Jim Schwartz compares DeAndre Hopkins to Charles Barkley for his catching skills

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Philadelphia Eagles defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz turned to a famous athlete from Philadelphia’s past in finding a comparison for Houston Texans wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins.

According to Dave Zangaro of NBC Sports Philadelphia, Schwartz cited former 76ers forward Charley Barkley and his ability to rebound as a comparison for Hopkins and his ability to catch a football seemingly no matter where it’s thrown.

He has some rebounder-type skills in him,” Schwartz said of Hopkins. “Charles Barkley would lead the NBA in rebounds when he’s 6-3. Those guys that just have a knack for high point and a knack for knowing — but I think that sort of stands out the most.”

Barkley is actually 6-foot-6, but he was still undersized compared to the many 7-foot tall centers he had to battle for rebounds during his playing career. Barkley become a top 20 all-time rebounder in the NBA over his 16 years with the 76ers, Phoenix Suns and Houston Rockets.

Hopkins is arguably the best receiver in the NFL at the moment. He’s caught 94 passes for 1,321 yards and 11 touchdowns though 14 games this season for the Texans. He could still set career-highs in catches (111), yards (1,521) and touchdowns (13) over the final two weeks of the regular season.

The Eagles will have to attempt to slow him down with a severely depleted secondary. Schwartz coached Calvin Johnson with the Detroit Lions and knows there is only so much you can do to handle a player of Johnson’s or Hopkins’ caliber.

“What do you tell the guy, get taller? Hey, jump higher,” Schwartz said.

10 responses to “Jim Schwartz compares DeAndre Hopkins to Charles Barkley for his catching skills

  1. Curtis Crabtree – Barkley is not 6 foot 6. He is listed at that height but many have said he was 6 foot 4. He was amazing to be that height and have all those rebounds.

  2. I met Barkley in Houston. I am 6’4” – Charles was never 6’6”… 6’3” at best! Listed at 6’6” maybe, but so was I back in the day. Remember the NFL has the combine and heights are reported accurately. The NBA has no such systematic measurement system. Durant has admitted to “picking” his height.

    The Round Mound was at least an inch shorter than me.

  3. I met Sir Charles in Phoenix several times. I’m 6’3” and we were about the exact same height.

  4. I played darts and foosball with Charles at a bar in Buffalo, NY. I am 6’4″ and he was about an inch shorter than me.

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