Rams knew early on that Ndamukong wasn’t the same old Suh

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The stunning move by the Rams to trade for defensive end Dante Fowler Jr. was believed to be the icing on the cake for a championship-caliber defense. But Fowler was more of a necessity than a luxury.

Per a league source, the Rams made the trade for Fowler because they quickly realized that defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh isn’t the same guy that he was three years ago.

Recent performances confirm that. With the Bears and Eagles deciding to take away defensive tackle Aaron Donald, Suh hasn’t been able to take advantage of the more favorable matchups that flow from an obsession to stop one guy.

Of course, Fowler hasn’t taken advantage, either. As one source pointed out to PFT, the Rams’ first choice was Bills defensive end Jerry Hughes, but Buffalo and L.A. couldn’t work out a deal before the deadline.

Maybe Hughes will become the Rams’ next target in 2019, when Suh and/or Fowler leave as free agents.

25 responses to “Rams knew early on that Ndamukong wasn’t the same old Suh

  1. He has been pretty invisible most games this season. Opposing teams have wised up that him and Michael Brockers are not winning many one on one matchup’s so they can afford to double or even triple team Donald. This Rams defense is gonna look a whole lot different next year. Suh, Mark Barron, La Marcus Joyner, and probably Talib will be gone. If this defense was even half as good as it was projected to be at the start of the season this team would probably be undefeated right now IMO.

  2. As a Bills fan, I would certainly hate to see Jerry leave Buffalo if this were to happen, but I guess there’s always “the right price” in the NFL. They managed to wipe Darius’ contract & I never thought that would happen w/ his contract until the Jags came into play.

  3. Why people are fans of this guy is beyond me. This guy is a garbage human being that breaks ankles in dog piles, stomps on hands openly and breaks legs. He just flat out takes adolescent anger out on innocent ball players. He uses the NFL platform to enjoy violence and release his own aggression. He could care less about the other players on the field. Stop giving this POS chances.

  4. I guess watching his film from the past few years wasn’t high on the priority list before signing him? It was obvious.

  5. Suh never impressed in Miami either. Not to mention he freelances too much. Once he got paid the big juice his effort went in the tank. I believe he is one of the most dominant DT in the game. He just doesn’t put the effort into it anymore.

  6. I remember almost not being able to watch Pats games when they signed Haynesworth. For all the things that can get you tossed from the NFL, who is straight up mayhem having nothing to do with actual football allowed with these guys. Ban guys for weed but let actions like their seem like SOP?

  7. Fowler will be a free agent next year. There’s a reason the Jags didn’t pick up his salary. He received a lot of guaranteed money and decided he didn’t need to perform. He made it no secret to the Jags before the season started that he thinks he deserves a big contract when he hits free agency. For that reason I’m surprised he isn’t motivated to play well in LA. 26 tackles and 4 sacks in 13 games isn’t going to compel many teams to be interested in him, especially at the money he’s going to want. It seems he’s just another Suh junior except Suh was good when he was younger. Fowler is only tough when he’s assaulting guys carrying groceries.

  8. Those of you comparing him to Haynesworth and the stepping on people and kicking them etx are just living in the past. Yes I agree he has gotten very settled and doesnt play hard anymore. But he does have all the talent in the world, he just doesnt use it.

  9. Is he still the mean/dirty player he used to be? Or has he mellowed with age? Haven’t heard anything from him in a while (I guess with best DT playing next to you, tough to get any press)

  10. I always liked the way Suh played old school football. Compared to guys like Bubba Smith, Butkus, Karras, Grier, Nitschke … even Lawrence Taylor, Suh was a choir boy.

    Having said all of that – we’re not seeing that same hungry and dominant Suh in LA. I don’t think they saw him in Miami either. He’s still a starting calibur DL, but he’s not worth breaking the bank to acquire. Considering the physical price players pay to have long careers as offensive or defensive linemen, it won’t surprise me if he calls it quits sooner rather than later.

    I won’t be surprised if Suh becomes an NFL franchise owner someday.

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