27 days after he broke his leg on national television.

According to Les Carpenter of the Washington Post, McCoy said he was running again, and wanted to play again this season but didn’t offer any further details.

He suffered a broken fibula on Dec. 3 against the Eagles, and they close the season against the same team on Dec. 30. The fibula is the non-weight-bearing bone in the lower leg, but four weeks is still a quick recovery.

They decided not to put him on injured reserve, in case there were playoff possibilities, and there are. Which might be as amazing as McCoy’s speedy recovery.

7 responses to “Colt McCoy wants to play in regular season finale

  1. Listen I don’t follow the Skins or Colt all that much but from a human being perspective holy moly that’s healing fast.

  2. Colt better keep hisself at home and heal up right before he makes worse. The Redskins won’t win out and even if they did they are one and done in the playoffs, especially under Jay Grudens incompetence.

  3. Colt wasn’t playing winning football when he was 100% healthy! Colt is not an NFL starting QB, he’s only a good second string QB if he stays on the bench…

  4. In the unlikely event that the Skins beat Titans this week, then JJ deserves the next start against Philly as well.
    If they lose to the Titans, the probably no point in Colt risking further injury.

  5. I think he wants to play in the finale because he understands that he stands to lose his backup job to JJ. He had all that time to prep and he fell flat. His best chance at work next year is as the Skins backup, which now is very dicey at best.

  6. Good luck Colt. You deserve it being a solid backup since you escaped Cleveland. Better than playing the last meaningless game come to the Sugar Bowl and enjoy Texas beating UGA.

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