Is this the year Marvin Lewis leaves the Bengals?

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Marvin Lewis has become the new Sean Payton.

For several consecutive years before last year, a Sunday Splash! report or two (or more) suggested that Payton would be leaving the Saints. And he’s still there.

In December 2017, it was reported definitively that Lewis will leave the Bengals after the season. And, of course, he’s still there.

Lewis, whose contract expired after 2017, ultimately signed a new two-year deal, continuing a relationship with owner Mike Brown that traces back to 2003. And now that 2018 is coming to an end, speculation once again swirls that this year will be the last year for Lewis in Cincinnati.

Two years ago, it was believed Marvin Lewis hoped to stay in Cincinnati long enough to allow his son, Marcus, to establish himself in the profession. Depending on where that currently stands, Lewis could decide that he can move on at 60.

And if the relationship is going to end, it’s more likely to end with Lewis walking than being pushed. Brown doesn’t like to pay people to not work, and if Lewis were to be fired, Brown would owe Lewis a full season of pay.

Still, there’s a belief percolating that Lewis will indeed move on after the season. Recent history tells us that, while it makes sense to keep an eye on the situation, the unexpected has become the expected in Cincinnati. And with Lewis constantly staying, the unexpected could be a departure, especially with the Bengals sinking so low this year that they’ll head to Cleveland as double-digit underdogs on Sunday.

11 responses to “Is this the year Marvin Lewis leaves the Bengals?

  1. Marvin Lewis NFL Record:

    131 wins – 120 losses – 3 ties

    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

    bengals owner mike brown record before Marvin Lewis:

    55 wins – 137 losses – 0 ties

    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

    bengals owner mike brown CAREER record since Hall of Fame father Paul Brown died:

    186 wins – 257 losses – 3 ties

  2. “In the past 38 major league sports seasons in Cincinnati since 2000, the city claims only six division championships, 10 playoff appearances, zero playoff advancements, zero championships, and if the Bengals lose one more game, 24 losing seasons.”

    At least the Reds “appear” willing to try and change that, finally.

  3. Mike Brown doesn’t call plays. Mike Brown doesn’t call bad timeouts. Mike Brown isn’t dictating that Hardy Nickerson or Bobby Hart play significant time.

    If you’re deflecting blame from Lewis to Brown because it has gotten a little better in Lewis’ tenure, then I don’t know what to tell you. Keep being satisfied with a mediocre team.

    Brown and Jerry Jones have some added exposure since they refuse to hire GMs, but generally, no one cares what an owner’s record is. It’s a shame that Mike Brown has done much to tarnish Paul Brown’s legacy, but it’s Marvin Lewis’ responsibility to win games.

    The only thing, in my opinion, worse than Marvin Lewis in 2019 would be Hue Jackson. I’d rather have Samuel Jackson.

  4. The whole M. Lewis (or is it now Marvin Jackson or is it Hue Lewis?) situation has played out during the 16 years akin to the TV Series Law and Order (and its spin-offs). Steady enough to hold to a job, middling ratings to at least rake it a bit of the revenues, B&C cast rated actors who can’t make it to the big show (for the Bengals that’s the players and most namely one QB of Andy Dalton). Eventually all shows come to an end (save for the Simpsons).

  5. Why would he resign? He’s got the best job security in the league. Mike Brown will never make the decision to fire him and he knows it.

  6. Did you see the empty seats at Paul Brown Stadium last week? Regrdless of posted attendance, there could not have been 10,000 actually there.

    Seats, concessions and parking will be the determining factor for Marvin Lewis’ employment status in 2019. It is ALWAYS the bottom line with Mike Brown.

  7. It has little to do with contract situation. Mike Brown just doesn’t like to fire coaches, period, because the Cleveland Browns fired his dad 850 years ago. So Mike has only fired 2 head coaches in 27 years, despite a cumulative record of 186-257-3. Cincinnati is the worst place to be a sports fan. Neither sports franchise has won a playoff game/series since the early 90’s. Terrible ownership is shielded from criticism because the national media simply doesn’t care either way. Local media won’t go in on the Brown family, because they’ll be denied access.

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