Chris Long builds locker room shrine to Nick Foles

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Eagles defensive end Chris Long is like a lot of us, decorating the place, putting up lights, and waiting for the arrival of Saint Nick.

Only in his case, it’s Nick Foles.

Long has created a small shrine to their backup quarterback/savior who arrives in December, with photos, a personalized copy of Foles’ book, and religious candles.

“He’s been there to bail us out when we’ve had injuries before,” Long said, via Tim McManus of And this weekend, no different. I know he’s going to show up big.”

Foles has handled last year’s Super Bowl run with grace, knowing that subbing for injured Carson Wentz makes it a delicate situation. But that wasn’t stopping Long from having a little fun.

“I made him see it. It’s for him,” Long said of Foles. “I just don’t think he likes the attention. But it’s not about attention. It’s about energy. Give him some good energy. It’s going to work. He always shows up big for us.”

The Eagles are hanging onto playoff hopes, heading into Sunday’s game against the Texans, and clearly they’re having fun with the moment — as they did last year when Foles led them to a title.

8 responses to “Chris Long builds locker room shrine to Nick Foles

  1. I find it very easy to root for Nick Foles. He’s one of very few high-profile people that make it easy to believe he really is the person he presents himself to be. Of course, I could be wrong; I certainly have been many times before; but I sure hope I’m not.

  2. I know it’s a huge long shot at this point and their secondary has been decimated but how awesome would it be for us Eagles fans if they won this weekend and were able to stay alive for one more week?

    I don’t know if they statistically played better last week but the team was more fun to watch than at any point this year.

  3. Sorry She-gle fans but the Foles magic ends this weekend when the Boys beat the Bucs and the birds lose to the Texans and Philly is OUT of playoff contention………….Merry Christmas to all!

  4. If St. Nick Foles can help deliver the Eagles a playoff spot his legend will be off the charts and if he helps deliver the Eagles another Lombardi then his legend will eclipse even St. Nicholas himself!

  5. You really don’t understand how that whole seeding thing works for the playoffs, huh?

    Eagles aren’t going anywhere except to the fridge to get a beer whilst watching the Cowboys play at home in the wild card round.

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