DeSean Jackson sells his house in Tampa

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DeSean Jackson wants out of Tampa. Unless he doesn’t. Unless he does.

According to, Jackson has sold his Tampa mansion as he concludes the second year of a three-year contract.

Jackson, 32, signed the $33.5 million deal in 2017. He’s on the books for $10 million in 2019, but none of that is guaranteed.

He has 750 yards on 40 catches with five total touchdowns in 2018. More than half of that production — 424 yards — came during the first four weeks, when Ryan Fitzpatrick was the starter.

Jackson reportedly asked for a trade before the deadline, but then he professed a desire to stay in Tampa. And then he didn’t deny that he’d asked for a trade.

If he does, he’ll need a new house, given that he flipped the home he purchased for $875,000 for a tidy profit of $225,000, selling it for $1.1 million.

21 responses to “DeSean Jackson sells his house in Tampa

  1. I’d want out too . Jameis is not a very consistent thrower , especially the deep ball . That’s Jackson’s money maker .

  2. I like D Jack, outspoken and brash typical WR, but he has never run afoul of the law, although tethering on the brink sometimes. He seems to be a good teammate and always turns it on when the lights come on.He may have decent financial sense also, flipping million dollar homes for profit, he can buy some more gold chains for Fitzpatrick to wear with the 25% profit on his home sale.

  3. I think he’ll come back home to LA where Jared Goff can air the ball out to him and extend the field.

  4. Maybe he’s selling it because the next door neighbors house 10 feet away. Packed a little tight there.

  5. Nicely done Mr Jackson. So many athletes overpay on their homes and take a beating when it’s time to sell. I don’t know what home Khalil Mack ended up buying in Chicago, but I loved his answer when he was asked by Chicago reporters what he would end up buying: “I’ll have to check with my financial advisor about what I can afford.” Smart man.

  6. Ryan Baker says:
    December 21, 2018 at 10:24 am
    I’d want out too . Jameis is not a very consistent thrower , especially the deep ball . That’s Jackson’s money maker .


    Mike Evans or Chris Godwin have no problem with it tho

  7. Man…the Bills could line up DeSean on one side with his speed and young speedster Robert Foster on the other with a high quality rookie or Zay Jones in the slot…and Josh Allen’s arm…OMG….I’m actually drooling.

  8. There hasn’t been a great chemistry between Jackson and Winston in those 2 years Jackson has been a Buc. Jackson has been a speedy deep threat everywhere has has played. That’s the basic reason he was brought to TB. Evans is the big receiver with good hands, while Humphries the quick slot receiver. The Bucs need that player who was a ‘home run threat’ every time he touched the ball. That was Jackson’s roll.

    When Fitz had to start the season, Bucs fans saw the chemistry between Fitz and Jackson on the first play. Jackson and Fitz were ‘magic’ together. Ftiz threw down filed, and Jackson caught the ball. There was an instant connection. Fitz throws an aching ball, and Jackson runs under it. The problem started when Winston came back. Winston is not very accurate throwing the ball down field. Winston is more of a ‘line’ passer than an ‘arch’ passer throwing the ball down field. That style of throw doesn’t allow a receiver to run under the ball. With Winston style, he has to be totally accurate with his throws. There is no room for error. With Fitz’s throws, there is.

    I’m sure Jackson feels, if Winston is the QB, he has no future in TB. Jackson is not as young as he use to be. He might as well go where somebody can use his talents.

  9. purplepackerhater says:
    December 21, 2018 at 11:34 am
    Unless that house is way out in the sticks, 1.1m isn’t enough for a Mansion, unless it still needs a lot of work.

    Bet he ends up on the west coast in either LA or SF.


    $1.1M will go a long way in Florida these days.

    I’d love to see DeSean back in DC but there’s nobody to throw to him.

  10. sigbouncer says:
    December 21, 2018 at 10:25 am
    “Gruden offer up a 5th round pick after the season and bring him to the Raiders.”

    Yes that would be the Raiders way. Trade a pick for a guy with 10 Mill guranteed for next season on the last year of his deal lol.
    It’s possible, Gruden traded a 3rd for a WR that ended up getting kicked out of the league again.
    Can the Raiders be that incompetent?

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