Adam Gase on Ryan Tannehill: I wish he would have played a little better

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The Dolphins opened Sunday’s game against the Jaguars with an eight-play, 78-yard touchdown drive that seemed to put them on track for a good day in their final home game of the year.

As it turned out, that was the end of the positives for the offense. They’d gain 105 yards while getting shut over over the final 54 minutes of a 17-7 loss that extinguished their playoff chances.

The game remained in doubt until Jaguars linebacker Telvin Smith returned a Ryan Tannehill interception for a touchdown in the fourth quarter and head coach Adam Gase said after the game that Tannehill “was late and probably should have just ate” the ball. It wasn’t the only thing that went wrong for Tannehill on Sunday.

“I think today was a rough day for him,” Gase said, via the Palm Beach Post. “I wish he would have played a little better. I wish he would have made a few more decisions that were different. I think there’s been games that he has — that he’s played really well — and there’s been some games where we haven’t played well. And it’s as much on me as it is on him. I have to do a better job of making sure that he’s doing the right things at the right time.”

Tannehill’s future with the Dolphins will be a big topic over the next week and into the offseason in Miami. Given the way this season played out, the future of the football decision makers may also be a big topic and will need to be settled before any decisions can be made about the quarterback.

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  1. Now that his firing is all but a fait d’accompli (French for “done deal”), you’re seeing Gase’s character revealed – all about “me, me, me”, and thinks he’s the smartest man in the room.

    Mind you, Gase isn’t wrong in his assessment, but it doesn’t excuse driving a double-decker bus over your QB in this blatant of a fashion. Totally low-class and unprofessional move.

  2. Hmm. Must be more than a few top-flight QB’s wanting to play for Gase. What a cheap shot. Take a cue from Belichick, he would never brutalize any of his players like that, regardless of their performance.

  3. A little better?

    He was beyond awful as usual with his trademark pick 6 to boot.
    Thank goodness his MIA days are done after next week, after 7 seasons good riddance!

    Don’t be a f%$king moron. Tannehill never throws pick 6s. He still sucks but get your facts straight.

  4. Listen. We’ve seen tannehill have good games and bad. He’s highly inconsistent. Gase hasn’t really shown much as a play caller but in fairness to him his teams have had an inordinate amount of injuries. Would have been really nice to have Wilson and grant all season. We were much more dynamic with them. Parker needs to go. Total bust. As much as I hate to say it. We need interior lineman on both sides. You can’t conpete if you can’t stop the run. We need another starting CB. Gase needs to bring in a real offensive coordinator and delegate play calling to him. We need to draft a QB in the first round to compete with tannehill or whoever they bring in next season.

  5. There are no better veteran quarterbacks available then Tannehill,he will be back next year. His salary is low (cap friendly) for 2019. You have to address both lines, another shut down corner in free agency and the draft, draft the best quarterback in the second round to groom. Get back all your injured playmakers healthy and you will win games.

  6. Don’t you dare put this loss on Tannehill. All he has done all season is take a beating and with a smile on his face. You’ve been the worst play caller and game planner this team has seen in many many years. You’ve never put them in position to win games. Ross please apologize to the team and fire Gase now !!

  7. Hard Rock Stadium lol more like the Hen House. More eggs laid than good performances for this team. Tannehill has to go. He needs a fresh start as do we. I know we could easily get a QB that’s not as good, but what harm does it do when we are fumbling around the . 500 mark year after year. I think that’s the easy decision for Ross, but deciding what to do about Gase is a tricky one. I like Gase but I have to admit I wouldn’t be surprised to see him released. All teams face injuries and we couldn’t cope, so our reserves were not good enough, and that’s were the scouting and the people that make the big decisions have to face the music. Finding backups is were the real skill and knowledge is needed and overal for a number of seasons that hasn’t been good enough.

  8. yeah Gase I wish he would have played better starting 7 yrs ago. I guess he can start next week

  9. deenchaz says:
    December 23, 2018 at 8:50 pm
    There are no better veteran quarterbacks available then Tannehill,he will be back next year. His salary is low (cap friendly) for 2019. You have to address both lines, another shut down corner in free agency and the draft, draft the best quarterback in the second round to groom. Get back all your injured playmakers healthy and you will win games

    Nick Foles begs to differ with this statement. Think before you post

  10. Gase is nothing.
    No need keeping him around.

    Tannehill? Miami should’ve moved on from him TWO years ago.

  11. The Dolphins. The Redskins. The Buccaneers. The Jaguars. The Bengals. The Giants…

    Nick Foles is getting paid in 2019.

  12. The Dolphins as a whole, played poorly.
    Did Tannehill play poorly? Yes.
    But so did Drake (6 carries 23 yards), Tunsil, James and more.
    Putting it ALL on the QB is wrong, and poor coaching.

    Only 5 of the Top 10 QBs and WRs today won their game this weekend*, but 7 of the Top 10 rushers won their games.
    Running game matters…. and we ain’t got one.

    *as of 9pm Sunday night

  13. It’s really not Gase’s fault – Ross is the clueless idiot that hired him….
    oh & also hired that other boob Mike Tannenbaum!
    Gase the “Quarterback Whisperer” is clueless and overwhelmed as HC,
    he may end up a good HC some day but it won’t be in Miami !
    When you have an owner like Ross & a VP like Tannenbaum your destined to be a team that’s
    nothing more than a dumpster fire – Grier gets a pass because he’s a GM by title only, it’s Ross & Tannenbaum that call all the personnel decisions made for the team.

