Ifeadi Odenigbo spurns Eagles’ offer to stay on Vikings’ practice squad

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Defensive end Ifeadi Odenigbo chose to remain on the Vikings’ practice squad rather than join the Eagles’ 53-player roster after Minnesota increased his pay, Chris Tomasson of the Pioneer Press reports.

The Vikings raised Odenigbo’s salary to $28,235 per week, which is the same as he would have made on a minimum deal with the Eagles. The practice squad minimum is $7,600 a week.

“When you’re on the practice squad, you don’t really know if you’re staying with a team, but [the Vikings] told me they look at me as part of the future, so it was cool,’’ Odenigbo said. “They told me, ‘We have plans for you and trust the process and we’ll match their offer.’ So that worked out well.’’

Odenigbo, a seventh-round pick of the Vikings in 2017, spent all of last season on the Vikings’ practice squad. He had short stints on the 53-player rosters of the Browns and Cardinals this season before rejoining the Vikings’ practice squad Oct. 31.

Besides the Eagles being “pretty heavily interested” in signing Odenigbo, the Colts also have had interest.

Odenigbo plans to sign a futures contract with the Vikings in the offseason.

34 responses to “Ifeadi Odenigbo spurns Eagles’ offer to stay on Vikings’ practice squad

  1. Part of the future? This guy is trash. I hope Zimmer and Spielman aren’t part of the Vikings future.

  2. I remember this guy from a preseason game. He had like three or four sacks coming off the edge. I guess he was playing tackle and then tried him on the outside and he came alive. I was sad when they released him as part of the final cuts. I am surprised at how much he has been around, but am glad to see him come home. I think he will be a contributor before long. Apparently so do the Vikings. Work hard guy, we can always use good players.

  3. So…they obviously like this kid, they can save around $10M in salary cap if they cut Everson next year, and Weatherly was very good in Everson’s place earlier this year…seems like the writing is on the wall here.

  4. Not a bad decision for him. The Eagles are deep on the Defensive line (when healthy) that’s what brought the trophy to Philly last year, not St Nick. With Cox eating double and even triple teams and Graham, Bennett,maybe Jerrnigan and young additions of Barnett and Sweat. The are poised to be great for a while. Even if the Birds lose Chris Long to retirement and Tim jernigan to a possible salary cap cut. The Birds could draft a replacement for either or both in the 3rd or 4th round and add depth.

    So his decision to stay on the practice squad is unusual but, I understand it. He probably would have a better shot at more reps in Minnesota.

  5. Why? The Viking are going nowhere in a hurry. Cousins has proved time and again that he can’t win the Big One. If they could the Vikings would take that money back dump Cousins, but it’s guaranteed.

    In the this NFL defenses do not win championships. Making the Vikings time over before it even started.

  6. Sorry Eagles, but in this game money talks.
    Why would he go through the hassle of uprooting himself and risking injury when he can make the same cash here on the practice squad.
    Really, a no brainer.

  7. I love the way this team drafts and develops on defense, it’s why they’re in the top ten year after year. Now if only we could get more consistency and less turnovers from the QB position we could really make some hay.

  8. Do the iggles go after ever guy that’s out there ,,,,,poor management model if there ever was one !

  9. You have a chance to learn from Cox, Long, Graham, Barnett and Bennett and you say no thanks I’d rather learn from Everson instead. I’ll keep an eye out for him during cuts next year…. maybe the only time we’ll hear his name again.

  10. Liberalsruineverything says:
    December 22, 2018 at 10:04 am

    They would have looked at the Packers practice squad but the Packers already picked the Wausau High School team clean.
    C’mon, Man, let’s be better than this.
    As fans, we have to stop this obsessive compulsion to harp on the Packers every chance we get. It’s embarrassing and dumb.
    I get it, the Vikes were their divisional whipping boys for so many years it’s natural to want to still lash out at their fans.
    But, as these last 2 seasons have shown, those days are over with, let’s act accordingly.
    And stop allowing that team to take up residence, rent free, in your head.

  11. Winning. Its likely he believes that Griffin is on his way out and thinks he can compete for the other starting end spot.

  12. Part of the future? This guy is trash. I hope Zimmer and Spielman aren’t part of the Vikings future.
    When was the last time a player took less (money/job) to live and play in Green Bay? The Packers have to over pay to get anyone to be there.

  13. He turned down Indianapolis as well which is a class team, unlike Philly who no descent person wants to play off. So it’s obvious he really loves playing for the World Class Minnesota Vikings and is looking forward to multiple rings in the next few years….

  14. Alan Light says:
    December 22, 2018 at 10:43 am
    World Class Vikings or Scum Level Philly? Obvious and easy choice for the future star….
    It’s kind of funny that scum level has a Super Bowl title and the World Class team doesn’t. The Eagles actually have more characteristics of a “World Class” organization than the Vikings do. Part of being “world class” providing a benchmark for excellence. The Eagles reached the apex of the league last year. The “world class” Vikings have underachieved. They didn’t even correctly evaluate one of their key staff this year and had to let them go, and then spent a money on what is now their most valuable asset and it’s not performing in the manner expected. The Vikings certainly aren’t what people envision when they think of “world class.”

  15. cheeseisfattening says:
    December 22, 2018 at 1:56 pm

    When was the last time a player took less (money/job) to live and play in Green Bay? The Packers have to over pay to get anyone to be there.


    The guy was cut by the Cardinals and Browns earlier this season. But overpaying him to stay on your practice squad is a victory?

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