  14. Just my useless, humble opinion…

    From what I’ve witnessed of Tannehill, he’s a solid BACKUP quarterback. Good guy that has a future in the league….holding a clipboard. It’s time for Miami to cut bait on him and look for a new quarterback. He’s not terrible, and he shows just enough flashes to give the fans hope, but he’ll never get over the hump and lead his team to the promised land. The league has been full of good (but not top-notch) guys like him: Ryan Fitzpatrick, Josh McCown, Matt Schaub…etc. Nothing against these guys, they’re good – but not good enough to perform at the highest level of the NFL. Not starters. There’s just not enough elite quarterbacks to go around and fill the league. These guys are hard to find.

    Not a Miami fan…

  15. Firing Gase isn’t the answer, yet. He’s done enough with an average QB who’s essentially missed 2 1/2 of the last 3 seasons due to injury, and to be around.500 with him, Cutler and Moore is something that should not be forgotten. Throw in what seems to be a curse of season ending/long term injuries to a ridiculous amount of our starters, not to mention bizarre issues with coaches (insert cocaine jokes here) and disgruntled/bi-polar players, and you have a coach who’s done fairly well with what he’s been given by a bunch of worthless retreads in the front office hired by a clueless owner who only flies down for games from his porcelain palace up north to give everyone the impression that he’s “in touch” with the team. Sign or trade for a decent veteran QB (getting Foles would be a miracle), draft another to groom, and do the same to upgrade our Offensive and Defensive Lines (along with other key spots on the defense), fire the Matt Burke experiment and hire a proven, veteran NFL Defensive Coordinator, and THEN, and only then, should Gase be judged on his competence to be our head coach. You can’t build a winning team by firing everyone every 2 years (like most wanna be fair weather Miami fans will tell you, especially on this site), Gase is a good coach that just needs to be given the Glenn-Gary leads.

  16. How ironic is it that one of Ryan Turnoverhill’s last passes at home was a careless pick 6?

    it couldn’t have ended in a more fitting fashion!

    I’ve been telling so many of you for years who live in denial he is not the answer at QB. Hopefully some of your eyes have finally opened to reality instead of delusion.

    Hes5a below average QB at best!

  17. Ross, I know you’re a Michigan guy but if you trade up for Haskins, Urban will suddenly and miraculously recuperate and want to be his head coach. Make him an offer he can’t refuse and remind him that he’ll have an opportunity to accomplish something his arch rival Nick Satan wasn’t able to do – win at the NFL level.

  18. The definition of insanity is to make the same mistake over and over again. Every year the Dolphins have been making the same mistake that Ryan Tannehill was an elite quarterback. He was mistakenly drafted number eight overall in his draft. Ryan has never been elite. He’s at best an average 2nd string NFL QB. I believe that the QB Guru Gase would have been a better Head Coach if he had a true NFL starter at quarterback. Moreover if he was able to recruit a respectable Defensive Coordinator. I would give Gase one more year. The Dolphins should give Mike Tannenbaum and the current brain trust another year also. If Owner Stephen Ross blows it all up now the Dolphins will be like the Raiders were this NFL season. Injuries, poor quarterback play and a bad Defensive Coordinator hurt the Miami Dolphins this season big time!

  19. We really want to keep Grier. Let him hire the next head coach which is the way it’s suppised to be. If we bring in a new GM he will start dumping all the players we love like Howard, Tunsil, grant, Wilson, Jones and Fitzgerald. No GM wants to win with another gm’s players. He will dump them all.

  20. We want to keep Grier? Why?
    What has he contributed in the last 10 years to make this franchise better?

    Why are so many of you so hung up on keeping Gase or Tannehill or Grier? All these guys have failed yet you’re so afraid to let go of them?

    That’s the problem with this franchise, putting constant Band-Aids on broken legs for years, the organization needs a fresh start from top to bottom, a complete housecleaning.

    You’re not winning anything with the current cast of characters, how many more years will it take for some of you to finally wake up to reality?

  21. Whatever Gase says no is a Moot point. Ross must clean house. New VP and GM that are proven talent evaluators and pick the coach who picks his QB. The coach doesn’t double as a play caller unless they’re bring in a Sean Payton type. A Real Defensive Coordinator. Otherwise we may as well hit the replay button.

  22. A little better?

    He was beyond awful as usual with his trademark pick 6 to boot.
    Thank goodness his MIA days are done after next week, after 7 seasons good riddance!

    This isnt a Tannehill problem.. its a roster problem. When half of your starters are hurt..half your oline and the recievers that stretched the feild are out..your going to have trouble moving the ball no matter who the QB is. Stay the course. Stay healthy next year. Go get a D coordinator. Make another run at it next year.

  23. Higgie, its never a Tannehill problem when the team loses, its always everyone else’s fault as usual however if the Dolphins get a fluke win or 2 then RT was the reason for the victory.
    Complete insanity which no one buys any longer.

    Still think RT will be here for a long time?lol

  24. looking at the disgust on rosses face during the game tells me the purge will be starting soon hopefully

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